Aug 24, 2020

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Oct 24, 2017


Here's the compilation of my notes, some useful summaries and links, slightly outdated but mostly still useful to tide one through the dreadful MRCOG Part 2.

All the best to all trainees!

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May 4, 2015

MOG Clinical Little Book

Got bugged by Zizi. 

Here's my little book on MOG Clinical, painstakenly compiled. 

All the best to my battlemates (past, present and future)!!

Addendum: Please email me at if need the little book in pdf form.

Feb 26, 2015

But it didn't


8 years ago, when my wife needs to travel 40mins everyday to her first job, apple green Myvi was her first car.
We called it Little Green (in Mandarin 小青), where 青 also have the double meaning of youth.
We thought it would be worn out from heavy daily travelling on the roads of Johor.
But it didn’t.

Every month, part of her salary would go to installment of payment for Myvi.
We thought it would exhaust our money for dating and entertainment.
But it didn’t.

We got engaged and need to move up north to Sungai Petani for my first job with Myvi.
We thought it would break down in the long journey with our stuffs packed up.
But it didn’t.

My family grew bigger with my first newborn, and we commuted every week to Penang with all baby’s stuff (stroller, cradle and etc) in MyVi.
We thought it would slow down its performance.
But it didn’t.

Every Chinese New Year and long holidays, we would travel down to and fro Johor-Penang with my baby.
We thought the journey would be restless and sleepless time for my baby.
But it didn’t.

When I had my second child, we got ourselves a bigger MPV type of car.
We thought Myvi can retire from further usage.
But it didn’t.

It continued to serve me well and even followed me when I got transferred to Petaling Jaya for my postgraduate program.
Myvi was my wheels going around the town and beyond, sticking with me through thick and thin, taking me to courses and conferences, meetings and meet-ups, gatherings and get-togethers, exercises and entertainments, until the completion of the program.

There were bumps, scratches, punctures, wears and tears but with proper mobile attention and repairs, it humbly marches on with honor and pride.
We thought it would have ended its service after the long journey of 100,000 km, going from North, Central and South peninsular.
But it didn’t.

It seems like it matters a lot to小青 for it to win a buffet of petrol from “Myvi, the Love of Nation” contest.
But, it didn’t.

It already won the heart of my entire family.

Thank you, 小青.

by Pilocarpine 3.1.2015
@MYPerodua #MyviNation




Feb 3, 2015

My three firsts

For the past 3 days, I had my 3 firsts...

Sat, first time organizing a surprise dinner...
It's for my dearest birthday which also doubles as reunion dinner for her and her machi. Distance made some of us tired. The food was overrated but still the environment was just nice for a nice chat by the bay and the kids love exploring the live sea creatures in captivity.

Sun, first time being Oncall as Specialist.
Luckily, MOs Oncall was all cekap (Sk,Az,Ad), Had a head entrapment for breech delivery in the morning, a shoulder dystocia in the evening and uneventful lap salpingectomy for ectopic at midnight. Rather cool overnight that simple Kenduri was in place at nursing counter. (excuses for getting fat)

Mon, first time running my own Gynae OT.
From the outside, I looked calm and collected, but inside scared like chicken shit. Thanks to Sifu, Senior Specialist DrA, I did my first supervised vag hysterectomy and perineal repair.
Subsequently, I did my own solo total hysterectomy with the help of cekap MO assistant (Gh).

And I was having low grade fever from Friday
after my plateletpheresis on Thurs (to attain platelets for a kid in ICU)
and on regular paracetamol up till today.
Probably some viral fever...