Jul 8, 2005

war of the worlds

English_800x600‘War’ things so far…
  1. Went to watch "War Of The Worlds" last night with my dad, sis, and her friend at MPV, Prangin. As mentioned before it was more than 10 years since my dad last watched anything in a cinema. He done a big mistake of not listening to my sister - "Wear thicker clothes, it’ll be cold". Indeed it was cold, and my dear dad end up being very very hungry post-’war’. He actually asked me whether he had to switch off handphone during the movie, and I asked him a very stupid question "do you watch with your handphone on last time?". He laughed "Where got handphone last time?".

    The movie was enjoyable, overall because it was good quality time spent together with my dad. There were several times when my dad really talk to the movie, just like the opening reminder, and inevitably I had to ‘consult’ aka "ssshh, dad"… Have to also "consult" my sister as she was also making stupid comment about all the clothes flying around after the tripod laser blast being underwear…

  2. Heard about the tragic incident at London. The war between terrorist & mankind continues… Lastest stats 50 deaths and 700 injured…. - grief -
  3. Went to War Museum, Batu Maung this afternoon. It was an outdoor museum, with tunnel, cannon, artillery area, torture chamber, wells, observation chamber… RM 10 was worth it definite

Let’s face it. Like it or lump it. The world is at war. War against terrorism, an invisible war by itself, which the only pain we felt in our heart currently is just plainly sympathy… not feeling the REAL pain.. Even if we imagine our KLCC(or KOMTAR) being striked by 2 aeroplanes, or our PUTRA LRT was bombed at Station University, we wouldn’t have felt a single 1% they are feeling.

This war is borderless, and (touch wood) what I had mentioned above may come true. Let us just take a brief moment of silence to think about it.

How do we face this war? Or should we wait till the real terror strikes us first…

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