Oct 27, 2005

To doong or not to doong, that is not the question…

Government supports plan to get non-Muslims to wear tudung

THE Government has okayed a ruling by International Islamic University (IIU) which compels non-Muslim students to wear the tudung, saying the rule was not religious in nature.

"…..must respect one another….. must respect the laws…. to ensure there is no disturbance to the community.

“As the rule was approved by the university senate, it is not religious in nature but a matter of uniforms (pilothoughts: my foot) that must be followed. It does not breach basic human rights,” said MO, who is in charge of national unity (pilothoughts: national unity is really at stakes now) ….

If this was allowed, they said non-Muslims might be made to wear the tudung elsewhere such as to Parliament House.

….issue was raised in Parliament on April 3, 2003 …… stated that non-Muslims were not compelled but “encouraged” to wear the tudung in IIU.

“So why the change now? Is this not disrespectful of a plural society?” Lim asked…..

complete article here.

Tudung Do anyone ever bother to think about ardent Muslims students in other countries? Would they be happy to comply if the university in other countries ask them to take off their tudung as a matter of uniform, or perhaps a matter of security (just in case there were hidden weapons, not funny, i know… i apologize, bygones).

Anyway, I found the idea of "non-Muslims might be made to wear the tudung elsewhere such as to Parliament House" rather amusing. Wouldn’t hurt if the government pick one day (only one day, not everyday definitely) probably 1st of April as National Tudung and Songkok Day and make it a public holiday (as if we had not enough public holidays in Malaysia). Let us all wear the traditional Malay attire. Sounds cool, don’t you agree?

Note for myself today:

  1. Must save enough money to invest in famous shops selling tudungs and songkoks.
  2. Must try to establish an unique franchise shops or stalls selling tudungs and songkoks with multicultural (chinese and indian) designs.
  3. Start designing them.

A conversation before PSY tutorial today:

Shawn Hariri: second time reading ur blog, not bad, but should have said more about Mesjid Kapitan Keling…

Pilo: Hmmn… ok.. Are you as neutral as the Indian MPs about the ‘keling’ matter?
SH: You kidding, damn pissed!! What to do, we’re the minority…

Pilo: no offense, may i ask, "keling" for southern Indians, as for northern Indians, you called….

SH: "kelang"? (ROTCL*)

Pilo: yeah, right… if they got married, their sons and daughters is "keliling"… (ROTCL*,too)

* rolling on the chair laughing. floor is dirty, u know.

GrEeTiNgS fOr AlL !!!

DeeparayaHAPPY DEEPARAYA to all my friends, coursemates, doctors, acquantainces or patients who’s celebrating Deepavali & Hari Raya Puasa…

To muslimats and muslimins, forgive me "outside" and "inside" (maaf zahir dan batin) and wishes you all great times back in the lap of your parents and siblings…

To my Hindu friends, feel the flame, forever burn in your heart and let the flame lights up the whole world. (caution: be careful of pyromaniacism)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the rest… sleep tight, eat right, play kite…


To a special friend Ming Chiann, who had just flew to Netherlands after landing a good job, I wish her BON VOYAGE and may she start a wonderful life there, as wonderful as her life in Malaysia, if not, better….

Trails of pilocarpine:

Pray hard, no jams this evening, I am going back to Penang with the 6:30pm Konsortium bus. and having a whole week of holiday in Penang. Quality time with my family, definitely!!

Oct 26, 2005

Earrings and kelings

Here’s an interesting catfight between politicians.

Earring104lg "………Badruddin, who was debating the 2006 Budget at committee stage, expressed concern over what he described as the increasingly rampant yet inappropriate practice of young men wearing earrings. (pilothoughts: darn inappropriate, only old men can wear those earrings. Safer and less complication. Young men should try more daring body piercing like tongue, nipple, umbilicus, scrotal skin, perianal skin…)

Chong Eng (DAP-Bukit Mertajam) told him it was culturally acceptable for Indian men to wear earrings and that his statement should be put into context.

Badruddin retorted: "I was talking about Malay Muslims, not keling." (pilothoughts: there a famous mosque in Penang, Mesjid Kapitan Keling, I wonder who goes there) ……….."Masjid

More here.

Even more here.

To blog or not to blog, that is not the question…

Trace of pilocarpine:

Just finished liaison geriatric psychiatric ward round with Dr. Esther, an excellent geriatric psychiatrist and her sidekick for the moment, Dr. Sharan (yes, Sharan, not Sharon, no Freudian slip here). Seen lots of old patients and the sad effects of the inevitable aging. I suddenly missed my parents very much. But I told myself, "Friday, I’m going back to Penang. I shall hug my parents dearly. For once, let me have the courage to adopt this western value."

I am not sure, but I hope I am not addicted to blogging. One thing for sure - someone dearest to me made an official complaint about it, and my juniors, the phase 3As made a smirky remarks about it and the rest of the world just go pissed because "Kah Pin has updated his blog" kept coming up into their mailbox. I forward my apology if this had became a stressor for you - you can turn them off, you know…

I think blogging is a good way to vent off anger, which I did once a while, just like what other blogs did most of the time. Other than that, most of the time, I just want to share with my thoughts. Subconsciously, there are probably 1001 reasons why I blog - shall sleep on it tonight.

Here’s something to ponder upon:

"First, blogging improves the quality of debate. For instance, an article in the Washington Post, ‘The Rise of a Market Mentality Means Many Go Hungry in Niger’ in August 2005, drew furious responses from bloggers. That’s nothing new, of course: people have always read newspaper articles and grumbled to their spouses over the breakfast table. The difference is that now commentators can find each other, track the debate, air their differences and discover more about the facts behind the story. Blogging technology makes it easy to collect comments and see who is citing your ideas. Readers are able to chase the debate across the internet at the click of the mouse, and contribute to it themselves - no matter if they are a CEO in New York or a student in a Nairobi internet café. Meanwhile, new research and opinion-forming analysis is quickly disseminated and discussed - and the number of new blogs is doubling every five months or so."

“Pissed to death” SAGA: Part 2

Not a continuation from the first part of the saga. But if it makes you wonder about it, here it is, the first part.

No disgusting annoying photos in this entry. No exhibition of middle finger. No intended vulgarities as a whole.

OK, fellow intellects and fair citizen out there, now, dig this -

UM medical faculty is having a major tu lan dinner at shangrila hotel, called the tu lan centennial dinner, with other respectable rich members of the UM medic alumni, Drs and Profs. They are combining with other 3 faculties - nursing, biomed and pharmacy. It’s RM60 for interested student, RM100 for others. They had a major lan ciao problem - lack of attendance from medical student. We don’t dig lan ciao buffet dinner at lan ciao big hotel, unless it is a drug talk, where it is lan ciao free. We are not gullible beings, but we are downright not that well-off. Plus, we needed to spend around RM1000 just for the text books and stuff. Then the dean, made it lan ciao compulsory for the all the medical students to go, from first years up to final years. Plus the lan ciao dinner is in the middle of our raya holiday, meaning we need to fork out extra bucks for the lan ciao bus fare, and spoil our holiday plan. Now, latest order from dean, if we not going also have to pay lan ciao RM30 per head. For what? lan ciao ar. Plus according to Don, our respectable batch leader, dean mentioned 2 extra points:

1 If the head of family is supporting this, why can’t the rest of the family support? (pilothougthts: head of family is suppose to protect us, be the breadwinner, supportive and understanding of our situation, not screwing us for money or forcing us pay RM30 for nothing, unless of course, if the head of family is into the ALONG business)

2 If other students from other (presumedly lower) courses can go, why can’t we? We’ll will be earning more than them next time. (pilothoughts: but for now, I am still a son to a down-to-earth metal engraver, a typical borderline middle class student, taking partial scholarship from Tan Cheng Lock, somehow similar to 60% of other students, regardless of what course they are in. I agree the students last time are generally poorer than the students nowadays, but we are still poor, and not everyone of us feels damn elated spending bucks that we did not earn)

Sorry for the sudden outburst of vulgarities… Tourette syndrome probably… I getting help liao… Thanks for the concern.

Pahala that you wouldn’t want to miss

This is supposed to be a collateral entry together with this mamat.

Sharing the word of wisdom from Prof.SYTan,our nephrologist and professor of medicine:

"There is no use being the first centre to do successful renal transplant surgery if there will not be a continuous programme of cadaveric donations and transplant surgery."

"Our country has one of the lowest rate of cadaveric organ transplant (almost non-existent). Most of cadaveric organs are harvested from fatal road traffic accident victims. A country like ours which have one of the highest accident death rates in the world have an almost non-existing cadaveric organ donation programme is quite a pity (pilospeaks: damn tragedy) . Long way to vision 2020."

He also did comment about the Malaysian culture where one would boast endlessly about the "facilities", but always lacking in the "service" department. So true, so true.


for further enquiry:
The National Transplant Resource Center
Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Pahang 50586
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603- 926 0066, or 603- 294 2704, or 603- 294 2756

Oct 24, 2005

Coffee, tea or zee

Here’s a spoilt water cooler, bloody dead already for 3 months. Lkp_102305_001

Complaint to college admin, refered to UM Bendahari & Harta Benda… Still no news… Pengetua mentioned some students kicked it, and now it is spoilt, so it can’t be repaired.

Students = scapegoats. Mekkkkk!!!

This morning, I met my junior who travelled a great distance from H block down to my block just to collect water from another functional water cooler. He mentioned that the most of the water cooler in his block is brewing milo constantly. Darn… that’s the same condition that I had when I stayed in block H 3 years ago.

Why do we need a water cooler, if it is not functional? When will they stop blaming Jabatan Bekalan Air Selangor for the milo, kopi, or nescafe?


If you refer to latest picture quiz, that item belongs to a mamat, and he is still using it as a radio.
Here’s my scrap book of stuff from my 1st year…

1. black & white poster of my idol, produced by my old printer, and previously graced my dormitory’s door.

(see how bersemangat they are?)

2. a note left for me from this mamat in the Guthrie study room. Brings back lots of fond memories during the innocent first year.


A little experiment

This is part of a sincere msg from this mamat in england:

"Friendster blog, yours make interesting reading.
We were on par once some weeks ago with our
number of hit, but i think you have twice as many
visitor as me now…

If your have problem leaving msg on the blog, that
is what i did. When u click on sign in to comment,
you are redirected to Friendster Home Page, just
need to sign in, then press the back button on
your browser
, and u should be back in the
comment page and should be able to start typing.
Give it a try."

I must really kow tow Friendster for subjecting us to sign in for it whenever we wanted to give any comment plus putting us through all the red tape. But luckily for my pal, I got this unorthodox suggested method. And so, I proceed with my little experiment, and I found out that it works 18 times out of 20 trials. As a result, I shall recommend this method to all my fellow readers.

By the way, do visit my pal’s blog. Here’s a sneak preview

"Tofu Egg (Made Simple) Recipe

Few eggs, lightly beaten. Add in same amount of water. Lightly salted and add some soya source. Mix well. Steam on extra low fire until solidify. If you see holes on your Tofu Egg, your fire is too strong. Do it again.

The idea of this dish is plainness."