Mar 31, 2012

Aedan at the MoonGate

Perhaps the title does sound a bit out of place and extraordinarily space-like. Nevertheless, it is an earthly-affair.

I was being returned to hiking up to Station Number 5 through the jungle route of Sua Tu Kia (Little Wild Hogs) from the Moongate, together with my colleague and superior.

First time. Breathless. Tachycardic, almost SVT. Sore gastrocnemius.

Second time. Still breathless. Still tachycardic. Took a few pics. Explored other routes in descending. Got lost for half an hour. Reach the bottom before looming dark.

The natural arc (lower one third)

Red yellow shades of leaves.

Monkeys going my way... (Looks like a scene from Planet of Apes)

Moments before being lost. All smiles. 

Decided to introduce the exciting route to my Dearest. Impromptu decision to hike. Aedan broke down in tears. Heartbroken at the decision to leave him behind. Brought him along as unable to persuade him otherwise.
Stretching his legs high up

Turning left to the Sua Tu Kia (Little Wild Hogs) trail
On the right would be Sua Tu Lor (Wild Hogs Road)
Both not-so-halal...

Not able to hold a smile. Tired.

Finally, we reached Station 5. Aedan was still energetic.

And it was pitch black the last half 15minutes of our descend.

Note to self: If Aedan tagging along, should go earlier.

Mar 19, 2012


how i was expected to travel from maternity hospital to gynae ward,
or how i was expected to get from the multi-storey carpark across the hospital to the gynae ward..
Darn, I just couldn't decide which...

perhaps some bitchfits do defy all logic and common sense... fml.

Mar 16, 2012

impromptu jokes

What do you call an intelligent man in Putrajaya?
- A tourist

What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?
- Snowball

How do you embarass an archeologist?
- Give him a used tampon and ask him which period it came from

The difference between oooooh and aaaaah?
- 3 inches

What's worse than spider on your piano?
- Crab on your organ

hahaha... i think i'm enjoying life again... but still, there's a lot of headache to settle - finances, work, study, family, house keeping...

Mar 15, 2012

closing time

the best and most relieving time during a surgery is during the closing time.

it's like all the action had passed, and here's the time to chillax down.

yesterday, my daycare surgical list went well, in contrast to my previous list where there was 2 out 3 patients admitted for observation.

somehow, 'Closing time' kept ringing on my mind as I closed for the last patient of the day.

designer babies, anyone?

I just couldn't take my eyes off the graphic above. And nope, it's not because the focus on the encircling stars.

I must applause on the recent newspiece summarizing the making of designer's babies.

Here's a few snippets from it.

The strategy.
With the last triple date of the century just nine months away, couples planning for a 12.12.12 baby have about a week left to conceive and increase their chances.

It may be close to impossible to plan for a natural birth on that date, but women who conceive between March 5 and 19 will have a higher chance of giving birth during the week.

However, this calculation assumes that a woman has a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, and that the first day of her last menstrual period is March 5.

It also assumes that the expectant mother will go into labour on her due date of Dec 12.

“The duration of pregnancy is about 40 weeks but more than 90% of pregnant women will deliver between 37 and 40 weeks, with an average being 38 weeks,” said Prof Jamiyah, adding that the calculation could only give an estimation of an expectant mother's due date.

Even when couples opt for an elective Caesarean section, doctors have to ensure that the pregnancy has at least reached 38 weeks by Dec 12, which means that the woman will have to be pregnant by mid-March.

The risk involved.

“Delivering a baby earlier than that will increase the risk of prematurity, and that is not desirable even for designer' babies,” said Prof Jamiyah, adding that there were surgical risks and long term implications in Caesarean sections, including scar ruptures in subsequent labour.

The sharing.

Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, who delivered a full-term baby through Caesarean section last Nov 11 (11.11.11), said that the idea of an auspicious date was mostly based on cultural and religious beliefs.

However, she believes that every day is a good day to deliver a baby as it depends on what the parents make of it.

“If the parents think that their baby is cursed' just because he or she is born on a certain date, then the baby is doomed.

“But if they look upon it as a blessing, then the baby is in for a good start,” said Dr Nor Ashikin.

Primum non cere vs maternal wish (or stupidity)

Both doctors have not received requests from women to give birth on Dec 12 yet, but they are sure that they would not risk a pregnant mother or a baby's life just to achieve that elusive “auspicious” date.

Believe or not, obstetricians can play God. Well, maybe not God god, but perhaps demi-God.

At least, there was one C-section that opened up my horizon of thoughts. The patient requested to be delivered on that day at 12 noon sharp as the auspicious time. With the well-planned surgical flow, the scalpel struck the uterus by 11.59am and the legs of the baby left its previous home at the appointed 12 noon sharp. Sharp that is by the clock in the OT.

I was thinking, how accurate is the clock in OT. Wouldn't it had been inaccurate for 1 or 2 minutes? Anyone of us would have believed the difference of few minutes is completely negligible.

I should have noted down the name of that baby and followed up or stalked him/her in 2 decades later, just to see how he/she turns out to be. Then, I can tell everyone about how a planned birth time can make the baby an awesome one. Or perhaps I can't really make that conclusion, because it may also happen by chance. Oops. Juvenile statistics error.

There is this Chinese belief about Chi. Chi is an 'energy' that flows from one to another. Thus, the baby as another individual is expected to prosper and grow with great chi, possibly the chi of another will be weakened. And that other person most probably would be the mother, undergoing the risks of C-Section.

Strangely, with no conclusion to be made, I had known of an overly obsessive mother who wanted her child to be delivered at the 'auspicious' date. She recovered smoothly post op, but re-admitted to another hospital a week later due acute abdomen. A re-laparotomy confirmed a minute small bowel laceration.

Perhaps the unfortunate sequelae could have been a coincidence as well.

But the truth remains - none of the great people on Earth are delivered at the auspicious time or date, planned by humans.

Even if the time of birth is truly at an auspicious hour, it would have been God's will.

Mar 13, 2012

Let the bullets fly - OMG!!

Forgive me for missing this movie when it was released, but after watching it for the first time, i found myself watching it for three times in a week. It's been a while since I last became this obsessive and compulsive.

Understanding the spoken Mandarin, appreciating the artistic make-up of various parts of the movie, getting blown away by the trickery and subliminally receiving the message that the movie trying to display is a truly out-of-this-world experience.

Jiang Wen is a genius and a blardy good actor. This show definitely eclipsed all other movies, even the best ones by the West, mainly because this movie neither have the stereotype of a Eastern movie or a Western one, but it has both blends in, in a completely mind-blowing experience.

Just watch this trailer to get a pinch of the explosive thrill. If there's a movie that you missed in 2011... This is it!!!
The good bandits
Theatrical kidnappers with mahjong tiles
The steamboat...
The steamy scenes
Lighter moments of human bicycle...
The major announcement

P.S. Fml, writing this made me feel like watching it again.

P.S. my favorite quote in this movie: "Of course, it need to be stated. If it is not stated, how will it come true?" Sometimes, we just need to be less stealthy and go on to fight for what we really really want in life.

Mar 10, 2012

Is the sky really falling?

PKR pledged today to look into forming a Health Service Commission in place of Putrajaya’s controversial 1 Care plan.

Dr Wan Azizah, who served as a government doctor for 14 years before she turned to activism and politics, pointed out that the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that government expenditure for a country’s healthcare bill should be between five and six per cent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In 2008, she explained, Malaysia’s total healthcare expenditure was 4.8 per cent but government expenditure was a mere 2.2 per cent.

She added that in 2004, private health expenditure as a percentage of the GDP overtook government health expenditure for the first time.

“The 2010 World Health Report on Health Systems Financing by WHO clearly states that 20 to 40 per cent of health expenditure is wasted due to inefficiency,” she said.

Dr Wan Azizah, however, admitted there were weaknesses in the country’s current healthcare system but said Putrajaya was “mistaken” to think that introducing a new tax on Malaysians through 1 Care would be the solution.

In summary, our healthcare needs more money and better resource management.

The public healthcare urgently needs resuscitation. 1Care is unlikely the answer for a simple reason that it is not an answer. It only masquerades as the answer. Health Service Commission unfortunately, is also another fancy brand the Opposition trying to cook up.

But all we really need is not 1Care or Health Service Commission, but needs more money and better resource management.

A year ago, I remember vividly, the sky was falling.

Following that, there was a series of 'Chicken Little' events, where people who normally wouldn't step into this building, risked their butts to visit the site, out of concern, media pressure, responsibility or sheer hypocrisy.

Subsequently, the higher people (obviously with much more brainpower and all) decided to perform a fine-needle-aspiration-cytology (FNAC) to the building to confirm or reject the theory of the falling sky.

I spoken rather compulsively when the FNAC was being announced and till date, that incident had been the turning point of my superiors' perception and misconception of my respect for the department.

Personally, I believe the 'FNAC' is only softly indicated, mainly because of its cost implication, undetermined complications and the total absence of solution in event of a positive finding.

The amount of money, which goes into 5 or 6 figures, spent on this FNAC could have been used for something more beneficial in the department, where some instruments are appallingly lacking or of pre-war prestige.

As the building was being screwed, there were issues of the safety of this procedure, the implication of the debris dissemination, the sound and air pollution, disruption and improvisation of care and the probable disruption of patient's privacy.

The foundation of medicine teaches us to refrain from subjecting our patients from unnecessary investigation if it does not change the management or there is no solution to it.

And clearly, there wasn't any treatment available yet we just need to swallow them down with our hands behind our back. Bukkake-style, perhaps.

We were all told to take one step at a time, and now, we took a looooooong pause at this step after the FNAC confirmed and reconfirmed that the sky is indeed falling and going to fall anytime.

Decisions were made, but nothing materialize at our current financially-crippled state.

All things nice, sugar and spice, on the paper, just like 1Care.

Like what Russell Peters always quote in his stand-up "Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad. Somebody, Somebody. I didn't say who."

Nevertheless, don't we all know who is going to get hurt?

Till the next piece of sky falls down, this fragile building will be another forgotten geography of this wonderful island.

Martin Luther King Jr once said: History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.

Silence, I will not be, anymore.

Mar 9, 2012


Anatomically correct.. =) Great song!!!

准 备 好 了 吗 黄 明 志 又 要 唱 歌 了 啊
zhǔn bèi hǎo le ma huáng míng zhì yòu yào chàng gē le ā
这 首 歌 我 送 给 各 位 卫 道 人 士 因 为 这 首 歌 不 骂 粗 话
zhè shǒu gē wǒ sòng gěi gè wèi wèi dào rén shì yīn wèi zhè shǒu gē bú mà cū huà

我 代 表 基 层 文 化 到 处 乱 骂
wǒ dài biǎo jī céng wén huà dào chù luàn mà
因 为 太 多 伪 君 子 默 默 躲 在 社 会 挣 扎
yīn wèi tài duō wěi jūn zǐ mò mò duǒ zài shè huì zhēng zhá
装 扮 自 己 把 自 己 弄 得 道 貌 岸 然
zhuāng bàn zì jǐ bǎ zì jǐ nòng dé dào mào àn rán
我 就 不 相 信 他 不 会 躲 在 房 间 打 水 枪
wǒ jiù bù xiāng xìn tā bú huì duǒ zài fáng jiān dǎ shuǐ qiāng

他 们 粉 饰 太 平 喜 欢 把 丑 陋 美 化
tā men fěn shì tài píng xǐ huan bǎ chǒu lòu měi huà
喜 欢 讲 成 语 让 自 己 的 罪 恶 合 理 化
xǐ huan jiǎng chéng yǔ ràng zì jǐ de zuì è hé lǐ huà
上 色 情 网 站 的 时 候 伪 君 子 说
shàng sè qíng wǎng zhàn de shí hou wěi jūn zǐ shuō
这 里 真 的 是 世 外 桃 源 啊
zhè lǐ zhēn de shì shì wài táo yuán ā
真 的 是 一 波 未 平 一 波 又 起 啊 好 湿 / 诗 啊
zhēn de shì yì bō wèi píng yì bō yòu qǐ ā hǎo shī / shī ā

我 不 会 装 傻 我 不 会 讲 骗 话
wǒ bú huì zhuāng shǎ wǒ bú huì jiǎng piàn huà
我 要 把 基 层 的 心 声 传 达 到 每 一 个 家
wǒ yào bǎ jī céng de xīn shēng chuán dá dào měi yí gè jiā
你 打 开 电 脑 又 看 到 黄 明 志 骂 粗 话
nǐ dǎ kāi diàn nǎo yòu kàn dào huáng míng zhì mà cū huà
粗 话 的 背 後 你 看 到 只 是 粗 俗 还 是 伟 大
cū huà de bèi hòu nǐ kàn dào zhǐ shì cū sú hái shì wěi dà

写 实 派 的 精 神 我 要 发 扬 光 大
xiě shí pài de jīng shen wǒ yào fā yáng guāng dà
因 为 你 们 的 思 想 已 经 被 假 道 德 腐 化
yīn wèi nǐ men de sī xiǎng yǐ jīng bèi jiǎ dào dé fǔ huà
我 一 直 写 你 们 一 直 骂 我 乱 讲 话
wǒ yì zhí xiě nǐ men yì zhí mà wǒ luàn jiǎng huà
所 以 这 首 歌 你 不 会 听 到 我 骂 粗 话
suó yǐ zhè shǒu gē nǐ bú huì tīng dào wǒ mà cū huà

我 不 骂 粗 话 我 不 要 Latak 我 改 说
wǒ bú mà cū huà wǒ bú yào Latak wǒ gǎi shuō
子 宫 阴 茎 睾 丸 阴 囊
zǐ gōng yīn jīng gāo wán yīn náng
啊 ? 因 为 我 要 做 明 星 偶 像
ā ? yīn wèi wǒ yào zuò míng xīng ǒu xiàng
所 以 我 改 变 形 象 所 以 我 没 有 办 法
suó yǐ wǒ gǎi biàn xíng xiàng suó yǐ wǒ méi yǒu bàn fǎ

遇 到 太 多 思 想 家 想 发 表 意 见
yù dào tài duō sī xiǎng jiā xiǎng fā biǎo yì jiàn
来 我 的 blog 留 言 却 匿 名 匿 到 睾 丸 不 见
lái wǒ de blog liú yán què nì míng nì dào gāo wán bú jiàn
还 有 一 个 没 有 睾 丸 的 学 人 发 表 政 见
hái yǒu yí gè méi yǒu gāo wán de xué rén fā biǎo zhèng jiàn
我 想 问 他 什 麽 时 候 才 去 乌 兰 巴 托 道 歉
wǒ xiǎng wèn tā shén me shí hou cái qù wū lán bā tuō dào qiàn

我 不 做 英 雄 因 为 英 雄 好 像 不 能 大 便
wǒ bú zuò yīng xióng yīn wèi yīng xióng hǎo xiàng bù néng dà biàn
还 要 被 几 千 个 老 夫 子 指 指 点 点
hái yào bèi jǐ qiān gè lǎo fū zǐ zhǐ zhí diǎn diǎn
如 果 做 狗 雄 可 以 用 性 器 官 发 泄
rú guǒ zuò gǒu xióng ké yǐ yòng xìng qì guān fā xiè
我 宁 愿 把 精 虫 射 在 杀 人 犯 那 张 脸
wǒ nìng yuàn bǎ jīng chóng shè zài shā rén fàn nà zhāng liǎn

这 世 界 真 的 太 多 人 无 阴 囊
zhè shì jiè zhēn de tài duō rén wú yīn náng
他 们 喜 欢 躲 在 暗 地 里 好 像 出 神 入 化
tā men xǐ huan duǒ zài àn dì lǐ hǎo xiàng chū shén rù huà
在 电 脑 前 批 判 讲 到 很 有 道 理 酱
zài diàn nǎo qián pī pàn jiǎng dào hěn yǒu dào lǐ jiàng
结 果 写 的 东 西 根 本 没 有 几 个 人 鸟 他
jié guǒ xiě de dōng xi gēn běn méi yǒu jǐ gè rén niǎo tā

自 己 买 色 情 DVD 还 被 儿 子 偷 看
zì jǐ mǎi sè qíng DVD hái bèi ér zi tōu kàn
结 果 还 怪 我 写 歌 粗 俗 教 坏 你 的 小 孩
jié guǒ hái guài wǒ xiě gē cū sú jiāo huài nǐ de xiǎo hái
Ok lah 这 首 歌 不 会 听 到 任 何 粗 话
Ok lah zhè shǒu gē bú huì tīng dào rèn hé cū huà
包 括 nenepok kukubird 还 有 大 懒 趴
bāo kuò nenepok kukubird hái yǒu dà lǎn pā

我 不 骂 粗 话 我 不 要 Latak 我 改 说
wǒ bú mà cū huà wǒ bú yào Latak wǒ gǎi shuō
子 宫 阴 茎 睾 丸 阴 囊
zǐ gōng yīn jīng gāo wán yīn náng
啊 ? 因 为 我 要 做 明 星 偶 像
ā ? yīn wèi wǒ yào zuò míng xīng ǒu xiàng
所 以 我 改 变 形 象 所 以 我 没 有 办 法
suó yǐ wǒ gǎi biàn xíng xiàng suó yǐ wǒ méi yǒu bàn fǎ

我 用 我 的 办 法 我 说 我 想 说 的 话
wǒ yòng wǒ de bàn fǎ wǒ shuō wǒ xiǎng shuō de huà
结 果 他 们 听 到 的 只 是 黄 明 志 又 骂 粗 话
jié guǒ tā men tīng dào de zhǐ shì huáng míng zhì yòu mà cū huà
我 不 会 迷 失 方 向 我 要 让 道 德 沦 丧
wǒ bú huì mí shī fāng xiàng wǒ yào ràng dào dé lún sàng
因 为 太 多 人 伪 装 在 道 德 底 下
yīn wèi tài duō rén wěi zhuāng zài dào dé dǐ xia

我 没 有 变 我 就 像 你 喜 欢 我 说 实 话
wǒ méi yǒu biàn wǒ jiù xiàng nǐ xǐ huan wǒ shuō shí huà
但 是 实 话 千 万 不 能 踩 到 你 的 尾 巴
dàn shì shí huà qiān wàn bù néng cǎi dào nǐ de wěi ba
我 唱 真 心 话 结 果 全 部 人 都 害 怕
wǒ chàng zhēn xīn huà jié guǒ quán bù rén dōu hài pà
我 被 警 察 乱 抓 我 还 被 社 会 挞 伐
wǒ bèi jǐng chá luàn zhuā wǒ hái bèi shè huì tà fá
如 果 你 希 望 我 因 为 你 批 评 而 听 话
rú guǒ nǐ xī wàng wǒ yīn wèi nǐ pī píng ér tīng huà
我 会 送 你 一 句 话 去 跟 母 狗 性 交 一 下
wǒ huì sòng nǐ yí jù huà qù gēn mǔ gǒu xìng jiāo yí xià

这 些 阴 囊 人 满 口 仁 义 道 德
zhè xiē yīn náng rén mǎn kǒu rén yì dào dé
他 们 只 是 因 为 阳 痿 所 以 要 靠 文 字 抒 发
tā men zhǐ shì yīn wèi yáng wěi suó yǐ yào kào wén zì shū fā
我 要 用 精 虫 填 满 他 的 嘴 巴
wǒ yào yòng jīng chóng tián mǎn tā de zuǐ ba
然 後 用 阴 唇 一 开 一 合 跟 他 们 笑 哈 哈
rán hòu yòng yīn chún yì kāi yì hé gēn tā men xiào hā hā

我 开 始 做 偶 像 那 挂 我 开 始 不 骂 粗 话
wǒ kāi shǐ zuò ǒu xiàng nà guà wǒ kāi shǐ bú mà cū huà
我 只 用 了 科 学 名 词 在 跟 你 讲 话
wǒ zhǐ yòng le kē xué míng cí zài gēn nǐ jiǎng huà
谁 说 我 没 有 本 事 抛 开 粗 话 继 续 挥 洒
shuí shuō wǒ méi yǒu běn shi pāo kāi cū huà jì xù huī sǎ
你 看 这 首 歌 我 根 本 没 有 唱 到 鸡 掰 懒 趴
nǐ kàn zhè shǒu gē wǒ gēn běn méi yǒu chàng dào jī bāi lǎn pā

我 不 骂 粗 话 我 不 要 Latak 我 改 说
wǒ bú mà cū huà wǒ bú yào Latak wǒ gǎi shuō
子 宫 阴 茎 睾 丸 阴 囊
zǐ gōng yīn jīng gāo wán yīn náng
啊 ? 因 为 我 要 做 明 星 偶 像
ā ? yīn wèi wǒ yào zuò míng xīng ǒu xiàng
所 以 我 改 变 形 象 所 以 我 没 有 办 法
suó yǐ wǒ gǎi biàn xíng xiàng suó yǐ wǒ méi yǒu bàn fǎ

Everybody 跟 我 一 起 说 子 宫 ( 子 宫 ) …
Everybody gēn wǒ yì qǐ shuō zǐ gōng ( zǐ gōng ) …
阴 茎 ( 阴 茎 ) ….
yīn jīng ( yīn jīng ) ….
子 宫 ( 阴 茎 ) ….
zǐ gōng ( yīn jīng ) ….

Mar 8, 2012

Taking a break from Men's Days

Today is International Women's Day.
Wow. Women have a day.
Yup, the other 364 days seem to belong to men.

P.S. this is a joke that I picked up from someone's awesome fb status, either that or I'm a hypocrite male chauvinist.

Mar 6, 2012

The right channel

A letter worth reading about how judgmental patients or their family members can be.

Thumbs up was for Hosp Sg Buloh.
"I was very surprised indeed to see the commitment and dedication of the doctors and nurses tending to the patients in Ward 4D.

The service rendered was excellent, and I dare say their service was on par with, or even higher than that, provided by private hospitals. The doctor-in-charge even called my sisters to his office to brief them on my mum’s condition."

This highlighted the importance of debriefing in any illnesses or adverse events that had happened.

The middle finger of frustration was for Hosp Penang.

"With our mother being bedridden, my sister had to arrange special transportation to ensure our mum could get her check-up and prescribed medication.

To our dismay, my sister and my mum were treated badly. The doctor at the out-patient department was arrogant and scolded my sister for bringing my mum to the hospital. He did not even bother to check my mum.

This matter was only related to me when I visited my mum the next day"

Although based on a single account, I believe there could be more vivid explanation the whole encounter.

How was the doctor arrogant?
Refusing to speak to them, refusing to let them cut queue, or was he handling a medical emergency?

Is he really a doctor?
Medical assistants in 1Malaysia Clinics had been recognized as doctor, left right and center, inside and out.

Why did the doctor scold? Scolding for bringing the patient to hospital? Doesn't really sound right?

Not checking on the patient is really another impossible thing?

So many unanswered questions, with so much of improbabilities. Perhaps the Son of Madam Sim should just complained through Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia through e-mail or letter and relate the incident and get the real explanation and solution to this alleged lack of professionalism.

Often, if it is our fault or weakness, I believe it is our vision to correct and improve on it.

If it serves as your baseless ranting to vent your frustration of unfulfilled high expectation and depress the moral or spirit of the medical team, then, kindly seek that help of a counsellor or clinical psychologist. That would really help.

Going through the 'Curve'
i know the above look girly & sissy, but the whole message is awesomely macho!

my pens as my blade...
my brain (whatever left of them) as my firepower...
... and I'm off to battleground...

Mar 2, 2012

hide & seek

Yesterday was my hospy's Episiotomy workshop...
Regularly held since 2007..
That's like half a decade anniversary!

Dr. S, is the consultant, veteran, chief speaker and the brain behind all.

In one of his talk, he quoted wisely:
You guys during suturing the vaginal tear, like to play a lot of hide and seek.

You'll hide the gauze. You'll hide the tampons. You'll hide the swabs.
And you usually win, and others never managed to seek out them out.

Then after few weeks, the patient will come back and play hide and seek with us.
We'll all be trying to hide while the patient seeks...

That's why in our episiotomy suture set, only big ones are available. Hence, only huge hospital sanitary pads are in it.

And that was also managed to be proved wrong, 2 years back, as someone manage to hide it, too.

it was almost unbelievable.
Lesson of the day:
1. there is never a thing too big for the vagina.
2. count everything before and after suturing for anything.

P.S. that was an awesome usage of hide and seek.