Mar 6, 2012

The right channel

A letter worth reading about how judgmental patients or their family members can be.

Thumbs up was for Hosp Sg Buloh.
"I was very surprised indeed to see the commitment and dedication of the doctors and nurses tending to the patients in Ward 4D.

The service rendered was excellent, and I dare say their service was on par with, or even higher than that, provided by private hospitals. The doctor-in-charge even called my sisters to his office to brief them on my mum’s condition."

This highlighted the importance of debriefing in any illnesses or adverse events that had happened.

The middle finger of frustration was for Hosp Penang.

"With our mother being bedridden, my sister had to arrange special transportation to ensure our mum could get her check-up and prescribed medication.

To our dismay, my sister and my mum were treated badly. The doctor at the out-patient department was arrogant and scolded my sister for bringing my mum to the hospital. He did not even bother to check my mum.

This matter was only related to me when I visited my mum the next day"

Although based on a single account, I believe there could be more vivid explanation the whole encounter.

How was the doctor arrogant?
Refusing to speak to them, refusing to let them cut queue, or was he handling a medical emergency?

Is he really a doctor?
Medical assistants in 1Malaysia Clinics had been recognized as doctor, left right and center, inside and out.

Why did the doctor scold? Scolding for bringing the patient to hospital? Doesn't really sound right?

Not checking on the patient is really another impossible thing?

So many unanswered questions, with so much of improbabilities. Perhaps the Son of Madam Sim should just complained through Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia through e-mail or letter and relate the incident and get the real explanation and solution to this alleged lack of professionalism.

Often, if it is our fault or weakness, I believe it is our vision to correct and improve on it.

If it serves as your baseless ranting to vent your frustration of unfulfilled high expectation and depress the moral or spirit of the medical team, then, kindly seek that help of a counsellor or clinical psychologist. That would really help.

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