Jun 28, 2005


Just finish Prof Adeeba’s class about surgical site infection or known as SSI. rather disappointed. very disappointed. perhaps she was hungry, hypoglycaemic, what ever. Though, she still earn my respect from the previous CPC when the whole class was sort of rather amused by her guidance through the case. Anyway, the standards expected today was just perhaps to high for her to meet.

Wondering about standards, it brings me to discuss the Crimean State Medical School issue, which is a matter of standards, or perhaps a matter of using ’standards’ to camouflage the issue of ‘racism’. Well, it had already been a week. No point continueing babbling over it. I may be arrested later for it under some small penal Code, or law, or kicked out from college or medical fraternity. Let just say, I can’t comment on the standards there in CSMS, but something in the cybercafe of my college striked me as a matter of standard. I walked into the open doors and quietly sit down to check my daily mail and overheard. Not eavesdropping, mind you. The person who is at PC1, namely perhaps the person in charge is viewing videos clips of the CSMS debate. Clip 1 - Sothinathan speaking up and Clip 2 - someone else shouting "Bloody Racist". It was so loud throughout the room. I thought movies were banned here as written on the board in the PC room, not to mention political movies, and this being a very sensitive one. Funniest thing is after the clips, several of them got very excited and repeated "RACIST!" "RACIST!" while surfing their net and chatting. What I heard: "bila tu?" "1minggu dah" "racist? apa tu?" "ya lar, apa tu racist" "perkauman lar". They are 2nd year medical students. Let just not talk about standards of medical students in UM compared to CSMS.

Later, I found out the most troubling truth. The college’s cybercafe is now BILIK GERAKAN PEMBANTU MAHASISWA and they were the PEMBANTU MAHASISWA for the upcoming batch of juniors into medical school. What gerakan was that? I was wondering what kind of standards the college administration is setting for the upcoming orientation for our new batch of juniors. Are they going to point the juniors into the right or wrong direction?

What about the smoking law in the college? Isn’t it more important than the ‘no-shorts in dining hall’ law?

P.S. I had a clips of them watching that clips.

Jun 27, 2005

Interview Game

The Official Interview Game Rules (copied to be passed on).

If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview me".I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

couldn’t resist too… got the questions from this mamatine (feminine for mamat, uncertified) (”,)

You have all the money in the world to buy ONE person ONE gift. What is the gift and who would it be for?

The gift: Time The person: My mom

Money can’t buy time. That’s true, but then again, if I had all the money in the world, I would have bought off the whole medical faculty of UMMC, and have the lousy pack schedule restructured to more small scanty holidays (long holiday not good academically) in final year, and of course, prolong the medicine posting.

Too much to cover, too little time.

What is the one thing other people always say about you, i.e. what would be so You?

The smile, my personal fatal attraction. But then again, it is not so much of appeal, rather than for the sole purpose of lifting the mood of people around me. The smile had constantly been there even in times of deepest trouble or sorrow; frown just seems so foreign to me. May seems a bit psycho, analyzing my own action, but then again, I recognize my own feelings, down or high, and face it without any denial. To me, a smile is a smile, not a mask with a smile. I believe everyone should smile and they had an obvious reason to do so - because they can. Get it?

Is turquoise more blue or more green?

From art’s POV, more blue because green = blue + yellow. So turquoise = 2Xblue + yellow.

From nature’s POV, more green because blue doesn’t actually exist naturally, or does it?

From my own’s POV, turquoise is turquoise. It is a balance, and an identity by its own. Life is always simple, and we all need to recognize its simplicity. It is failure to do so that leads to so many different conflicts, argument and coercion in life.

*POV=point of view

What is your earliest memory?

This question really baffled me, if I really recalled, I had various glimpse of my happiest moment with my family, and the most striking memory was my ‘modelling’ era. At that time, I was a preschooler, and I had the faintest idea why my mom suddenly has this craze into taking photos. Yes, just taking photos, not photography. I and my sis would be dressed up so sophisticatedly with powder all over the face. Luckily, I was spared from lipstick and eye shadow. Photos were taken in various poses, in the car, in Fort Cornwallis, in mom’s friend’s shop, in grandma’s house. My most unforgettable pose is the bruce lee ‘rub-the-nose-and-extend-palm’ pose in army clothes. Beside, I did modelled children’s clothes once, and I guessed my mom pocketed the income for her shoes. I also did joined a modeling contest, been at the catwalk, and won myself 3rd placing with the Scottish chubby look. Still have that grand trophy in my house, pride of my childhood. Actually, the most memorable moment was when I was refused the plastic chair which was reserved for the first place, I cried on stage, only to be pacified later by a bar of chocolate. Bottomline, food is very important to me. errrhmmn…

What is the most recent e-mail you received, and would you care to elaborate?

That’s a bit personal. So it’s for me to know, and for the rest of the world to mind their own business. No, seriously, the most recent email is just another forward of meaningful drawing by a famous artist cum writer from my friends in Taiwan. All the drawings says so much about life, where virtuality is as real as the reality itself.

Life slows down

yet another nice afternoon, where our tutorial at paed were cancelled briefly just now. several things runs through my mind, now that life is slightly off the fast lane - just finished my paper exam on paediatrics this morning.

Firstly, one mamat say to me "why u use friendster to blog, very difficult to remember the blog site lar". Come to think of it. I myself dun know the http of my own site. Besides, it is so hard to adjust the font sizes for my blog. Somehow, they seems to have the mind of their own. Ha ha. But I guess, I’ll stay. Why? Because in this blog, at least the people who are in my circle of friends can get in touch with my progress in the busy world of medicine. Nothing glamourous. Well, let just say, this blog aint perfect, but if the impairment of this blog machine exceeds its benefits, I may scream out of here, for somewhere better.

B00002df4x Secondly, got myself very bored over the last weekend, reading nothing but children, neonates, toddlers, newborns, adolescence, kids that I had sinfully takes a few minutes off to indulged myself in another good movie recommended by the same mamat. It isn’t new, but it is new to me, and it was obliviously a bliss. I like the whole movie from the start to the end, the audio, the video, the characters, the jokes, the romantism, the cinematography, the cynism, the language… am i exaggerating? not really. Together with movie "lock, stock & 2 smoking barrels" which I watched rather long time ago, I think I am hooked on to the british english all the "chop, chop", "sod off", "quid", "bollocks"… oops. Suddenly, medical school had turned out to be a movie fiesta, especially in the final year. And hooked too to the song "She" by Elvis Costello, anyone have its mp3? mind sending one copy for me, please…

Root Thirdly, latest conquest for this coming pure 1 week holiday. The only holiday in my final year without any festives value in it (N.B. got another 2 weeks holiday - Hari Raya, Chinese New Year). Hmmn… wait a minute. Holiday itself is a festival worth celebrating in its own special way. What conquest would that be? To trace my origins, my heritage, my ancestry, my lineage, my root - yes, I would want to draw a family tree as further back as possible. From who I get this idea? Inspired by Prof Thong. What he said is really true - it is important for us to know where we come from.

That’s all from now. Still have short case exam to fear. Not really the short case that terrorized me, it is the examiners - Prof WS Lee…. that’s all for now, I guess

Jun 13, 2005

Star Wars Fever

Greetings o curious ones,

I’m Lowin Sigeo, Nippro of Chloramphenicol !!!Tacky, eh?

YOUR Star Wars Name!
How to determine YOUR Star Wars name:

Your New First Name:
1. Take the first 3 letters of your 1st name.
2. Add the first 2 letters of your last name.

Your New Last Name:
3. Take the first 2 letters of your Mom’s maiden
4. Add the first 3 letters of the city you were
born in.

Your Star Wars Honorific Title:
1: Take the last three letters of your last name and
reverse them.
2: Add the first three letters of the make or model
of your first car
3: Insert the word "of"
4: Tack on the name of the last medication you

Jun 11, 2005

Old Boy

A highly recommended movie with lots of controversial issues. You will glue yourself to the seat for this!!

Most admirable scene, where the main actor (Min Sik) actually chow down a life squid with their long tentacles hobbering his nose and fingers.

for review of the movie, kindly go to http://www.mandiapple.com/snowblood/oldboy.htm

Psychology test

Here’s one test that i attained in an evening dinner talk. You fellas can send it your answer.(whoever that is actually viewing my blog)

Girlknife "A girl’s mom had just died and a funeral was held for the mom. A guy (a complete stranger) attended the funeral and the girl fell in love with him instantaneously. On that night, she killed her sister. WHY?"

Jun 9, 2005


Felt rather blasted today. Woke up this morning rather malaise and feverish. provisional diagnosis: upper respiratory tract infection (sore throat with phlegm but without cough plus voice change). differential: dengue fever (lots of mosquito bites, staying in a frequent fogged area). Anyway, getting better soon, I hope.

Last night, thanks to pang & gang, got a new study table for my beloved room B337. Can study much better than the shaky shoddy old study table. Wanna extend my appreciation here. Thanks, guys!!

ImagesHeight of blast is 10 minutes ago. Had a review class with Prof Chan LL, an excellent and critical lecturer, got blasted to million pieces on my case summary, from history down to everything little sections that follows. Marks is minimal, but luckily i passed. Phew! At least now, I know how to be extremely particular in the write-ups. 2 questions that must be running in my mind next time is:

  1. why the heck do you do or consider this? (regarding any history, examination, management)
  2. are you sure it is right in current practice?

enough said. gotta rest. going back to ward after CPC. follow up is vital. it is going to be long weekend for me. changing ward to Paed 6 - new horizon awaits.

Jun 8, 2005

Short of Common Sense

Shorty_guy Stupidity never fails to strike the college administration. again during lunch time, I was given a notice, or rather a letter, telling us that SHORTS are not allowed in the dining hall. It is the rule. It is the law. It is what we idiotic nincompoop moronic lowlife easterner would like to follow the west in doing all sorts of things including subjecting highly educated students of university to some mindless pea-brained uncomfortable regulation.

Firstly we must explore why do we wear shorts?

  • is it because it is cheaper
  • is it because it is more convenient
  • is it because we enjoy torturing others by showing our hairy legs
  • is it because we had bond/share in short producing company
  • is it because we are simply malaysian…

Come on! Malaysia is a hot and humid country. Do you really wants our "you know what" all coop up inside our long black pants the whole day, even in the hot dining hall? Why should we follow the west in setting the regulation (referring to no-short ruling) in our eastern country?

We sometimes look to this problem and we try to dignify the solution by coming up with the vision of narrowing the racial gap between us. But, in actual case, the solution of posing strict no-short ruling is a definite separators. I fully understand that Muslims were supposed to ‘tutup aurat’, but we cannot subject other people of different religion to the similar religious practice. Since the beginning, good integration begins by the policy of "agree to disagree". In the end, we still agree. Agree? (”,) Why tip the scale?

To put into perspective, wouldn’t you be extremely furious when you read about the news about students being kick out of school for wearing tudung? This is how other foreign countries harshly imposing their ruling on the dignify religious practice of Islam. And would you be at the harsh end at this part of the world? Enough said. Sit down and ponder, please…