Apr 27, 2011

Jom Ubah... dalam 5 hari

On Apr 22, 2011

SERDANG: The onus is on Tricubes Bhd to explain its 1Malaysia email project to the public, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

"Let them give their explanation. Not everything is on me. Because it is their proposal, they should sell it to the public.

"It is a private sector initiative and does not involve public money. So let them take the initiative to explain," he said Friday after attending a gathering here with farmers and fisherman from across the country.

But today (after 5days),

KUALA LUMPUR: Tricubes Bhd, which admitted that the RM50mil 1Malaysia e-mail project was a “lifeline” for the financially distressed company, had secured a RM5.3mil financing facility from a venture capital outfit and would have a rights issue to fund the project.

“We have secured an initial investment of RM5.3mil from Mavcap (the Malaysia Venture Capital Management Bhd) and the balance will be funded through equity, debt or a rights issue,” Tricubes chief executive officer Khairun Zainal Mokhtar told a media briefing yesterday.

A bit about MavCAP

... MAVCAP was established in 2001

by the government of Malaysia..


Back to the bitter mood of submitting my tax report for Tricubes, err... i mean for the government of Malaysia.

God bless Balisan in the next GE, they really need a lot of blessings.

the truth about fake eggs

Just wanna express how emotionally depressed I was, knowing that my favorite food on earth is being pirated... yes, it's no fairytale

@#&#$^%^#&%$^&#%$^&#%$#$#^&$%#$%#^&$%#&^$%#$%^&#%$... plain TL...

the vids below will show the process of making fake egg

Sometimes in China you just never know what you will get. The most trusted products can be inspected to find the “Made in China” mark, even eggs…

Drawing on reliable data extracted from Chinese newspapers, magazines and the Internet, this study takes a closer look at the problem of faked eggs in Mainland China. It seeks to inform the scientific and medical communities regarding the problems of consuming these products as well as the short- and long-term epidemic consequences.

The most disgusting faked eggs are the human-made eggs. One will be absolutely sick in the stomach if one consumes this product.

In June 2003, there was a Chinese article about a consumer purchasing a bag of human-made eggs from the food market in Beijing. Although the faked eggs looked practically the same as real ones, the consumer smelled chemicals when cooking the eggs (figure 2). The egg yolk dispersed quickly when it was mixed with the egg white, and the color was pale. No flavor could be tasted after cooking. According to the officials of the National Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the faked eggs were made from chemicals.

eggs2 Chinas 10 Steps to Make a Fake Egg picture

We are sure quite a few people have thought to themselves that this is genius and they are ready to jump right out and start mass producing eggs at home.

We decided to show you the 10 step process to creating your own eggs and we think you will agree that it is just not worth the time for the money, at least if you live outside of China.

eggs fig3 Chinas 10 Steps to Make a Fake Egg picture

So what is the solution to the problem of knowing whether the eggs you are buying are fake or not???

With respect to the problem of faked eggs, the consumer council in China only taught the public to sniff the eggs as a means of differentiating the real eggs from the fake ones based on the characteristic odor of normal chicken eggs.

Apr 25, 2011

deceptive nurses

the malaysian toilets are as always a national heritage, famous for the wrong reasons.

the general public generally uses them as if they are doing a favor for many by keeping the employment rate for janitors up.

The staff's toilet in the ward was 'illegally' being utilized by the public, and not in a good manner, if I may add.

Often, the toilet was found dirty, over used, like an unfortunate call girl after a full session of gang rape, screaming for an immediate clean up by the cleaner.

For the hospy's cleaners to actually be cleaning the operation theater after usage, the typical flow of events would be to press the 'call' button, if no response, to call for them verbally until the slow stroll of the cleaner finally comes along.

Therefore for a toilet with the lowest priority, that cleaning will take probably some time. Some good long time.

In order to prevent public from using the toilet, the ward Sister began to put up the notice 'Untuk Staf Sahaja' (For Staff Only), but the carnage continued without any reservation.

Burn Baby Burn
The ward Sister wasn't that happy.

It isn't rocket science to know that inception is not an easy task, especially not without any anaesthetic agents or going to the third level of dream.

With only a simple notice, they must be out of their mind. There came a point, where someone should just tell them to watch more movies, especially cool blockbuster like 'Inception'.

Then they went into Plan B.

They locked the door. They changed the door tag of 'Tandas' (Toilet) to 'Bilik Utiliti' (Utility Room). Next, they locked the door, and placed the key at the pantry. The key chain to the pantry cleverly written 'Linen' (referring to the Linen Room).

At this point, the art of deception conceptualized, and put into place.

Big bada boom

It works.

Lesson of the day: For dim-witted dirty uncivilized individuals, deception works better than inception.

P.S. This entry is not about how clever or deceptive the nurses are, but rather about how dim-witted and uncivilized someone can be when a proper advice cannot be accepted properly and force others to be deceptive. Well, whatever works...

Apr 21, 2011

public response post srwk state election

Despite the failure to deny the two 3rd majority... there's still a lot, yes, A LOT of things worth celebrating

Nope, actually all those photos are from the project by:

Jordan Matter, a New York photographer has worked as a photographer for 11 years. He has spent one year shooting his project “Dancers Among Us”. The project features performers from the Paul Taylor Dance Company performing difficult poses surrounded by normal people in iconic Manhattan locations, with the hope to highlight the skills of talented individuals

Apr 19, 2011

1epic fail

a bailout by any other names is just as rotten.

using people's money like unwanted candies on the streets, and they're still wondering why the urban enlightened Sarawakians rejected. Boy, they must be darn lost...

doing a bailout, wasting public funds and underestimating the public intelligence while masquerading as a propaganda for OneMalaysia is an absolute 1epic fail.

Read on...

On Twitter, Malaysians say no to 1 Malaysia email a/c

April 19, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, April 19 — Malaysians on the Internet are ridiculing the government’s plan to give a 1 Malaysia email account to every Malaysian aged 18 and over.

They were up in arms on social media network Twitter as soon as news of the RM50 million project to set up a new one-stop web portal for government services was made public this morning.

The hashtag “#1malaysiaemail” was the third most popular topic among Malaysian users on the network as of 5pm today.

Many said that the money could be put to better use, such as in education, helping the poor and getting Internet service out to rural areas.

“The free #1Malaysiaemail will be the same as my unifi.my and streamyx. Unattended, full of junk and probably long forgotten,” said a user called starwing.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had said the 1 Malaysia email initiative will allow direct and secure communications between Malaysian citizens and government as well as enhance delivery of public services.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the idea came from a lab session organised by Pemandu, the unit under Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala.

Some were also alarmed that the contract had been given to Tricubes Berhad, a company that is currently being monitored by Bursa Malaysia under Guidance Note 3 for accounting irregularities.

“Tricubes is a GN3 company. What the **** does our PM take us for? Idiots? #1MalaysiaEmail,” chris_yap said.

“So it’s gonna cost Gomen RM50mil to setup #1Malaysiaemail? Nice bailout to Tricubes. Whose money???,” vernieman added.

Another user noted that the government still insisted that Malaysians above the age of 21 would have to personally register to vote, yet it was planning to identify all Malaysians above the age of 18, estimated at about 16 million people, and hand them email accounts.

“Now who said automatic voter registration is a hassle again? Giving free email is not, apparently,” said bongkersz.

The email initiative has also paved the way for some to openly poke fun at the 1 Malaysia concept itself.

“Will we be getting #1Malaysia penis enlargement ads now? @NajibRazak Or better yet 1Malaysia emails that say I have won the lottery,” said theshi, referencing common topics of spam emails.

Juanajaafar sarcastically said “the 1Malaysia email account will solve the nation’s brain drain, looming food crisis and reduce cases of incest among urban poor Malays.”

Musician Pete Teo also noted that free email accounts were already available from other providers.

“Free email a/c from govt? Dear @NajibRazak, (why) spend taxpayers’ $$ (to) replicate what Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc (already give for) free? #looting,” he wrote.

Others called on the prime minister to roll out free wireless Internet, improve broadband Internet service and to give computers to those in rural areas.

Apr 18, 2011

the silence that's so deafening

it was an interesting on call yesterday.

mainly, most of the time I was shouting in the ward talking to the patients. This was the only time my shouting seemed like the polite thing to do. Don't get me wrong, I have not been relocated to the psychiatric camp or the ENT's hearing disorder division.

It was just that my usual soft and sweet voice (erhmmn) was drowned by the stimulating music that was running in the background, from a religious celebration held since the night prior. No point for guessing what the celebration was for.

A patient's blood pressure shot up and requested for AOR (at own risk) discharge, away from the persistent not-so-familiar melody, but I managed to convince her otherwise, loading her with adequate BP-lowering potions, to keep her happy and jolly.

Another patient went breathless about the similar predicament, complaining in long sentences and short stories about how she was not being able to sleep the whole night (she should be on call) plus requesting for a solution from me.

I pretended to be all cool about it... (without the ciggy, of course)

But deep down inside, I was like... (cyanosed, breathless)
San Yerro

I am sure there were like probably a few more hundreds people who felt the same way.

I asked the relevant people to talk to the celebrating crowd to tone down, because it was just next to the hospital with rooming supposedly ill patients.

The response I got was epic.

"No lar, I don't want to say anything lar, later became some racist issue."

"It's been like that for 7 years, no one had said anything."

I seriously don't understand how toning down the overwhelming volume of music which was practically homicidal to the serenity of the hospital can be a racial issue?

I guess it is really understandable for young prepubertal medical personnel NOT to have enough pubic hairs to stand up and voice out their views.

But, if this is potentially a racial issue, why the elders of the same race (and religion), for 7 years, did not stand up for something contemporary that is right and just?

To state that the police wasn't aware of this celebration was a clear understatement, because the hospy is practically hugging the police quarters and the jail, almost in a spooning position.

Like I said, the silence that's so deafening.

Last I heard, the music came to an abrupt stop.

Ninja Time

The words on the streets was that there were suddenly 4 men gone wild and started to slash some key people with lots of collateral damages in the public who joined the celebration.
A car parked nearby had its windows shattered to pieces due to the chaotic retalliation by the injured people. 1 man was caught, and the police went hunting down another 3.

News piece pending.

And the Red buzzer in Casualty went... "TOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!"

Apr 15, 2011


At least one friend of mine shares with me the same sentiment (or frustration) whenever an SMS was sent and the reply came after few centuries later or never being replied at all. I guess there's some level of rudeness with this kind of strayed behavior, but perhaps acceptable within the context of our local community. That friend of mine, not only replied promptly, also ardent on NOT being the last person to receive the SMS, a ritual that my friend had stopped following since so many things caught up with life.

Seriously, I'm not sure where messaging stands.
Is it part of the conversation?
Or is it just like an email, that can be replied later?
Or is it the in-betweens?

Found the following flow chart kind of cool and entertaining... but

Credit: Susanna

... I doubt there are so many secret awesome parties that I wasn't invited to.

But, who knows, right?

Apr 13, 2011

golden rules

there are several golden (simple, made for idiot like me to remember) rules in gynaecology.

abnormal per vaginal bleeding in
  1. pre-menarche girls is sexual abuse or foreign body until proven otherwise
  2. fertile ladies (in reproductive age) is complications of pregnancy (miscarriage, or ectopic pregnancy) until proven otherwise
  3. warga emas (more than 40years old) is cancer until proven otherwise
I think this is the bare minimum that any medical graduates should understand.

solution: vaginoscopy, to check for foreign body and removal without compromising the hymenal integrity.
prevention: ...

Apr 11, 2011



"Aedan, 洗澡热水或冷水?"







Apr 10, 2011

when u stop looking, it will come

i had a nice surprise today.

never once weekend morning ward round at gynae ward by house officers was completed before my initiation of ward round, which is roughly the same time whenever our weekday passover finishes.

most of my colleagues ranted about this.

I formally complaint about it. not once, but twice. The second time, the missing house officer who was supposed to be joining the ward round, came after 9.15am (after being summoned). Her excuse was she was post call, just clerked and informed to MO regarding 3 patients causing her delay to join the others. Sadly, there was more untruths in her words (clearly written in her explanation letter) than the political promises running in any elections. I checked the patient's register - only 1 patient admitted, 1 hour prior to 7am, the informal passover time. Secondly, the MO on call never heard from her, unless there was telepathic messaging sent out by that house officer which did not get through (yes, I do believe supernatural power do exist).

Nothing much happened in months to come, beside a soft-spoken reminder over the general meeting.

Nothing much happened till today. Round was completed even with 50% more patients as compared to previous times.

Must be something new in the equation. Yet to figure out what, except that those who were with me today was doing a great job. bravo.

Apr 9, 2011

dream a little dream

i would like to write about something that happened last friday.

it was a nice friday evening that almost all the doctors of the department - the head, the consultants, the medical officers and most of the Sisters sat down around the round table in the conference room. And the unexpected thing just happened - we were all handed a piece of paper. That, my friend, wasn't any ordinary paper. It is our destiny. Wait, pull back a sec. It isn't our destiny, just yet. It was supposed to be a dream.

A dream of a new maternal child hospital. We discussed high and low about the required infrastructures and not to mentioned the demand for comfort, probably to compensate the current well-preserved pre-war working environment. I had totally no idea where the discussion on the paper will lead to - the ministry? the state government? or simply a possible pre-election 'proposal'?

For a millisecond, I thought 'hey, here I am, having a say in something that is probably the next best thing in O&G in Penang.'

Riding Cloud
We were all walking on clouds.

And then, the next milliseconds and beyond I am pretty sure a dream, at any level, will remain as a dream.

Apr 2, 2011


Radiation Dosage Chart - Information Is Beautiful
enlarged version.

Japanese radiation fears may be greatly exaggerated

What is not always realised is that everyone is exposed to small amounts of radiation every day, simply by living on the planet Earth. Exposure is measured in millisieverts and the annual average can range between 1 and 10 millisieverts, depending on where you live. Some places simply have more natural radiation than others.

Some radiation is even being used as diagnostic tool, ie x-ray, CT, etc and treatment, ie radiotherapy for cancers, ie cervical cancer, etc.

Therefore, i think exaggerated preoccupation with radiation is totally unnecessary.

Let's move on.

"Boss, can I have another plate of this delicious sushi?"