Apr 15, 2011


At least one friend of mine shares with me the same sentiment (or frustration) whenever an SMS was sent and the reply came after few centuries later or never being replied at all. I guess there's some level of rudeness with this kind of strayed behavior, but perhaps acceptable within the context of our local community. That friend of mine, not only replied promptly, also ardent on NOT being the last person to receive the SMS, a ritual that my friend had stopped following since so many things caught up with life.

Seriously, I'm not sure where messaging stands.
Is it part of the conversation?
Or is it just like an email, that can be replied later?
Or is it the in-betweens?

Found the following flow chart kind of cool and entertaining... but

Credit: Susanna

... I doubt there are so many secret awesome parties that I wasn't invited to.

But, who knows, right?

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