Apr 24, 2013

Screening test for mental retardation

Kindly choose the decent and mature election advertisement from below:









If you choose 4 & 7, diagnostic test for mental retardation not indicated.
If you choose others, I won't bother to tell you, because you're retard, remember?

Apr 23, 2013

Gaining back some comfort

Good experience in elective operation theatre today. 

The Prof who operated was awesome. 

The operation was like a piece of cake to her, even though the patient's BMI is over 50. 

And finally, I gained back confidence and comfort in assisting in a gynaeoncology operation. 

All my previous experience with such operation really psyched/depressed me out and end up with massive pooling of venous blood in my lower limbs. 

There were laughters through out the operation. 

Here's a few bits and pieces. 

As we're struggling down the tunnel of adipose and omentum, Zeppellining down to the vagina, the long length of cervix seemed to annoy us. 

And at last, we clamped the cervix for the last time and breached into vagina... 

"Ini Kalilah!"


Another time, the house officer was having a tough time holding the retractor. Instead of getting sounded or being given red card, Prof adjusted the retractor for her and said "Come, let me Ubah this retractor for you.".


Apr 9, 2013

Who let the dogs out? Who! Who! Who!

Rotation continued. Now in a new environment.
Nice view from the window.

Almost a penthouse.

Here's the thing - the new hospy is different from my previous hospy. (Kinda obvious, duh!)

No, what I meant to say is that - the new hospy is not under Ministry of Health and I am still considered a staff of the Ministry of Health.

So, my status in this hospital is not a staff of the hospital but rather a student of the hospital, although all the 'students' worked their asses off (doesn't mean we lose weight on our hind end), every 'students' from Ministry of Health don't have a carpark or other benefits because we're not deserve to have it.

Kind of make sense, though.

Like how Balisan has always make sense in prospering us for 50years, while continue secretly superprospering their own cronies and deprive rakyat of our own well-deserved wealth of the country.

Beside the 'students' privileges, they are charging the patients at a price range between a full private and a full public hospital's rate.

Anyway, here's the thing.
A patient made a huge fuss at the nursing counter.

She was standing there, hawkeyed on everyone working and writing behind the nursing counter.

She commented on how early the Professor already declared her safe to be discharge and the delay we had caused.

We were all halfway doing ward rounds.

She refused to follow the correct protocol to go down and collect the number for her medication to sort out the total fee.

She patronized the meagrely-paid clerk to call up the pharmacy to ask for cost and declare a number for her personally.

The clerk fumbled and could not get a proper response from the pharmacy because the pharmacy required the medication slips to check various costing.

She barked at the clerk and barked for the ward Sister.

The ward Sister helped to sort out the medication part including going down to pharmacy for her to get the number and costing.

Then, when everything added up, the Sister passed her the bill with a checklist of all medical services she acquired during her one night stay, without costing.

Costing usually will be calculated when paying at the payment counter at the lobby.

Again, she barked at the Sister insisting on wanting the full amount in dollars and cents because last time when she was admitted, she was told 1K but when the charges sent to her house, it was 2K.

The Sister kind of felt lost and turned to me.

Zombie Fingers

I was busy sorting out logistics to post a patient up for diagnostic laparoscopy for suspected ectopic pregnancy.

For those who don't understand what is ectopic pregnancy, it is pregnancy outside of womb, usually in the tube and if ruptured, the patient may die. Yes, die

When the Moon Brakes Down
Apparently, the hospital was in semi-chaos since last Friday
(I can't reveal why because if I did, the private wing of this hospy may just hire a gunman (or more) to snipe me down. Yes, I am serious)

Sister: Dr.Pilo, macam mana? (how?)
Pilo: Just follow protocol.

Then the barking started again. She stood firmly at the counter edge.

What follow protocol? Can't you just sort out this simple things for me.
What is your name?

Hi, I'm Dr Pilo. I can write my full name and give my phone number to you if you want to. But now, I am busy. But, you must follow hospital's protocol.

Sucked into The Ground

She was shocked to see that I did not sport the sad-puppy look together with the clerk and the ward Sister.
She walked away.

I continued to call this and that and this and that and this and that (repeat like forever).
Still, the solution to the logistics problem remained elusive.

She quietly settled the bill with the billing counter and came up.

She composed herself and came back for 2nd round of battle, barking again in human words.

Sigh. I hate to be involved in pathetic debate.

Most of time, I will win, but I will feel extremely sad because the other party will be greatly depressed by then. (bad kamma for me)

Thus, I chose to be as 'nice' and 'relevant' as possible.

Ever Changing Mood
Italics The Patient
Bold Pilo
Underline Pilo's thought
Since you're so happy in giving me your name and phone number. Give me then.
Okay, here's is it (I wrote down my full name and phone number). I am busy right now because there's an emergency I need to sort out. If there is anything that I can help with, within hospital protocol, I will help you, but not now.

Let me tell you you are an arrogant doctor. Very arrogant.
Dear Madam, out of 10 of my patients, 10 of them would disagree with you. 
This IS arrogance, fyi

Hey, is it really so hard and difficult to do extra to help one sick ill patient out of your 10 patients?
Dear Madam, I am helping all as much as I can.
You should just tag with me and see how for yourself how much MORE extra I had done for my patients. Sick, ill and barking, what a paradox

Is this what you called service? Is this what you called service?
Dear Madam, I am doing job, to prioritize my duties and responsibilities and work within protocol.
Thank God she did not repeat the 'Service' word for 9 times like the 'Listen' fiasco.
Service? Service? You think I'm a 'duck' mer? (insert vulgarities here)

I want to see Matron.
Dear Madam, here's the Sister, she will sort out for you.

She continued to talk to the Sister rudely and wrote up a complaint letter.

I intended to inform my Head of Department because in my old hospy this kind of stuff is kinda big, because God-knows-why even if we're not wrong or involve in any illegal activities.

But the Sister told me: Nah, it's pretty common here. Just wait for the complaint letter and explain.


I wonder who or what have been constantly providing the fertile ground for the breeding of this ungrateful, demanding and unreasonable patient's culture.

Sad, but annoyingly true.

Malaysia's Reality by 丘光耀 Hew Kuan Yao

Hokkien, In Penang


Mandarin (highlight: Shahjilat's 16K Bra)

Mandarin (Part 2)

Apr 4, 2013

Winning every arguments...

Real life surgical theatre's friction (shared from an awesome friend):

In OT...

Anaes: What op was done previously for this patient?
Surg: xxx
Anaes: What kind of anaesthesia was given?
Surg: ?? (That's your territory, I tot you should know it or find out before op)
Anaes: I don't care, u go find out. That's your patient.

Personally, I would go ask for the anaest and get back to him/her because
1 I did it for the patient, not for the anaest
2 allow myself to learn more about anaest
3 life's too short to be pissed by something small like this

If the anaest's tone wasn't polite, remember Winston Churchill's quote:

You won't reach your destination if you keep stopping to throw stones or sticks at every dogs that bark along the way.

Sometimes, makes me wonder, when patients thank the surgeons, how many surgeons actually tell the patients to thank the anaest who plays a large role, too.

Nevertheless, it makes people wonder how the 'your patient' mentality can be cultivated even in such an esteemed medical centre.

I am neither pro-anaest nor pro-surgeon, I am just pro-rakyat.. oops.. I mean, pro-patient.

I still remember vividly a conversation between me and Anaest Consultant.

Pilo: Dr L, do you need blood for this case? I think its rather straightforward, GSH should be sufficient
Dr.L: EXCUSSSEEE ME, Dr. Pilo, I don't need the blood. The patient needs it. Not me. (smirk)
Pilo: Oops.. sorry, boss. (Smile)
Winning every arguments do NOT makes you a winner.

Agree to disagree and you'll see a whole world of difference.

P.S. no wonder, about a decade ago, a simple bickering between anaest and surgeon turned easily into a boxing match with the surgeon giving the anaest a slap with a bloody glove...

Apr 1, 2013


Obgy at number 4. Seriously?

Agree. Bureaucracy is very cardiotoxic, neurotoxic, nephrotoxic and genitotoxic.

No complaint here.

Burn out outside of work?