Apr 23, 2013

Gaining back some comfort

Good experience in elective operation theatre today. 

The Prof who operated was awesome. 

The operation was like a piece of cake to her, even though the patient's BMI is over 50. 

And finally, I gained back confidence and comfort in assisting in a gynaeoncology operation. 

All my previous experience with such operation really psyched/depressed me out and end up with massive pooling of venous blood in my lower limbs. 

There were laughters through out the operation. 

Here's a few bits and pieces. 

As we're struggling down the tunnel of adipose and omentum, Zeppellining down to the vagina, the long length of cervix seemed to annoy us. 

And at last, we clamped the cervix for the last time and breached into vagina... 

"Ini Kalilah!"


Another time, the house officer was having a tough time holding the retractor. Instead of getting sounded or being given red card, Prof adjusted the retractor for her and said "Come, let me Ubah this retractor for you.".


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