May 27, 2009

Dark black outside, pure white inside

Dark black outside, pure white inside. That's mangosteen equivalent to 1blackmalaysia, according to WCH's friend.

As author Malcolm Gladwell aptly captured in his bestseller The Tipping Point, "Ideas and products and messages and behaviours spread like viruses do."

WCH is trying hard to remind us of the epidemics in Malaysia, more lethal than Dengue, more bone pain than Chikunguya, more breathless than A(H1N1), it's the infectious political dissent.

the virus carriers...

Police arrests for such actions can be seen as quarantining the "virus carriers" of dissent. The authorities hope that the fear of being arrested and locked up would serve as a vaccine.

However, when the arrested talk about their lock-up experiences with excitement and detention becomes a badge of honour, you know the anti-viral drug has only made the virus stronger.

the virus...
Unlike organised campaigns like the three mass rallies in 2007, the epidemic in 2009 has no "ring leaders" for the authorities to catch or persecute. Viruses simply have no "leaders".

the epidemic spread...

What frustrates the police and drives them desperate is this: the more "carriers" you catch, the faster the epidemic spreads.

nature of the virus...
What is the nature of the virus they are combating? The virus is incurable and indestructible because it is part of us and what makes us human. Call it common sense or reason or even humanity.

Because of the common sense or reason that we have, humans have limited tolerance for injustice, violence, arrogance and absurdity. Hence, the virus does not strike without such triggers.

That's why you don't have civil disobedience now in India, the US or Poland. When governments are seen as legitimate by the majority of the population, any call for civil disobedience is ignored or ridiculed.

quarantine the right triggers...

Instead, the police must advise their political chiefs to quarantine the "triggers", whose abuse of power and arrogance make civil disobedience the trendiest thing in town.

For example, the ill-tempered Brickfields OCPD must be quarantined until he completes his anger management course.

Similarly, Home Minister DSHH and the Inspector-General of Police TSMH must be quarantined from making more infuriating statements until they learn the basics of democracy and rule of law.

Of course, the police must also quarantine themselves from civil gatherings — in black or other colours - to prevent further outbreaks. They would do better by focusing on crimes rather than violating citizens' rights.

the real cure...
As the "democracy first, elections now" prescription on the wall states, fresh polls in Perak would be the ultimate remedy to end this 1BLACKMalaysia epidemic before it sweeps Putrajaya.

May 26, 2009

will you cheat when you're 40?

"will you cheat when you're 40?"
my dearest suddenly popped this question, out of the blue.

I was thinking, for goodness sake, i am not even 30.
then i said: "for goodness sake, i am not even 30"
I don't do much of thinking. It's the guy thing.

dear: so tell me, for real, will you cheat when you're 40?
me: should i repeat? i am not even 30.
d: so, will you cheat?
m: are you alright?
d: ok, if you're presented with a very pretty gal, what will you do?
m: i'm bring her to meet you, the prettiest gal ever.
d: but beauty is not forever.
m: maybe not physically.

she took a deep breath and do her own things.

later on, i got curious and probed about those previous nonsensical question.

apparently, among the colleagues, clearly in her line of work, they got too much time at work and started a topic of "will guys cheat at 40years old?". One of her colleagues was saying no money, no babes and the other held on to the belief that money is not the factor.

Why 40? My dearest was saying I would be pretty successful by then, and with success, comes lots of uninvited bees. I believe she's having unnecessary emotional distress from unnecessary discussion in her lepak hours.

I told her,
Without her, my success wouldn't be a success.
As a matter of fact, it is true.

Just today,

Data in the Malaysia Community and Family Study 2004 by the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) revealed that “meddlesome in-laws” is the number one reason why Indian couples get divorced.

It is also among the top three factors for divorce among the Malays and Chinese. The other two factors are incompatibility (42.3%) and infidelity (12%).

So far, I'm not having any problems with my in laws. As of my mom, she can be pretty didactic at times, but luckily, my dearest is a keen 'scholar'.

Incompatibility is situational.

Infidelity is a temptation.
The thrill of it drives you to it, money only catalyzes it.
Doing it is one thing, knowing your partner can achieve the same is another.
Think twice. Thrice better.

And so back to the big question:
Will I cheat when I am 40?
Clearly, my KPI is 0%.
I'm not answering the question, am I?

May 25, 2009

coffee filter | art

Macaroon garland

Another view paper garland

Nice vintage garland & pom poms... with the coffee filters...

2.3km of blindfolded walk

I received this email from Grace.

And for Penangites or anyone who stay near Penang, I believe this is a great and NOBLE activity to join. Do read further.

Dear all,

Please help to forward this email to as many friends/colleagues/family members as possible, as St. Nicholas’ Home for the Blind, Penang aims to get 5,000 participants to make this ‘Walk for Sight’ Charity Walk 2009 a success. If you wish to volunteer your service during our Roadshows, please feel free to revert back to me at my email above, or call at 04-229 0800.

Thank you and God bless you.

Oh ya, see you there!

When was the last time you did something challenging? This could be the most challenging time for you, all happening on the 28th June 2009! Come join the fun!

For the first time ever in Penang, St. Nicholas’ Home and the Region 1 Lions & Leos Clubs of District 308 B2, Malaysia and Majlis Sukan Negeri Pulau Pinang are co-organizing a Charity Walk in June 2009.

This Walk is not just any other Walk, but a Walk with a twist! It will be an interesting walk where one is blindfolded and led by another through a 2.3km Walk along Padang Polo, opposite Hospital Besar Pulau Pinang. Partners can switch roles along the Walk, thus giving the sighted the opportunity to experience blindness, to value sight and appreciate teamwork, to have fun and also to raise funds for a good cause. At the end of the Walk, lucky draw prizes will be given away to lucky participants.

The event is to celebrate Lions 50th year Community Service in Malaysia and in conjunction with St. Nicholas’ Home’s annual fundraising project to raise RM100,000 for purchase of new eye correction equipment as well as for cataract operation for the needy. For more details of the Walk, see attached.

The details of the event as follows:-
Date: Sunday, 28th June 2009
Flag-off Time: 8.00 a.m.
Venue: Flag-off at Padang Polo, Jalan Sepoy Lines (in front of the Dental School)
Finishing at the same point.
Registration fee: RM15 (Adult) RM10 (Junior aged 7-12 years)

For more info on the above event, please call St. Nicholas’ Home, Penang at 04-229 0800 or email

May 22, 2009

not necessary the case for Balisan

perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information.

and in the perception war, everyone can play it.

RPK's reminder of najip perception war with withdrawing from Penanti's by-election is simply too crystal clear.

By accusing the PR of creating more unnecessary by-elections and painting themselves more rakyat-friendly by avoiding Penanti's battle perhaps will give them a little bit of brownie points.

But with Manik by-election coming along, PAS challenges Balisan to eat their word and not to contest if it can save people's money.

Balisan now in the limbo. Perception on them is bad, either way.

If they throw in someone in Manik's battle, Balisan is perceived as chicken in Penanti.
If they throw in the white towel in Manik's battle, Balisan is perceived as having conflicting principles in being rakyat-friendly.

Perhaps Balisan never heard of what YB Karpal Singh once said,
In politics, there are no permanent enemies, no permanent friends, but there must be permanent principles.

May 21, 2009

wanita, cam ke?

kim kardashian
No, it's not OK to lie... not OK to be lied to, too...

the labor room staff nurses shared this joke with me... i find it rather lame... but they're having a good time spreading it...

wanita, cam ke?
bila umur 20, memang mengancam,
bila umur 30, dah pikir macam-macam,
bila umur 40, mula terasa terancam,
bila umur 50, tiada orang cam...

May 20, 2009

thank you, prof

As I wrote this few days back, as that was the last day Prof Y. Abrahams will be in SP.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

He is a great teacher, and always will be.

Just last Thurs, going through a colposcopy session, my colleagues and I were exposed to the most descriptive and enjoyable colposcopy crash course.

He preached the correct method.

He preached the accurate method.

He preached the courteous method.

Conservatism is the way of the most experienced.

This was the word of wisdom I got from him.

This was in reference to a patient who got pregnant prior to the colposcopy.

The patient was a lady in her twenties. Had weeks of post coital bleed, inflammatory Pap smears twice, a repeated speculum examination revealed small erosion sites over the posterior lips of cervix.

Planned for colposcopy. But when she came, she was already pregnant 6 weeks.

What the next step?

According to Prof Abrahams,

  1. Postpone the colposcopy until she’s 12-14weeker. Although colposcopy is as harmful as any Pap smear during pregnancy, 20% of abortion will happen in first trimester anyway. So, if you rush in and take a peek, and it so happen miscarriage follows, nobody going to believe that it wasn’t because of the colposcopy.
  2. Colposcopy only, no biopsy. If normal, everything to be reassessed 3 months post delivery.
  3. If abnormal, repeat colposcopy at 32 weeks, just to keep an eye on things.
  4. Lastly, repeat colposcopy or further management at 3 months post delivery.

Who is this prof?

He is a senior gynae-oncologist from UK, MRCOG Part 2 examiner, FRCOG, MRCS and MRCP holder who came to this small town to be lecturer for the MIC-linked AIMST medical school. But, not for long.

Reason why he's leaving?

I'm not really sure myself. But according to his student, something about the Uni not being able to provide sufficient teaching staff to educate the students, and nothing about the money.

I guess money is not a problem for him, he just really enjoyed teaching.

Like I said, he was a great teacher.

Always full of enthusiasm to teach, even few days before he left, he was teaching - the students and us, the medical officers.

And his student, the enthusiastic ones, although going to face their first clinical end of year exam in 1 week time came during office hours to learn from him during his last OT and his last colposcopy session.

He should be back in UK by now.

I hope he will find a new better place for his passion of teaching.

May 17, 2009

pregnant + A(H1N1): will your kid turn into swine?

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Dr Haris described it as the long wait.

I believe I wouldn't want to wait for it, but its arrival to our Malaysian shore appear rather inevitable, just like a government change by the next General Election, hopefully.

Just today, as SN Amali giving her very detailed talk on personal protection equipment on H1N1 at the auditorium, the news of our A&E unit admitting a person with suspected H1N1 spread like wild fire across the hospy. Everyone is donning the 3-ply mask, which is not exactly helpful in preventing them from getting the virus, but creating a false sense of security.

From the O&G side,

RCOG came out with the basic prevention statement, and running on treatment of Zanamivir as stocks available.
The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) recommends the following measures to prevent contracting swine influenza:

· Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing and use a tissue
· Dispose of used tissues promptly and carefully
· Wash your hands with soap and water to reduce the spread of the virus
· Clean hard surfaces like door handles using a normal cleaning product
· Make sure your children follow this advice
· Stay at home if you have symptoms

While ACOG is providing a link to CDC on recommendation for pregnant women, and 3 patients confirmed A(H1N1), with 1 of the mother died of ARDS post delivery.

A summary of the recommendation:

  • pregnant mothers are higher risk for morbidity
  • higher risk if asthmatics
  • ACOG recommend trivalent inactivated influenze vaccine, if available.
  • Treatment best started within 48hrs, but even after that starting medication will reduce morbidity/ mortality
  • Mothers with fever - paracetamol is a must to avoid adverse fetal outcomes secondary to hyperthermia.
  • Among 3 patients with +ve A(H1N1), fetal wellbeing is not affected.
  • As little known effect of medication but if benefits of antiviral treatment outweigh potential fetal risk,
    • confirmed or suspected mothers - to start 5days of Tamiflu (oseltamivir)
    • close contacts with cases - 10days of Oseltamivir chemoprophylaxis
As for Tamiflu or oseltamivir, little known about human and fetal effect. (source, source)
  • pregnancy category C
  • technically and biologically its molecular weight of 312 for the free base of oseltamivir, able to be excreted in milk and cross placenta, but no data on the excretion/transfer of oseltamivir into human milk.
  • no data on human pregnancy, but usage in animal revealed a variety of minor skeletal abnormalities and variants.
Anyway, do not be too worried, because your chance of getting it is 0.89%, and chances are you will not die from it if you are an average person.

May 16, 2009

a commoner sense

Common Sense, a Super Power

GERTRUDE Stein the writer once said: “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” Stein lived from 1874-1946, so this was way before what we now call the Information Age. So you can imagine how much common sense we lose these days.
Those were the musings of Marina Mahathir, basically about how much we had lose our common sense and how pathetic is Perak being stuck and still stuck in the political impasse or limbo.

She also commented on how the 'authority' or the ones in power acted harshly. Like what her father, Tun M did mentioned, anything done in a rush will be foolish thing to do. Chinese, there's a saying, think thrice before you do.

Beside the BN useless took over of state government of silver state, misuse of Sedition Act and Police Act, angered even more people, plunging their own reputation into the further depth.

As explained by Azmi Sharom, it is obvious and dubious misuse of power.

Allow me to explain. The Sedition Act is a remnant of the bad old British days. The English introduced the law to quash dissent among the people who were opposing the Malayan Union, namely the Malayan left.

One would have thought that we would have got rid of this law, seeing as how its formation was for the purpose of oppressing some of the heroes of our independence. But, strangely, we have kept it.....

.... Another law which appears to be misunderstood by the powerful is the Police Act. It was used on May 7 against scores of people for “illegal assembly”. Most were in Ipoh, dressed in black, and some were in Kuala Lumpur gathering to show their support for Wong, who was being held in remand.

The Police Act also looks a bit crazy. Any gathering of more than two people can be deemed an illegal assembly. It, therefore, looks as though the police can do anything they want.

They can charge into a coffeeshop and haul two pals and me away because we constitute an illegal gathering. It appears unbelievable, does it not?

Come to think of it, I may be reprimanded tomorrow.

Common sense on Perak: who can solve the political impasse?

A. The High court
B. The Appeal court
C. Sultan
D. Pakatan
E. Balisan

A. The High court.

By the law, and no disrespect to the wise judge of the country, Nizar is still the legitimate MB. The way to go would be Nizar MB, but the party belongs to Balisan + Balisan$-inclined MP, and request Sultan to dissolve DUN. Before this happen, the balls goes to Appeal court.

B. The Appeal court.

Zambly appealed. Good appeal. Zambly stays. Nizar appealed. Bad appeal. Drag on. Perakian continue with their long wait for solution.

C. Sultan

No comment. Don't throw the ball to His Highness. Don't blame His Highness. Just another front row spectator.

D. Pakatan E. Balisan

By the real deal, Pakatan can actually cool down, pull over and let the Balisan + Balisan$-inclined MP rule the state but keep a close tab on their judgement (or rather misjudgement). At least, state admin is mobile again. But then again, Pakatan surname ends with Rakyat, and standing by the Rakyat's aspiration, a step forward is more likely. A step forward with greater hatred and deeper frustration.

Tun M did wished the people had short term memory after commenting on Balisan haste take over. Everyone in Balisan should be wishing this as well, or else and unless Balisan is steering a submarine (not referring to Scorpion), Balisan will sink real fast and furious fueled with the Perakian sentiment and its chain reaction. With the Net, the world is virtually borderless.

Under the advisement of Tun M, with the speaker being dragged away, a speedy vote of no confidence on Nizar, will perhaps seal Pakatan's retreat. It will probably be a losing battle, but a winning war.

Another funny media play up recently would be to re-brainwash the people or remind the people that Balisan winning by hopping is just a nasty trick by Pakatan supremo uno. If it's a nasty trick, and you're using it, basically it doesn't make you any better.

Some of the reminder just seems rather useless. here and here and here.
A reminder that you're the better evil doesn't really help.

The common sense of the time being is for the Balisan to dissolve DUN and go for a fresh state election. Then, work their way back into the heart of the people. Balisan must have the end in their mind. Their focus should be the next GE, and all the future GE to make sure their legacy continues and they are the party who truly represent the people and nation. Winning a state DUN by mastering the underhand way of the opposition isn't a good start, I must say.

Isn't it clear who will solve the political impasse?

A. The High court
B. The Appeal court
C. Sultan
D. Pakatan
E. Balisan
F. The people, after DUN dissolved by Balisan without any further damage and proceed to fresh state election.

Don't get me wrong.

I am neither for Balisan or Pakatan, I am just another citizen of another state, finished my study in another state, working in another state, having a wife from another state and loving every states of Malaysia have to offer and Perak's one of them!

So, Balisan ar, please don't ask the High Court, don't ask the Appeal Court, don't ask the sultan...



May 15, 2009

No balls

doctor-bashing season | cycle 1

whenever you see a patient, she got a disease, you talk to her, let her talk to you, you do some serious examination, take some blood, do some scan, give some advice, prescribe some drugs, write some plan, it's just a job, a everyday routine. by routine means what you do whenever you're not free to read newspaper, or 'do your own things' or too busy to be baffled by an bigshot nincompoop rudely intruding into your room and started pooping in the local media or don't have much time but to be called upon a council for an 'investigation'.

the doctor-bashing season had passed, but it will come back again. it's just a seasonal thing with the media, even though they had their journalists' hands, brain (if they has one), pen and notes busy with political news, the doctor-bashing season will be there. it's like a cycle, every year. sometimes twice a year. every tom, dick and harry won't hesitate to sue or blame the government if public hospital failed to give some advice, or failed to document the given advice, and they would make sure they sue the government because it is loaded, and most of the time, they wins, or a least, it will be another doctor-bashing session to satisfy the cycle.

the problem is the two doctors who were defamed so easily by the bigshot had done nothing. even the authority had done nothing.
the voice of doctors for malaysia (read: MMA) had done nothing.
only minister may have corrected some public opinion by justify with the result of an investigation.
and giving all sorts of 'dignity' praises to the doctors who served the public.
but at the end of the day,
if the people (if there are still such thing in malaysia, i mean 1malaysia) doesn't represent the doctors to sue the bloody idiot for defamation, it is obvious the people who has the power to do something, yet sits through it and giggle through another doctor-bashing season, is just another simple human being without any balls, or anything between the balls, and i am not implicating the female gender.

making waves in the cyber world about frustrated doctors is a good thing. but at the end of the day, without any true sense of justice being uphold by the relevant authority and the blardy idiot being put up to court for his public defamation of the professionals.

it is obvious that some people have NO BALLS.

Of course, this is just another hypothesis until I am proven wrong. But till the next doctor-bashing season comes along.

Remember 2 words - NO balls.

Perhaps, they're just alpha males on beta blockers.

May 14, 2009

a true man of the millennium

modern man by george carlin
I'm a modern man, a man for the millennium.
Digital and smoke free.
A diversified multicultural post modern deconstructionist.
Politically, anatomically, and ecologically incorrect.
I've been up linked and downloaded,
I've been inputed and outsourced.
I know the upside of downsizing,
I know downside of upgrading.
I'm a high tech lowlife, a state of the art bi coastal multitasker and
I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond.
I'm new wave, but I'm old school.
And my inner child is outward bound.
I'm a hot wired heat seeking warm hearted cool customer.
I'm voice activated and biodegradable.
I interface with my database, my database is in cyberspace,
so I'm interactive, I'm hyperactive and from time to time I'm radioactive.
Behind the eight ball and ahead of the curve,
riding the wave, dodging the bullet and pushing the envelope.
I'm on point, on task, on message and off drugs.
I got no need for coke and speed,
I've got no urge to binge and purge.
I'm in the moment, on the edge
over the top but under the radar.
A high concept, low profile,
medium range ballistic missionary.
A street wise smart bomb.
A top gun bottom feeder.
I wear power ties, I tell power lies,
I take power naps, I run victory laps.
I'm a totally outgoing bigfoot slam dunk rainmaker with a proactive outreach.
A raging workaholic, a working rageaholic.
Out of rehab and in denial.
I've got a personal trainer, a personal shopper, a personal assistant and a personal agenda.
You can't shut me up, you can't dumb me down because I'm tireless and I'm wireless.
I'm an alpha male on beta blockers.
I'm a nonbeliever and an overachiever.
Laid back but fashion forward.
Upfront, down home, low rent and high maintenance. S
upersized, long lasting, high definition, fast acting, oven ready and built to last.
I'm a hands on, foot loose, knee jerk head case.
Prematurely post traumatic and I have a love child that sends me hate mail.
But I'm feeling, I'm caring, I'm healing, I'm sharing.
A supportive bonding nurturing primary caregiver.
My output is down but my income is up.
I take a short position on a long bond and my revenue stream has its own cash flow.
I read junk mail, I eat junk food, I buy junk bonds, and watch trash sports.
I'm gender specific, capital intensive, user friendly and lactose intolerant.
I use the "f" word in my email and the software on my hard drive is hardcore.
I bought a microwave at a mini mall and a mini van at a mega store.
I eat fast food on the slow lane.
I'm toll free, bite size, ready to wear and I come in all sizes.
About Me:
A fully equip, factory authorized, hospital tested, clinically proven, scientifically formulated medical miracle.
I've been pre-washed, pre-cooked, pre-heated, pre-screened, pre-approved, pre-packaged, postdated, freeze dried, double wrapped, vacuum packed and
I have an unlimited broad band capacity.
I'm a rude dude but I'm the real deal.
Lean and mean.
Cocked, locked and ready to rock.
Rough, tough and hard to bluff. I take it slow,
I go with the flow, I ride with the tide, I got glide in my stride.
Driving and moving, sailing and spending,
jiving and grooving, wailing and winning.
I don't snooze so I don't lose.
I keep the pedal to the medal and the rubber on the road.
I party hardy and lunch time is crunch time.
I'm hanging in, there ain't no doubt and I'm hanging tough.
Over and out.
Is he cool or what?

May 12, 2009

legal 'ah long' and me

delay congrats to: my dearest for passing her CCP first paper. 2 steps away for being a successful legal ah-long officer. =)

Just that other day, when my dearest and me went paktoing in Qbay after meeting up my good o' pals in Old Town, Qbay.

I saw a lot of credit card salesperson from virtually most of the banks in Malaysia.

I thought economy is bad, times are bad, hold on to the bucks, but we got all the banks willing to giving away credits.

How bad can the economy be.

Some sales people will entice with free gift up front. Some sales people will sport the puss-in-boots eyes. Some sales people will bug you with the over-confident sales pitch, as if the credit card he/she's pushing is gonna give you 99% discount for whatever future cash you're spending.

After intensive bugging, I sat down reluctantly and 'helped' the credit card sales people to have their 'sales'.

Salesperson: mister, u work as what hah? (accent)
Me: err.. doctor...
S: where oh?
M: SP.
S: annual salary?
M: every month around 3K, so 1 year around 40K.
S: can I write down as 100K, can get platinum wor.
M: annual 40K, write 100K for wat?
S: 50K?
M: (WTF? fish market bargain ar?) anything.
S: your working address?
M: SP.
S: full address?
M: lencongan timor 08000 SP.
S: your work place contact no?
M: err... (couldn't remember that number)
S: phone number?
M: i don't know, exactly. can call 999, kua.
(i know what contact no. means)
S: hmmn... OK. sign here and here.

signed and left.

May 11, 2009

trail of happyness

As Nizar being declared the legal MB, it doesn't seem like a victory to him, it doesn't seem like a victory to PR, it is a victory for the people.

Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin waves to supporters outside the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Monday.

Perhaps, seeing through all this, the political checkmate over the silver state will finally be resolved (hopefully).

Najip kind offer to help Pakatan Rakyat to resolve the crisis in Perak is like counting the wrinkles on the some dog's ball. Something some sane people ain't gonna do.

fail owned pwned pictures

Anyway, Nizar being declared legal MB is leaving a trail of happyness...

over here.

and here. (with lots more question)

and here. (fkg funny msn btwn nizar n zombie)

Fresh state election... power goes back to people...

Balisan will go back to their nut house and count how many deposits they're going to lose...

May 9, 2009

journey after subfertility

Today, it's mommy day.

Reflected few days back on every single moments that I had with my mom.
How I used to make my own mommy's day's card for her, now, it's only taking my mom and family out for a fine meal.

once upon a time, me and my sis

My mom was there when I needed her the most, and she is always there whenever I needed her now. I'm all grown up, but I believe, in my mom's heart, I am always that little fat son of hers.

Every moments with my mom, I shall keep it tightly in my heart.

The journey of motherhood is never easy. And my dearest wife, is herself, a struggling young mother, who balancing her work and family, made her the stronger and more admirable role model for my Aedan.

I am truly glad that I had two wonderful mothers beside me in my life - one's my Mom, the other, my son's Mom a.k.a. my wife.

If journey of motherhood is not easy, the journey prior to that is even more complicated, especially so, if one is struggling with subfertility.

My mom had a fair share of struggle with subfertility as well.
She was having difficulty conceiving after a long period of time after tying the knot.
Resorted to several traditional ways.
Looked for chinese bomohs.
Pray Choo Sen Niang Niang (Goddess of Birth).
Took a god-daughter (my cousin sister).
Etc and etc and etc.
Succeeded before going for gynae consultation.

One of my wife's friend, painstakingly struggle with subfertility for 9 years. exhausted all the traditional method. through gynae consultation, gone through IUI (intrauterine insemination) for a few times, and finally referred to Alor Star for IVF (in vitro fertilization) scheduled for in July.

I hope for the best for her.

As for one of my friend whom had undergone IVF after being subfertile for a long period of time is currently recuperating at home after having abdomen all bloated, complicated with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Her IVF success is still uncertain.

I wish her well.

Lastly, I guess this lady from another continent, really had faced infertility bravely and pulled through with a twin.

April 2000 – Got married, went off birth control pills
Nov 2000 – had a lap to check that insides were all ok
Jan 2001 – IUI#1 – negative
Feb 2001 – IUI#2 – negative
April 2001 – IUI#3 – negative
May 2001 – IVF#1 – cancelled, due to poor response
Sep 2001 – IVF#2 – 25 eggs, zero fert, rescue ICSI, negative
Jan 2002 – IVF#3 – 35 eggs, 34 embies, positive, but ectopic
Apr 2002 – IVF#4 – FET, negative
May 2002 – IVF#5 – FET, negative
Jun 2002 – IVF#6 – FET, negative
Nov 2002 – IVF#7 – 28 eggs, 24 embies, positive, vanishing twin, miscarriage at 8w3d, D&C
May 2003 – IVF#8 – 8 eggs, 4 embies, positive, quads, S/R to twins, lost one twin, Luke at 21w
Jan 2004 – Ben born prematurely at 26w, 4 Jan 2004, died 14 Jan 2004
Feb 2003 – lap and HSG
April 2004 – IVF#9 – 20 eggs, 18 embies, positive, twins
Jan 2005 - Adam and Kate born 7 Jan 2005

I am glad infertility, that's one journey that me and my wife not going through.

To my lovely forever young mom, and my yummy-mummy dearest wife,

KL tower 2006: 2 world greatest mom!!


May 7, 2009

1dark,twisted,violent malaysia

food.. wasted...

Sivakumar dragged out_Pic by Sinchew.jpg
one for all, and all goes for one

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what a drag!!

would it be a butterfly, if it couldn't fly,
would it be a bee, if it couldn't sting,
would it be a fish, if it couldn't swim,
would it be a book, if there isn't any words,
would it be a state, if there isn't any law and order,
would it be peace, if there is only theatrical noise,
would it be democracy, if people's voice is being silenced,
would it be a birthday cake, if death already came prior,
would it be easier, if we just live a productive life,
and always remember and be reminded,
that the most peaceful day will come,
when every vote in the next general election,
will make sure the one not worthy of ruling,
will be the butterfly which couldn't fly,
the bee which couldn't sting,
the fish which couldn't swim,
and the following elected regime,
be judged as such, in a similar way,
a country need to move forward, peacefully.
are we ready?

May 6, 2009

borderless creativity

by a thing, the great minds can grow ideas.
by a skull, noteworthy creativity is unleashed.
nothing is scarier than the mind becoming rusty and dumb dumb.
probably i should get one thing of my passion and spin my left cerebral hemisphere into wild loops of creativity...
but then again, my passion is in O&G, so, it might probably would be vulgar and X-rated.

help yourself with the skull collection below:

cute skull doll... cute = adorable but ugly

shao nga skull... damn cute

skull hidden over the pants..

May 4, 2009

public satisfaction on 7th may

reminds me of the Don.

Just this morning, a lady of whom post op for a small surgery was told to come 2 weeks after operation defaulted and came after 4 months. She thought everyone in the Ministry is just dumb asses loading our buttocks in the clinic's chair, happily swindled her way into registering herself and getting a number for the clinic without getting any clinic appointment.

She was perfectly well. Today is practically loaded with pregnant women, and she ain't going to be chipped in between resulting in longer wait for the other pregnant women.

Patient: I nak tengok doktor
Nurse: Nanti I tanya doktor

Nurse came to me

N: Can see today?
Me: Huh? Urgent ar? What? This small operation? 4 months already, she must be jumping.
N: She walk around well.
Me: Many pregnant moms not seen yet, she lives nearby, ask her to come tomorrow.
N: Ok.

Nurse went to patient.

N: come tomorrow.
P: Huh? Where can?
N: why?
P: I didn't go work today. I want MC.
N: You only want MC is it?
P: err.. never mind.. (went off sheepishly)

Nurse came to tell me.

N: She just want to take MC
Me: Ask her to come next year. I ran out of MC this year.

And then, after totally exhausted seeing patient, I read about this...

From the Star,
“Public servants must use public satisfaction as a yardstick in mea­­suring the level of their efficiency and not just look at the qua­­litative and quantitative values attributed to their work,” he said.
What public satisfaction?

Is the public ever satisfied?

The Perakian public is not satisfied.
Not satisfied in a political quadmire.
Not satisfied with hopping toads.
Not satisfied with voting Bukit Gantang leading to nowhere.
Not satisfied for failure of proper representation by the people.
Not satisfied that Wong Chin Huat (my favorite political scientist, as well) arrested.
Not satisfied that something harmless like wearing black also can get into trouble

probably these guys will be wearing white tux on 7th may

I am not in support of 1BlackMalaysia... but I believe wearing black is fashionable and I shiok!!

7th may - just wear black (not that it would make any difference)

Awesome TV series about Artantuya's death!

According to Susan Loone:
So, there’s going to be a Hong Kong TV series on how the late Altantuya was killed. The story will be based on French Liberation reporter Arnaud Dubus’ investigations. His search took him to Ulaanbator, to KL and back to Paris, where he implicated a french company in a shaddy submarine deal involving our government. The deal, he implied, was what eventually led to the horrific murder of Altantuya, who turns 31 this May 6. We bet it would be the TV series of the year!
Few big questions remains:
  1. will this show be banned in Malaysia?
  2. is it still downloadable through Malaysia's web?
  3. which actor 'lucky' enough to be playing Naif Ton Rasa?
  4. which actress 'plastic' enough to be playing the missus?
reaksi mat black...

May 3, 2009

skeletons in the island

Help This Pup

When I was in Klang, first practical year in medical school, I went with a friend to Pulau Ketam. It was a laidback place with good seafood, relaxing stroll down the wooden pathway and children goes to school with boats and bicycle. I did noticed some stray dogs over there. perhaps one or two roaming.

From TV smith, a veteran blogger, I was made aware of a shocking revelation in Pulau Ketam.

Skeletons In The Island
Pulau Ketam, 2nd May 2009: Saved and Safe. The rescued dog in the safe hands of Sabrina and on the way to a vet for treatment.

But time is running out and there might be only skeletons and carcasses left to collect on our next trip.

Boat hire is expensive there. It is a tourist area and it has already cost me a few hundred ringgit for boat hire alone, so far. The rescued dogs cannot be transported on the regular ferries. Almost nobody will lift a finger to help without a fee. This is understandable.

The locals are already shaking their heads in disbelief that there are outsiders who want to save the animals they so casually discarded. Instead of pointing fingers and antagonising them, we need their co-operation to help save the unfortunate creatures. In the process, we also hope to educate the islanders on better treatment of animals. It would be an impossible mission if we didn't win their hearts

Fellow bloggers, do help by linking to

tambun | revisited

I guess it's been some time since I last went for seafood in Tambun. Tambun is like, think of seafood, think of Tambun.

Of course, whenever I think of Tambun, i think of the Tambun biscuit, which I like so much. But I guessed the best Tambun biscuit is found in the Penang Island from either Fu Lok Shou or Him Heang.

FYI, Fu Lok Shou is near Gama, opposite the old cinema in Chun Mai Huen, the area opposite Trader's Hotel. Found their pandan Tambun biscuits totally awesome.

As for Him Heang, it's too famous not to know bout it.

What about Ghee Hiang? The oldest and Lao Zhi Hao? Pretty well branded, but their tambun Biscuits by far, totally inferior to Him Heang and Fu Lok Shou. It's like UM, i guess - not that I am not proud of it. I just prefer to stick to the fact than keep ourselves entertained with make believe.

Oh ya, this entry supposed to be about Tambun, not Tambun biscuit.

I went there with my family and Aedan (of course), after the tiring trip to Taiping Zoo. It was afternoon, and exposed to blazing sun outside. But within the restaurant, it's just the cool river breeze and you. Not much of massive crowd at that time, and easy to get a good parking spot.

I remembered going there last time at night for my grandma bday's, which was like years ago. The whole area is full of hustle and bustle. Parking darn difficult. If you don't park, you'll have to wait for 3 hours or more. If you park, you'll have persistent worry about the car next to you might scratch yours on the way out, or another car on the way in. The whole restaurant will be packed with people. Your order will come after 1 hour. Some uncles and aunties will start shouting and complaining, yet want to eat there. It's a very meriah environment and after all the noise and the parking worries, the only thing that could take those all away is a good cup (or pint) of beer, which unfortunately I don't take.

This time around, it was a really relaxing experience eating there together with my family.

The only thing I found noteworthy would be the shrimp.

tambun1 by you.
Tame river | soothing breeze...

tambun2 by you.
Lot's of korek korek to do with the hwa lei...

tambun3 by you.
Big juicy succulent shrimp... Am I over reacting?

warmer than winter

best jokes from reader digest: what's the one-man guy favorite shop? second hand shop.

just some photos from wei pin's birthday gathering...

pin bday1 by you.

pin bday2 by you.

pin bday3 by you.

May 1, 2009

A(H1N1): what's with the H & the N?

WHO moved to re-tagged swine flu as Influenza A(H1N1), IMHO, probably due to several reasons:
1. more of human-human transmission, rather than from the swine. apology to the porcine society.
2. virus cannot be transmitted by eating pork, therefore may unnecessary put the pork industry in jeopardy.
3. it is believed to be a new strain which combined bird, swine and common human influenza, by right should be call bird-swine-human flu (quite a mouthful, i guess)
4. it is rather difficult for a Muslim to be labelled as a swine-flu patient.

Once, people asked me, what's with the H & the N?

Here's the thing.

Virus is a very simple thing. It consist of the shell and the core. The shell is protein encoded by the core, which is the DNA or RNA.

To multiply itself, it will need a living cells, for by itself, virus is not a living thing.

Flu virus labelled as A, B, C as there are difference in its RNA segments and protein coding, and was further differentiated by its H & N.

H is for haemaglutinin. haem-blood, aglutinin-clump together. Haemaglutinin is simply a glycoprotein on influenza virus responsible for binding the virus to the cells that is being infected. So far, at least 16 subtypes of H had been recognized H1 to H16.

Once the virus is in, it will start to multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply until the cells is bloody loaded with viruses and they're ready to break out and chill.

That's where the N comes in.
N is for neuraminidase. neuraminidase is an enzyme on the surface of influenza viruses that enables the virus to be released from the host cell, but cutting one of the structures of the cell membrane.