May 16, 2009

a commoner sense

Common Sense, a Super Power

GERTRUDE Stein the writer once said: “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” Stein lived from 1874-1946, so this was way before what we now call the Information Age. So you can imagine how much common sense we lose these days.
Those were the musings of Marina Mahathir, basically about how much we had lose our common sense and how pathetic is Perak being stuck and still stuck in the political impasse or limbo.

She also commented on how the 'authority' or the ones in power acted harshly. Like what her father, Tun M did mentioned, anything done in a rush will be foolish thing to do. Chinese, there's a saying, think thrice before you do.

Beside the BN useless took over of state government of silver state, misuse of Sedition Act and Police Act, angered even more people, plunging their own reputation into the further depth.

As explained by Azmi Sharom, it is obvious and dubious misuse of power.

Allow me to explain. The Sedition Act is a remnant of the bad old British days. The English introduced the law to quash dissent among the people who were opposing the Malayan Union, namely the Malayan left.

One would have thought that we would have got rid of this law, seeing as how its formation was for the purpose of oppressing some of the heroes of our independence. But, strangely, we have kept it.....

.... Another law which appears to be misunderstood by the powerful is the Police Act. It was used on May 7 against scores of people for “illegal assembly”. Most were in Ipoh, dressed in black, and some were in Kuala Lumpur gathering to show their support for Wong, who was being held in remand.

The Police Act also looks a bit crazy. Any gathering of more than two people can be deemed an illegal assembly. It, therefore, looks as though the police can do anything they want.

They can charge into a coffeeshop and haul two pals and me away because we constitute an illegal gathering. It appears unbelievable, does it not?

Come to think of it, I may be reprimanded tomorrow.

Common sense on Perak: who can solve the political impasse?

A. The High court
B. The Appeal court
C. Sultan
D. Pakatan
E. Balisan

A. The High court.

By the law, and no disrespect to the wise judge of the country, Nizar is still the legitimate MB. The way to go would be Nizar MB, but the party belongs to Balisan + Balisan$-inclined MP, and request Sultan to dissolve DUN. Before this happen, the balls goes to Appeal court.

B. The Appeal court.

Zambly appealed. Good appeal. Zambly stays. Nizar appealed. Bad appeal. Drag on. Perakian continue with their long wait for solution.

C. Sultan

No comment. Don't throw the ball to His Highness. Don't blame His Highness. Just another front row spectator.

D. Pakatan E. Balisan

By the real deal, Pakatan can actually cool down, pull over and let the Balisan + Balisan$-inclined MP rule the state but keep a close tab on their judgement (or rather misjudgement). At least, state admin is mobile again. But then again, Pakatan surname ends with Rakyat, and standing by the Rakyat's aspiration, a step forward is more likely. A step forward with greater hatred and deeper frustration.

Tun M did wished the people had short term memory after commenting on Balisan haste take over. Everyone in Balisan should be wishing this as well, or else and unless Balisan is steering a submarine (not referring to Scorpion), Balisan will sink real fast and furious fueled with the Perakian sentiment and its chain reaction. With the Net, the world is virtually borderless.

Under the advisement of Tun M, with the speaker being dragged away, a speedy vote of no confidence on Nizar, will perhaps seal Pakatan's retreat. It will probably be a losing battle, but a winning war.

Another funny media play up recently would be to re-brainwash the people or remind the people that Balisan winning by hopping is just a nasty trick by Pakatan supremo uno. If it's a nasty trick, and you're using it, basically it doesn't make you any better.

Some of the reminder just seems rather useless. here and here and here.
A reminder that you're the better evil doesn't really help.

The common sense of the time being is for the Balisan to dissolve DUN and go for a fresh state election. Then, work their way back into the heart of the people. Balisan must have the end in their mind. Their focus should be the next GE, and all the future GE to make sure their legacy continues and they are the party who truly represent the people and nation. Winning a state DUN by mastering the underhand way of the opposition isn't a good start, I must say.

Isn't it clear who will solve the political impasse?

A. The High court
B. The Appeal court
C. Sultan
D. Pakatan
E. Balisan
F. The people, after DUN dissolved by Balisan without any further damage and proceed to fresh state election.

Don't get me wrong.

I am neither for Balisan or Pakatan, I am just another citizen of another state, finished my study in another state, working in another state, having a wife from another state and loving every states of Malaysia have to offer and Perak's one of them!

So, Balisan ar, please don't ask the High Court, don't ask the Appeal Court, don't ask the sultan...



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