May 15, 2009

No balls

doctor-bashing season | cycle 1

whenever you see a patient, she got a disease, you talk to her, let her talk to you, you do some serious examination, take some blood, do some scan, give some advice, prescribe some drugs, write some plan, it's just a job, a everyday routine. by routine means what you do whenever you're not free to read newspaper, or 'do your own things' or too busy to be baffled by an bigshot nincompoop rudely intruding into your room and started pooping in the local media or don't have much time but to be called upon a council for an 'investigation'.

the doctor-bashing season had passed, but it will come back again. it's just a seasonal thing with the media, even though they had their journalists' hands, brain (if they has one), pen and notes busy with political news, the doctor-bashing season will be there. it's like a cycle, every year. sometimes twice a year. every tom, dick and harry won't hesitate to sue or blame the government if public hospital failed to give some advice, or failed to document the given advice, and they would make sure they sue the government because it is loaded, and most of the time, they wins, or a least, it will be another doctor-bashing session to satisfy the cycle.

the problem is the two doctors who were defamed so easily by the bigshot had done nothing. even the authority had done nothing.
the voice of doctors for malaysia (read: MMA) had done nothing.
only minister may have corrected some public opinion by justify with the result of an investigation.
and giving all sorts of 'dignity' praises to the doctors who served the public.
but at the end of the day,
if the people (if there are still such thing in malaysia, i mean 1malaysia) doesn't represent the doctors to sue the bloody idiot for defamation, it is obvious the people who has the power to do something, yet sits through it and giggle through another doctor-bashing season, is just another simple human being without any balls, or anything between the balls, and i am not implicating the female gender.

making waves in the cyber world about frustrated doctors is a good thing. but at the end of the day, without any true sense of justice being uphold by the relevant authority and the blardy idiot being put up to court for his public defamation of the professionals.

it is obvious that some people have NO BALLS.

Of course, this is just another hypothesis until I am proven wrong. But till the next doctor-bashing season comes along.

Remember 2 words - NO balls.

Perhaps, they're just alpha males on beta blockers.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I like the alpha male on beta blocker bit .....
But seriously, it will be sad if we were just to count on the two poor houseman to bite back and sue their defamer while the council just basically did nothing. Should they go for their rights they are going to get into trouble anyway with their superior for 'not going through the proper channels'. How could they do so when the 'proper channel' either do not exist or couldn't be bothered .... Tough choice.

tw said...

u're right. look at our Bar Council friends. They've got super balls. even females.

pilocarpine said...

the whole net is streaming with freaking frustration over unnecessary defamation.

dr. haris, you're right. the proper channel doesn't exist unlikely to exist now. perhaps after the next GE, it will, hopefully.

yes,tw, bar council ppls bite, not just bark, like some deputy minister do.