Mar 4, 2014

Antenatal Clinic Staff Sucks 1.0

A preview to a new fiction that I am working on. 

"Antenatal clinic staffs should read up the meaning of disgrace. 
When the Drs are working through lunch hours and they just take their own shifts during lunch hours, they don't even bothered to be in the room assisting and loitering around the clinic, either facebooking or doing something else that looks like a cross between meditation and masturbation. And calling them to come back in to the room to chaperon requires me mimicking the aborigines hollering from a mountain to another mountain.
Even the new Consultant or lecturer was not being spared from this lung-expanding tradition.
The Sister has the duty to shape her team, but sadly, her hair looks more well-shaped than the members. Just today, a few staffs (not one) spend nearly an hour looking for an important procedure book when it was there visible to the naked eye on the counter, because they just went around asking everyone else and not actually looking for it. The Sister comment was legend... wait-for-it... dary: Mereka cari dengan mulut, bukan dengan mata. (They seeked with mouth, not with eyes) Perhaps she should not insult the most important and beloved anatomy of the lady and instead focus on getting them to go for annual or biannual or fortnight (screw it, just do daily) medical check up on their eyes, the optic chiasm or the posterior lobe of the brain.
In the same vein, if the Sister or her team is incapable of performing as a team, they should be suspended of the privilege of doing clinic hours and be allocated into shift hours of wards or exchanged with the Trauma staffs who will appreciate clinic hours better."

Dec 7, 2013

Christmas spirit?

I thought Christmas is coming soon and I should be hearing a list of christmas songs.
But instead, all I hear whole day and night is
Kind of annoying when I am trying hard to sleep postcall. 

Nov 13, 2013

JB street art

Legoland meets JPO meets Criminal meets Police Officer meets Corruption.

meets how people seem to disappear in Malaysia without any traces...

Taken from Facebook page of 'Whats Going On In Johor Baru'.

Nov 12, 2013

Maternity in troubled times

Emiliy Ortega

Emily Ortega, 21, gives birth to baby girl Bea Joy, after being in labor for five hours at an improvised clinic at Tacloban Airport in Tacloban city, central Philippines.

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This is the moment when we should all close our eyes and imagine no matter how effing busy and tired or devastated we are at our current state, we must still rejoice for we are still alive and having probably a little heaven of world at home.