Jun 23, 2010

pregnancy tips by common sense

Let's just face it. We all live in a complicated world with less common senses flying around, with more risk-takers to keep their life all brighten up and crazy. Yet, during the pregnancy period, I hope that all the preggies (pregnant mothers) will adhere to some dull, healthy and safe routine until the safe arrival of the new member of the family (and the on calls of medical practitioners less eventful)

Although the few pictures below is TOTALLY (means 100%) meant as a source of humor, but somehow it does bring out some reality of things.

Not so BAD as maternity leave without some solid work can be pretty boring and unproductive

Yes, definitely NOT OK.. pure recipe for back pain and the aftermath of Ortho PID

If she doesn't get abruptio by 2nd trimester, I'm totally giving her a gold medal.




Not so much of abruptio, probably may induced some leaking

Err... my wife is wearing some of my clothes...

Now, this is just obscene

Wouldn't really disturb the progress of labor,
the enormous labor pain will simply drown out whatever fking distractions...


somehow I hope this (WRONG) doesn't happen to me.. =)

fetal alcohol syndrome and all..

Again, perfect recipe for abruptions...


Somehow, I hope this (WRONG) happens,
because some people can be so farking inconsiderate
during a public transport ride...

cravings cravings2
A bit misinformation, I think.
Some diabetogenic foods (OK food) actually not that encouraged
as may lead to maternal obesity that difficult to shrug off post delivery.
As fot the NOT OK food,
at times is good for those having the iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy.

Jun 20, 2010

Step 1 to Bankruptcy 2019

I was wondering, as the gahmen slowly pulled out subsidy for petrol, sugar, rice, salt, pork and probably air soon, where will all the bucks go...

And now, I am probably close to figure it out.

P.S. And noted the clash with our national constitution.

From here,

A recent two-page spread in the New York Times, costing thousands of US dollars and featuring the prime minister’s wife, was placed on behalf of the Malaysian government.

In an e-mail response to questions from The Nut Graph, the New York Times said: “The advertisement was placed by an ad agency on behalf of the Malaysian government.”

The response from New York Times executive director of community affairs and media relations, Diane McNulty, reveals that the ad was not placed by private individuals, as suggested by the last line in the ad’s congratulatory message.

McNulty, however, declined to disclose how much the ad cost, saying the company never discusses the cost of an individual ad as there are many variables and rates involved. These include the kind of schedule the ad purchaser has with the company, as well as the advertising category it falls within.

However, research on previous full-page ads taken out in the New York Times suggests that the cost of such advertisements ranges from US$180,000 to US$230,000. This amounts to between RM580,000 and RM740,000 for a one-page ad.

A two-page colour spread such as the one featuring Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor is expected to cost far more.

Jun 18, 2010

That which doesn't kill me...

There is probably a cyber-reaction that gone spiral objecting to the government’s appalling decision to relocate the esteemed Parliament and burning up a decently small hole in our Treasury. I advocate they should instead do what the YB Nizar et al did below some shady trees during the hostile take over, just to slow down our progression to Bankruptcy 2019.

June 2010 is an important landmark in the history of medical world in our Bolehland. Probably just another understatement. Probably.

2 years ago, our amorous ex-Health minister waved his wand of power (no stray thoughts, please) and had extended the housemanship training to two whole years, which drove a good portion of junior doctors into depression and anxiety, plus drove another cohort of them to our neighboring country which puts a big fortune on human resource rather than natural resource.

In these 2 years, as expected, there was shortage of Medical Officers (MOs) in various departments of public hospitals with the inevitable backlogged excess of house officers. Everyday, facing the overloading work burden as workforce was reduced as medical officers left the department, either by resigning or going for postgraduates training, every medical officers believed that the storm will be over in due time.

But it doesn’t.

The Ministry, in the name of ‘best interest of training’ for the house officers, they were by default had, yes, had to be sent to the district posting to complete whatever training the major hospital failed to provide – independence in managing all kind of patients at primary care level or higher, as the much as the resources allowed (which is not much to begin with).

While they replaced their seniors in the districts, the seniors came back to the big hospy. The seniors were expected to plug the holes in all specialties, especially some department which seems to be in shortage forever, but instead their choices differed and surprisingly accepted with blessings from the management team.

And the shortage and heavy workload which initially can be lighten down by the entry of the enthusiasts and interested few from the pool of fresh graduating house officers, now continues to lie over the shoulder of those who are still within the department, waiting for miracle and continuing their service in the name of ‘noble’. The last time I looked that word up in an online wicked dictionary, it equals ‘stupid’.

By default, as the time comes, at a regular interval, a good number of Master’s MOs will be called back to their parent university, while the enlightened Service MO will quit due to their realization that all those unnecessary stress is just so… unnecessary.

Now, I guess the picture is kind of clear why some department is in shortage forever.

Understanding current dilemma, together with the crowding of repeating Master students in the mother university, the board of Elders’ in the Master training, decided to send those who failed twice in the Final to the Ministry side to gain more exposure, plus alleviate the predicament of shortage. But so far, everything seems to be a hearsay.

Probably this is just a transitional period.

I hate to admit it, but being caught in the transitional period of time is as painful as being in surgery, motionless and speechless but senses intact after general anesthesia.


Wish I can shout that out to the world. But, I can’t.

Like what the Chief told O’ Malley in Grey’s Anatomy – “Be like a sponge. Absorb”

Instead of absorbing all the gossips, we just had to absorb whatever comes our way.

I heard scary true stories about the pivotal realization of the shortage in another hospital happened after one of

the MOs gone down with a perforated gastric ulcer. Perhaps ‘noble’ does equal to ‘stupid’ after all.

Probably the only blessings now are having colleagues who are not calculative, offer me a great deal of assistance and persist in sharing knowledge, plus all my specialists and Consultants, previous and current hospy, who are wonderful mentors in their own enigmatic ways.

I’m being hopeful, not noble, that these, like all things in life, will pass. Hopefully, soon.

P.S. One of the cool specialist here probably a bit awed but not surprised that medical officers in the minor specialty of ENT totally outnumbered the current workforce in my dept, and jokingly rebutted: Of course, ENT needs more people, they’re taking care of more holes than us.

Jun 9, 2010

"Goal!! Goal!! Goal!!"

There's an obvious sign that World Cup is around the corner. Which corner, I'm not that sure.

"Os full, fetal bradycardia"

So, I was told.

Being a husband-friendly labor ward, the husband with a short goatee looked at me with hope and anticipation, but mostly I think deep down, he was lost and lost and yes, lost. Probably hoping someone in the nearby vicinity would just speak some plain Malay.

"Anak sudah nak keluar, jangan bagi terlalu lama, nanti tak elok" My sternly spoken words drown in the noisy atmosphere of the chorus of "push, push, push" and "teran, teran, TERAN!!" by my energetic junior doctors and dedicated maternity nurses.

The hubby heard me. He held her wife's hand tight and participated in welcoming (or rather rushing) the arrival of the baby, by encouraging in his own words.

"GOal!! GoAL!! GoaALL!!"

and the baby headed out marvellously.


Jun 4, 2010

Vision 2020: the year after Bankrupt 2019

The greatest panic epidemics to hit out Bolehland after the deadly H1N1 would be Bankruptcy 2019, following the Gahmen's propaganda to build up Federal Reserve by driving up the idea of subsidy withdrawals or in their better much sweeter words - removing the economical crutch.

Not so much on the topic of paying more for commodities, my dearest is pretty concern about our currency, being downgraded to something close to Hell's Bank Notes. Probably driven by the phobia of non-acceptance of RM in many banks and financial institution during our short tour in Taiwan during our last anniversary trip which at that times, was really exhausting us physically and now, mentally, just thinking about it.

Of course, the big questions down the streets is "Do you agree for the subsidy cut?"

Like ours answer going to make any effing differences.

I am not an economist. Not even handling my own microbudget well.

I'm just concern about the real reason for it.

It is really to keep our country afloat after 2020, or to drum up enough moolahs to put on a greater show in the next national voting exercise and probably if they fail, there would be enough gold in the chest to exit comfortably. No.. no.. no... Just a nasty thoughts.

At the end of the day,
the economists will continue to applaud the cut driving up competitiveness,
the politicians will continue to praise for they don't believe in pampering the people and spoiling national interest,
the rich will continue to live the same way they do,
the middle income fellas will continue to tie up their budgets,
the poor will continue to tie up their stomachs,
the great unnecessary Federal spending spree, corruptions and bail outs will continue their role as the Black Hole that made our slow death march to Bankruptcy 2019 unstoppable despite what ever effing thing we do with our subsidy.

There is still hope within hope.