Jun 4, 2010

Vision 2020: the year after Bankrupt 2019

The greatest panic epidemics to hit out Bolehland after the deadly H1N1 would be Bankruptcy 2019, following the Gahmen's propaganda to build up Federal Reserve by driving up the idea of subsidy withdrawals or in their better much sweeter words - removing the economical crutch.

Not so much on the topic of paying more for commodities, my dearest is pretty concern about our currency, being downgraded to something close to Hell's Bank Notes. Probably driven by the phobia of non-acceptance of RM in many banks and financial institution during our short tour in Taiwan during our last anniversary trip which at that times, was really exhausting us physically and now, mentally, just thinking about it.

Of course, the big questions down the streets is "Do you agree for the subsidy cut?"

Like ours answer going to make any effing differences.

I am not an economist. Not even handling my own microbudget well.

I'm just concern about the real reason for it.

It is really to keep our country afloat after 2020, or to drum up enough moolahs to put on a greater show in the next national voting exercise and probably if they fail, there would be enough gold in the chest to exit comfortably. No.. no.. no... Just a nasty thoughts.

At the end of the day,
the economists will continue to applaud the cut driving up competitiveness,
the politicians will continue to praise for they don't believe in pampering the people and spoiling national interest,
the rich will continue to live the same way they do,
the middle income fellas will continue to tie up their budgets,
the poor will continue to tie up their stomachs,
the great unnecessary Federal spending spree, corruptions and bail outs will continue their role as the Black Hole that made our slow death march to Bankruptcy 2019 unstoppable despite what ever effing thing we do with our subsidy.

There is still hope within hope.

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