Jun 9, 2010

"Goal!! Goal!! Goal!!"

There's an obvious sign that World Cup is around the corner. Which corner, I'm not that sure.

"Os full, fetal bradycardia"

So, I was told.

Being a husband-friendly labor ward, the husband with a short goatee looked at me with hope and anticipation, but mostly I think deep down, he was lost and lost and yes, lost. Probably hoping someone in the nearby vicinity would just speak some plain Malay.

"Anak sudah nak keluar, jangan bagi terlalu lama, nanti tak elok" My sternly spoken words drown in the noisy atmosphere of the chorus of "push, push, push" and "teran, teran, TERAN!!" by my energetic junior doctors and dedicated maternity nurses.

The hubby heard me. He held her wife's hand tight and participated in welcoming (or rather rushing) the arrival of the baby, by encouraging in his own words.

"GOal!! GoAL!! GoaALL!!"

and the baby headed out marvellously.


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