Nov 26, 2005

Eau de toilette



In the recent 2005 Durex Global Sex Survey, Malaysians overwhelmingly picked the toilet as the preferred place for shagging outside a bedroom.

For horny hillarious pathetic light reading/guide, dig THIS!!

Nov 25, 2005

Straightening the child

today is a happy day. today is a nice day. today is THE day.

been very disappointed that lots of ward rounds been postponed to next week, meaning it would be real pack… REAL PACKED UP… hardly time to draw breath, perhaps… plus i volunteered to be the group leader… why am i so stupid? why am i so naive? shit shit shit

Currently in orthopaedic surgery posting a.k.a. carpentry posting. Just look at how they attempt to refix back the bone, drilling nails into them, realigning them, relieving any obstruction, draining out any pressuring fluid or pus, modifying bones…. But come to think of it, they are more of a botanist, skillful ones perhaps, gently nurturing back the bones, the cartilage and other soft tissues…

ok… back to the "today is a happy day. today is a nice day. today is THE day." issue - today we had ward round or teaching session with Prof Razif.

This is the most dynamic lecturer that I had met.

Funny, good jokes, poker face.

Teaching technique, marvellous.

Exam-orientated balanced with realistic medicine, definitely.

Cranky, creatively.

In practical exam (long case or short case), he is always being blatantly curious why is it so difficult for the undergraduate to pass…

  • about inspection: "come on lar. it is so easy, the patient is there, just read the patient, that reading any text" "if the sky is blue, just say BLUE"
  • about palpation & manouvre: "stupid exam is a act, so act"
  • about presentation: "always economize your words, why say patient have reduced movement in flexion and extension when you can just say - stiffness." and he keeps reminding about phrases that we can reduce them to words, even words with multiple syllables can be reduced to lesser syllables.
  • about medical student who is damn silent at practical: "why spend 5 years, reading 30books, and now, all your friends engineering and etc earning thousands, and you are still in poverty, and coming to exam - and you keep quiet (both his eyes uproll)"

great to have Prof Razif with UMMC… God bless Dr.Razif. Someone who actually understand that we are still in poverty, unlike the dean*.

P/S it would be fun if i can invite Dr. Razif to Friendster =)

(*forcing us to pay RM30 even though we will not be attending the Centennial Dinner)

* regarding it, here’s Sue’s cynical remarks, titled "lesson":

sy baru je belajar sesuatu yg sgt berharga… untuk
jd seorg dr yg prihatin terhadap pesakit, kite
kenala byk menderma kepada tabung pesakit. oh,
lepas tu tak boleh derma seikhlas hati, kena
derma rm30 tak boleh kurang, lebih takpe.
it’s ok if u don’t have money, u have to derma
anyway. fork out the money in any way u can, as
long as u get the money. it’s ok if u have less than
rm10 in ur purse, it’s ok… derma je. kalau tidak
nanti tak boleh jd dr yg prihatin. no need to go
through endless hours of communication skills,
PPD la, caring for patients la… no need all that to
be a caring dr, u just need lots of money untuk
derma kat pesakit.


Nov 19, 2005


n. Psychology Reversion to an earlier or less mature pattern of feeling or behavior.
Just a few days ago, I had several mumbo-jumbo talk a.k.a. bird talk with this mamat. Our agenda loosely revolved around the falling ranking of UM, the quality of education in UM during our first year and now. This mamat pointed out that he used to look down upon the teaching quality back in his secondary school until he came to UM, and ever since, thanked the heaven above for the learning opportunity in his own high school.
Just the same, I always had this voices (not auditory hallucination) in myself saying "uni teaching sux" (U.T.S.). In fact, it is actually "uni teaching relatively sux". Forgive moi. It is the system or just the teachers, or it is the teachers in the system. It is a vicious cycle perhaps. Bad system produces bad teachers, and bad teachers creates a worse system, and so on and so forth. However I will not neglect the rule number 1: do not generalize. Although "UTS", there are still plenty of good lecturers around us. Perhaps they are the one that let us see the light, the distinction between a good and bad lecturers, the hope to strive on, and perhaps the cure or a mild relief from UTS.
Since my secondary school days, I had always been brainwashed by some of my dearest teachers (rule no 1 observed) that in uni, everything is D.I.Y. and the lecturer is only there to help out. I also heard the myth (or is it?) that lecturers would just tell the student frankly where and which lines in the textbook that is deemed important. Important, not in a sense that it will professionally makes you better, not in a sense that it will makes you more knowledgeable knowing it, not in a sense that it will help out in your general social well being, but IMPORTANT, in a sense that it will be coming out black and white, perhaps word for word, in the coming semester examination.
Good to have some foreigners in our local uni soon. If UTS persisted, let it be known to the global communities. Hope our neighbouring countries, esp Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia won’t be ROTFL.
In UM, lots of lecturers (rule no 1 observed) had this typical Tourettoid (see Tourette syndrome) slogans "I WON’T SPOONFEED YOU ALL! I WON’T SPOONFEED YOU ALL! I WON’T SPOONFEED YOU ALL!" Deep in my heart, I really would like to reply "Fine!", completely pissed not because I wanted to be spoon fed so much, but I felt I am among a bunch of idiots (which we’re not!) that can’t wait to be spoon feed.
On the other hand, a handful of lecturers gain popularity by having the awesome technique and afinity to spoonfeed. I still remember, back in Klang, when Dr. Ravee, on his first day appearance, stated "I truly believe in spoon feeding" and it was followed by loud applause (really loud, hysterically loud, unbelievably loud) by all my group members. Dr. Ravee was different. He does not really exclusively spoonfeed us. That’s what made his teaching special and memorable. It let us have an illusion of being spoonfed.
There had always been thoughts over which method of teaching is the best - "neglect" vs "spoonfeed", but I think what we all really looking for is the fine line of balance between this two at the appropriate stage of learning. Let there be a solid guide to what’s really important, a ardent motivation to get there, and persistence in both.
In the right mind, one should be reminded that UM ranking is perhaps a symbol of the quality of education in Malaysia. There had been lots of debates about the ranking, but one thing for sure, UM is just a small pawn that were being punished over our dropping quality of education in Malaysia, despites all the A’s at our public examination. Just take the long compilation of past years public exams papers, even a blind man/woman can see the (dropping) trend.
My dear PM Pak Lah (if you’re reading this, just in case, god knows, you are an internet savvy guy), I had 2 suggestions:
  1. how about getting a independent body to review our public examination’s standards?
  2. get a few reporters (professional ones) to go undercover to write a few stories about a day work of a government servant I bet you’ll probably regret making this move.
Sweet memories as I stroll down, revisiting my primary school.
Once a Xavierian, Always a Xavierian. Touché.
Xavierian spirits flying high (had to stand there for hours to capture this)
the great founder of Lasallian schools
the porch - main hanging out place
canteen - main base of fun during camping times
the school compound - classes, PE hours, loitering around
Special announcement:
Happy Birthday to you my dear buddies!! Live live to the fullest, ok!
10 Oct Jen
16 Nov Miss Teoh
17 Nov Cheh
03 Dec Hoon Hoon - tak tau malu, ask for present so soon. he he.

Nov 14, 2005

To “FRIED-ONE-EGG” Jenny Tan


Just found out from Mika that a cheerful bubbly coursemate of mine is currently warded for acute appendicitis in UMMC, going for operation tonight. Wishing her getting back to health soon and a successful non-scarring surgery…


Received news that the attack is not that severe, she had a delicious supper at Delifrance last night. Could be something else than appendicitis? Probably, it is time for a syndrome to be named after her.

Picture Quiz

A definite tough one this time…

Lkp_110705_005_1 gross? well, not really, it is yummy…

Holiday in Hometown


went to Dana at Lunas… that’s mommy dearest


revisiting the sea side near fort cornwallis - new facelift


gurney drive… for a meaningful breakfast at my fav restaurant

And the most interesting that I had been to during the break is PENANG TURF CLUB


THE BOOK: complete incomprehensible -sifu required.. still looking for one


THE PEOPLE: the betting crowd… smokers and bad grooming… horrendous…


THE HORSE: horse displaying their amazing physique before the race…

Nov 7, 2005

All the hoo-haas so far

Still enjoying my life back in Penang, despite the end of the formal holiday week. Went to several new places in the pearl of orient, and rediscover the treasure in some of the ancient places.

during respite, hugging closely to STAR newspaper, just could not resist sharing some of the mind-boggling hoo-haas about uni and penghuni uni like moi(me,my in french… i think)-self.


Lim said the Cabinet should censure Prof Datuk Dr Hashim Yaacob for his public pronouncement that he was “not worried” and instead felt “great happiness” over the decline of the university’s position in the international ranking.

complete article

uncle lim, thanks for stating the obvious. prof is really out of this league. ever heard of the story about the emperor’s new clothes? don’t ever brag about the only-the-smart-people-can-see new enchanted magical clothes, when all that were on display is a full frontal nudity. Pai seh, really.

by the way, the UM owes all the non-bumis hamper full with chocolates from the Willy Wonka’s factory for the outstanding placing last years, according to the theory by this chap.


A degree used to be a passport to a good career and better life. But not anymore…..

……….It seems that most of the new graduates do not have such skills. This could be the reason why some 60,000 graduates are unemployed in the country……..

…………“Now, children spend hours after school in tuition classes. They also have to go for a full school day on Saturday to study past years’ papers to prepare for the exams,” he said.

“Schools are competing with each other to see who scores more As.” …….

complete article

now, after saying all that about As and dumb graduates. Next year, when the results of STPM, SPM, PMR or etc finally reveal themselves, I hope the hardworking journalists in whole Malaysia would pop the big question to the top scorers: What else can you do besides scoring As? or what other activities? or just ask some simple questions, can you screw a light bulb? ever hold a meeting?


10mock….“For example, the short campaign period made it difficult for voters to get to know the qualified candidates; the implementation of a serial number system in ballot paper infringed on voters’ privacy, and students who were suspected of being pro-opposition were stripped of their hostel accommodation rights,” she said.

This year students were given two days to campaign…

complete article and more and more

pssst… sorry, I can’t comment too much. I can’t bear being stripped off my hostel accomodation rights.

Nov 4, 2005

Raya in Penang

Sent several personalized sms to my fellow Muslim friends:

"early greetings: Sell-a-mat hairy rile-ear i-deal-feet-3, apology tzar-hill and butt-in"

one actually was amused and replied to me, "you bar-rule bar-leg darley london, ke?"

Went to my sister’s shop during the raya eve and taken a cute photo of a cute little girl sitting there, taking her sweet time admiring the items at my sis’s shop. darn cute…