Nov 7, 2005

All the hoo-haas so far

Still enjoying my life back in Penang, despite the end of the formal holiday week. Went to several new places in the pearl of orient, and rediscover the treasure in some of the ancient places.

during respite, hugging closely to STAR newspaper, just could not resist sharing some of the mind-boggling hoo-haas about uni and penghuni uni like moi(me,my in french… i think)-self.


Lim said the Cabinet should censure Prof Datuk Dr Hashim Yaacob for his public pronouncement that he was “not worried” and instead felt “great happiness” over the decline of the university’s position in the international ranking.

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uncle lim, thanks for stating the obvious. prof is really out of this league. ever heard of the story about the emperor’s new clothes? don’t ever brag about the only-the-smart-people-can-see new enchanted magical clothes, when all that were on display is a full frontal nudity. Pai seh, really.

by the way, the UM owes all the non-bumis hamper full with chocolates from the Willy Wonka’s factory for the outstanding placing last years, according to the theory by this chap.


A degree used to be a passport to a good career and better life. But not anymore…..

……….It seems that most of the new graduates do not have such skills. This could be the reason why some 60,000 graduates are unemployed in the country……..

…………“Now, children spend hours after school in tuition classes. They also have to go for a full school day on Saturday to study past years’ papers to prepare for the exams,” he said.

“Schools are competing with each other to see who scores more As.” …….

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now, after saying all that about As and dumb graduates. Next year, when the results of STPM, SPM, PMR or etc finally reveal themselves, I hope the hardworking journalists in whole Malaysia would pop the big question to the top scorers: What else can you do besides scoring As? or what other activities? or just ask some simple questions, can you screw a light bulb? ever hold a meeting?


10mock….“For example, the short campaign period made it difficult for voters to get to know the qualified candidates; the implementation of a serial number system in ballot paper infringed on voters’ privacy, and students who were suspected of being pro-opposition were stripped of their hostel accommodation rights,” she said.

This year students were given two days to campaign…

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pssst… sorry, I can’t comment too much. I can’t bear being stripped off my hostel accomodation rights.

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