Jun 11, 2006

DrM vs Pak Lah: my view

After the open assault had started, the rippling effect continues to take place. Dr. M's voice in the in-house media sent lots of Malaysian into the battle mode. Once again, the people felt that Dr. M's had stood up for the people. Most of everything that the government had done is really a nonsense to us, and most of the time, we would not even bother to speak them up. Even if we did, it would just be another opinion blown into the ears of some apathetic politicians. We would rather go "let's get on with life, this is Malaysia-lah, what do you expect?"

Perhaps Dr. M had seen what most Malaysian had seen. Under the admin of Pak Lah, nothing much had been done in comparison to the good o' time when Dr. M reigns supreme. Dr. M is really a popular guy around here. I can still remember when I lied (for a good cause) to my late grandma that Mahathir told everyone to quit smoking, and surprisingly it did work. My grandma began to cut down her cigarettes from 2-3 boxes/day to few sticks.

Everyone is just wondering till when will our country continues to rot to oblivion. I understood that perhaps Pak Lah need more time to get everything settle down and gear Malaysia up, but how much more time? We got like 14 more years to Vision 2020, and all we got so far is plenty of speeches about Vision 2020, but none see anyone really walking the talk. It's a short period - 14 years.

If Pak Lah wanted to know what the public think of Vision 2020, we were probably thinking "eh, cakap sahaja lar...". Let's get some damn darn free Malaysians to set up a survey poll, and see how many Malaysian actually believe in this Vision 2020 crap. Even if they do, they will probably think all depends on the government, and we the people will not have to do anything to achieve it.

Is this Dr. M's way of telling Pak Lah "time's up. your probation period is over, I'm going to say some really nasty thing about you, which no one dares to say"?

It had appear so, but it also speculated that Pak Lah had been a pretty naughty mentee, bringing some of his mentor's legacy to a lower light. This may appear like it, but from what Dr.M had commented about the 'other people's influence', Dr. M may have an inkling that Pak Lah is just being plain soft, easily influenced by the other naughty fellow around him. Who are these bloody people? Nonetheless, Dr. M is rightfully being critised bluntly for being too sharp on his personal attack on Pak Lah. Is he really being sharp and inconsiderate, or he's just using 'yet another' stunt previously used by Lee Kuan Yew or Tatcher?

As for the other people who are backing Pak Lah, they are making their stand obvious in our local media as if this is like a little kids brawl, standing behind the big boy of today, going against the big boy of yesteryears. Surely, this is the way to go, as Dr. M indirectly had blasted the government now, too. But all this 'backing PM 100%' stunts is most welcome but if they are really sincere in backing up PM, they should start answering the 4 big issues raised by Dr. M.

1 AP thingy
2 Augusta cheap sale
3 Johor 'Cynic' bridge
4 Proton's Tengku Mahaleel's sack

Dr. M had spoken well as if he's the Chief Opposition Leader, seemingly very enthusiastic in keeping the government counterchecked. However, the opposition parties can only act as the amused spectators in this UMNO drama, when Dr. M had made it clear, crystal clear that he ain't a dumb puppet, to be played by any other parties.

Pak Lah was very steady in all this till now. He kept calm and let Mahathir speaks. Perhaps he knows what is best for the people. Setting off a battle with Dr.M will only end tragically with loses from both sides (especially his side) and perhaps others will take this opportunity to gain from it. He knows that he is afterall, Dr.M's choosen one, whether he admit he had made a mistake or not. Plus, he knows he really need a calm mind to see through this disaster, reconcile with Dr.M and gaining his 'wisdom' to build a legacy for himself. If everything does not play through well, he will go down into history as 'weak' and 'too' soft spoken.

All in all, Dr. M and Pak Lah must be feeling very stressed up right now,perhaps badly in need of an OGAWA massage chair and couple of hours of meditation and prayers to relax. Like that old familiar saying: If you need to start a war, you'd already lost.

Jun 8, 2006

DrM vs Pak Lah

the latest news here that rocks everyone in Malaysia, if you give a damn about reading the local news.

From The Star:
“I expect a reasonable degree of gratefulness, but instead I was told that I have indulged in mega projects and finished the country’s money,” he said, adding that he had made many mistakes in his life, such as helping many people only to have them stab him in the back.

Asked if Abdullah had stabbed him in the back, Dr Mahathir replied: “Minor bruises.

He added: “I have a habit of choosing the wrong people, perhaps. But the present Government can still do a good job; the means are there.

“But if they come under the influence of people with other agendas, it cannot be helped.

The big question remains: who are the people with other agendas?

Here's a funny summary over this issue.

darling creature

Name: Yu Fei
Age: 5.39 months
Sex: Female
Favorite tune: 末日前夕(seriously)
Special ability: laughing and crying, alternating at the speed of light
finish up a bottle of milk in less than 5 minutes
Favorite weapon: pacifier and the red-blue-green towel
Tactical combat skill:
- grab anything she could reach and put it into her mouth
- turn from supine to prone, and from prone to left decubitus
- appreciate good TV advertisement by clapping hands
- slight frown indicating bye
General advice to the world: Stay cute!! Keep your life simple!!

Jun 5, 2006


妈妈kangaroo & 可爱的小baby joey


shorncliffe 海滨

phoenix fire tribe,刺激娱乐

阳光海岸, 人間天堂

port campbell, melbourne 墨尔本顶好的旅游胜地


a year ago in taiwan

it goes to prove that resources are limited, but creativity is infinite...

thanks to 2 famous 'directors' in taiwan - jia feng & pei jun

Jun 4, 2006


desperate for first base?

dating is such a hot word when i was a teenager. basically, i couldn't remember when is my first date. dating in the west usually have to be accompany by long (or sometime short) journey to the 'first base'. for the innocent people reading this, first base is generally is a kiss with the date. I hope I am right about first base, because you see, I am pretty innocent myself. no kidding. if you guys(or gals) have a better definition of d 'first base' feel free to comment.

i perhaps could not really remember my first date for the simple reason that i could not feel the whole scene as a date. To me, it is just basically about friends going out for a nice drink and a comfortable drink. movie wise, i rarely went out in two, because it is too expensive back then as a student. anyway if I really pushed myself to remember my first date, or shall i say, the outing which felt like a first date, it would be a lunch meeting with someone that I had a major crush back when I am really naive. Still I did not do much of great preparation, just be the original self, full of craps and crappy jokes. though I did not reach the first base (not that i was expecting any bases at all), it was an enjoyable time that I vaguely remember. And yes, we remained friends after that.

i hope my friend, Tai Lou KC not read this as I wanted to reveal a very memorable moment during my secondary school day. It was a sunny afternoon. And we all gathered at our school canteen for our lunch as we had to stay back for extra co-curriculum that day. Seated there were KC, me and 2 pretty classmates of mine. OK, just between the guys, only one of them is pretty by the average standard (though no survey had been done). And out of no where, KC said to one of the girls (yes, the prettiest, of course), "YY (her name), do you know that you're the prettiest lady sitting in this table?" I sat across him. He looked at her, I looked at him, that girl look at me, another girl look away and hold a big laughter under control. After that line from KC, it was perfect silence for 10 seconds. Somehow, it felt like time stood still. After that I went back to my food and speedily finish my food. Then, when the moment is right, I tell KC not to do that again. It may be very spontaneously witty at the local pub or bar, but never never in school canteen.

for tips on dating (not the exact real deal, but worth a read)

Jun 2, 2006

teh jagung

teh jagung
minuman asli tanpa pewarna and perisa sintetik, keluaran negara di sebelah negara matahari terbit,
dan merupakan salah satu perniagaan orang kampung. sedap dirasa dan lazat dimakan.
above is a just crappy comment, kindly disregard.

pretty girl, right? anyone seen this girl before? no, she's not lost. On the contrary, her big photos were can be seen on the body of several jumbo jetplane of her home country. She's none other than Lee Young Ae.

Pretty appealing as she is, much more appealing is the character that she had portrayed in the much sort after TV series of today which is Dae Jang Gum (or in bahasa baku pronounced as teh jagung). I emailed my friend over in korea about its proper pronounciation but haven't got a reply yet.

the show focuses on Jang-geum, the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea.
The main theme is her perseverance, as well as the portrayal of traditional Korean culture,

including Korean royal court cuisine and medicine.

The first time I heard of this show was from a friend of mine who called it in Chinese as Da Zhang Jing, which I thought as the Bible of Big Intestine, which really left me thinking for a while.

Then, after accompanying my dearest watching an episode or two, somehow, this show is pretty appealing to me. And I bought the DVDs, and finish the whole 70 episodes in 3 days.

From the entertainment point of view, it had drama, comedy, political play, cooking, culture, art and more...

But from education point of view, it is a real collector's item for the parents who really wanted the youngster (especially the girl) to learn that hardwork will get you anywhere, as long as you choose to put effort in it and also the fine point of loving thy parents and other people, and even inspire one to forgive your most hateful enemy.

Though, from my point of view, what Chang Jing (the main lady character) is really like a modern day fairy tale. A fairy tale is just the perfect entertainment to escape from the harsh world out there. What can I say. this series is truly inspirational and motivational.

From health point of view, it teaches the food we eat is most of the times the best medicine for our illnesses, or could be the source for our illnesses. In a real sense, this is very very true as this is the ancient teaching of Chinese medicine (or should i say eastern medicine, subduing my chinese superiority complex) and from personal experience and observation, this is o' so true, so true.

The most compelling moment in the series is when

Female Physician Jang-Duk, Jang Geum's mentor in the field of medicine said
"I use my [acupuncture] needles to kill people."

- on why she is a Female Physician. She actually wanted to exact revenge on an imperial court officer who forced her mother to commit suicide during the reign of Yeongsangun. The court officer, now exiled to Jeju island, tried to draft Jang-Deok's mother into the palace and become the Emperor's concubine.
in short, she learnt medicine to kill.

As shocking as it seems, she also made it clear that doctors are after all humans. Doctor is not god. One just help in the healing process. One does not heal. And one is subjected to what every humans had - feelings. The feeling of angry, happy, remorseful, dull or simply the feeling of unbearable stress from work, exams, and worst is from expectations. But as doctors, we must first accept ourselves as human and then strive to control this emotion from swaying our medical judgement.

From my opinion, it is true that one get stressed most often not by duties or hours but by expectations. Expectations can even kill.
Expectations from parents,
expectations from siblings,
expectations from senior dr,
expectation from tutor,
expectations from patients,
expectations from society
and the most fearful of all, expection from within ourself.

Expectations drive one to our destination at a speedier rate,
but uncontrollable expectations can often do more harm than good.

let's start name calling

MPAJ successfully shown that their bite is no where near their bark. Hills of rubbish even with the 'fine' notice

'Hanya Paria Buang Sampah Sini' and you can see the whole place without a single annoying rubbish.

I remembered when back in my good o' school day when name calling is something of a no-no. And it would earn me a pretty harsh scolding from my teachers. But still, it is a favorite past time during my childhood times.

Yet today, I see 'name calling' as a perfect solution to the current third world mentality crisis in malaysia. Abundant speech by Pak Lah to advise and urge people to do this and to do that will not earn any stars or 'good' stamp in his record of administration. But he did raise a simple phrase 'little Napolean' that may scare the heck out of the less efficient government servants who take a century to go through and pass several projects. More and more people started to buck up, pull up their socks, get things going instead of the blatant response of "oh, dulu pun begitu lama. sabarlah sikit."

When I was little, I was brought up by thinking that throwing rubbish wrappers out of the car is the smart thing to do, instead of leaving it inside the car and threw it later. But even back then, I was very skeptical bout it. If I did not throw it, someone else (older and more mature adult) will grab it from me and threw it out. Now, as I grew older, I started to call others horrible names if they insisted on executing that 'third world mentality' action. And gradually, they felt ashamed and the so-called smart habit was halted completely.

A simple comparative how name-calling can work in our society, the above pics is sufficient to say a million words.

leonardo's code

Now when the even was come, he sat down with the twelve.
And as they did eat, he said, Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.
And they were exceeding sorrowful, and began every one of them to say unto him, Lord, is it I?
And he answered and said, He that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me.
--Matthew 26

i'm proud glad sincere to say that i haven't read the book or seen the movie yet. not because i'm a christian. fyi, i'm a buddhist.

the closest encounter that i had gone with this code is when i borrowed the book and left it in my room near the exam season during my paed posting. the book was borrowed from my uni's medical library. I read only the first page and surprisingly i was not hook on to the book (my friend described this phenomenon as peculiar, unlikely). I think it would be much more peculiar if I am more hook on to this book than Nelson's paediatric textbook at that time. Anyway, another reason for abandoning this book is because Lau Pan CKC came into my room one day and took that book away, repeatedly scolded that book in front of me. Yes, he is a Christian, just got married, running a successful DXN direct selling business even as a student. I trusted him that it's a bad book and it ended up in library the next day and somehow i did not see it appearing anywhere in the library again. I think this is a hot book. Triple red spot. I guess.

The closest I got to its movie is when I am going to movie with my dad and my sis. I opted for it, but somehow my sis and dad prefer packed action film without any intrigueing conspiracy. And so, MI:3 got 2 votes compared to my lousy 1 vote.

Ok. first thing first. Da Vinci wasn't Leo's surname. 'Da vinci' meant 'from vinci', but it just ain't cool calling it Leonardo's Code. this is learnt from a column from the Star newspaper.

Beside the above, there were pretty lot of lessons to be learnt from Da Vinci Code that one should discover is

1 from the advertising point of view, this book by creating controversies and conflict with the worldly religion, it had set up free advertising, waiving almost billions and billions and billions and billions and billions dollars of advertising fee. there's even a good song for it.

2 beside promoting the book and the story, it also in retaliation from christian all over the world, it had made christianity a stronger and more sought-after religion. People from other religion also indulge in the truth in bible, and those christian of whom barely goes over the bible once a year shall flipped more pages of bible from now on. Christians all over the world also had shown a perfect example that christianity is a peaceful religion, an intellectual religion, a wise religion, by flooding the mind of fools with real facts, and not merely going around burning books, slapping people, creating riot, starting inferno in other countries' embassy or firing the editor of a local newspapers company in sarawak. Go figure.

3 it had also enlighten up people on the appreciation of art and the understanding of behind it. Let's Mona Lisa be a fine beginning. Btw, quiz from ern huei to me: Is Mona Lisa a painting of a girl or a boy? Answer, see below

4 as beautiful as it was written by Mr.DB and so truthful as it seems to be, there were plenty of lies and fakes. Therefore, it teaches one to seek the truth and never believe everything that you read (especially a cheap blog like mine, haha), even the most intelligent book that been passed down from the most intelligent being. That is the spirit of what buddhism taught - the spirit of kalama sutta. Lord Buddha had never asked anyone to swallow down everything that he taught, but instead listen with a pinch of salt, practice it, then see and experience the result.

5 again i repeat, like it or lump it, one will create yet another free publicity for it like what this entry does. what can i say DB is a smart devil, don't you agree?

Ans: mona lisa is both an artistic combination of both mone (a guy) and lisa (duh, a girl lar).