Jun 2, 2006

let's start name calling

MPAJ successfully shown that their bite is no where near their bark. Hills of rubbish even with the 'fine' notice

'Hanya Paria Buang Sampah Sini' and you can see the whole place without a single annoying rubbish.

I remembered when back in my good o' school day when name calling is something of a no-no. And it would earn me a pretty harsh scolding from my teachers. But still, it is a favorite past time during my childhood times.

Yet today, I see 'name calling' as a perfect solution to the current third world mentality crisis in malaysia. Abundant speech by Pak Lah to advise and urge people to do this and to do that will not earn any stars or 'good' stamp in his record of administration. But he did raise a simple phrase 'little Napolean' that may scare the heck out of the less efficient government servants who take a century to go through and pass several projects. More and more people started to buck up, pull up their socks, get things going instead of the blatant response of "oh, dulu pun begitu lama. sabarlah sikit."

When I was little, I was brought up by thinking that throwing rubbish wrappers out of the car is the smart thing to do, instead of leaving it inside the car and threw it later. But even back then, I was very skeptical bout it. If I did not throw it, someone else (older and more mature adult) will grab it from me and threw it out. Now, as I grew older, I started to call others horrible names if they insisted on executing that 'third world mentality' action. And gradually, they felt ashamed and the so-called smart habit was halted completely.

A simple comparative how name-calling can work in our society, the above pics is sufficient to say a million words.

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