Sep 28, 2011

my boss's sms

an unidentified person messaged my boss, telling him I was being substandard without further explanation how that person came to that conclusion. it is a good thing that my boss did not jump to conclusion and enquired further.

once a while, i think when you're being too nice, too soft and too blardy polite to people, people get the better of you. for once, i think if they really wished to make such an implicating comment on people, they should at least have the bollocks to write in a formal complaint letter with the full details of the incident to me or my department. If it was my mistake, I am glad to submit myself to an apology. I am human after all. And human, not always, but at times, do make mistake.

But to came up with such a slanderous text message to my boss without really understanding the full nature of the situation, to a certain degree, it does surmount to defamation as it pull down my reputation inappropriately. And to that, I reserved my rights to sue you later. If you think I am just joking blankly in the cyberspace, wait till you get a lawsuit letter from my lawyer friend.

Never underestimate the implication of a text message with a registered phone number.

Sep 23, 2011

deadly dilligence

Lesson from this piece of news:
1. Don't work too hard. Nobody notices anyway (as suggested)
2. The cleaner may be the only one who really notice you.
3. Always have someone that will nudge or irritate you everyday
4. Reading too much of medical textbooks is hazardous to your heart.
5. You can be low profile, but not TOO low profile.

Sep 20, 2011

epic geographic confusion


my colleague mentioned this today: "I am sometimes confused about geography. I used to think that Alor Star is in Kedah."

and everyone burst out laughing...

Sep 19, 2011



Sep 17, 2011


heard one real life joke today...

someone ordering food in the in house cafetaria near the ward...
cafe boss: nak makan ape? (wanna eat what?)
dr t: nasi goreng. (fried rice)
c: nasi goreng ape? nasi goreng kampung?cina?pedas?ikan masin? (what type of fried rice?)
dr t: nak nasi goreng Sedap Sikit. (want the type that's more tasty)

reminds me of an eatery at JB that goes by the name Kedai MKTS... with small words beneath in brackets... 'makanan kami tentu sedap'...

Sep 16, 2011

fine line. the sequel

not so long ago, I wrote about the fine line and came up with a quote.
there's a fine line between dedication and obsession.
dedication is when you're crazy in your passion,
obsession is when you're driving everyone crazy in your passion.
my junior colleague, T21 (who is stalking this blog) praised me for having the balls to write about one of our dedicated superior.

first of all, it didn't cross my mind that it could have been misinterpreted, because most of my rantings are my personal reflections.

buddhism has taught me that no one can bother us except ourselves. from the beginning, there is never an 'I' to begin with.

anyway, to be honest, i need to eat the humble pie and confess that I was the obsessed one few weeks ago. probably more of being possessed.

i was obsessed with my struggle in preparing for my exam, struggling with the remainder of my time after my work commitment which includes clinical groundwork, sudden presentation at state level, urgent preparation for maternal mortality and etc.

i neglected my daughter at some point of time. i knew she was having upper respiratory tract infection, did initial check up and provided the medicine to my wife. But her conditions persisted for more than 4 days and she was suddenly turn listless. i had to rush back from work. she was weak and tired from all the vomiting induced by her cough. her lungs had some fine creps and chest x-ray was with some minute haziness. luckily, Dr.C, the paeds consultant sacrificed little time she had (being busy with clinical work and managing house officers) assessed her and reassured wifey and me. thank to our lucky stars, a good dose of 2nd line antibiotics did the job well and all our crazy worries subsided. it was impeccable timing for Genevieve to recover for the day she turned one.

at some point of time, i also raised my voice (a bit) in public at wifey for her time at the market was taking up my time for library. at the end, i felt like punching myself with a clenched fist. i felt like a total crap, a jerk and a psycho (is there a single word that meant those three combined?)

The world is in our hands

from now on, i allow myself to be dedicated, but not obsessed with my passion and anything else.

Sep 11, 2011

Medical Depression 2.0

Warning: For junior doctors or medical students in Malaysia (or planning to flood the Malaysia healthcare system), by continuing to read further, it may cause clinical depression. (Either that, or it's still not too late to go into the 'kacang puteh' business, which earns as much with good quality of life)

Few days ago, Palmdoc wrote the following:
A little bird has told us that MITI wishes to accelerate the liberalization of Health services in Malaysia. Originally, the date for full liberalization was 2015 but now they want to bring it forward to 2012.

Opening up our borders in the field of healthcare has its pros and cons.
Whatever they are, in the era of globalization, it is inevitable.

The question is, will 2012 be too early?

Is everyone (from the MMC, National Specialists Register, Professional bodies) prepared?

Heck we don’t even have the necessary legislation in place yet as far as compulsory CME and compulsory enforcement of the NSR goes.

While big businesses may be smacking their lips at the opportunity to make money in Malaysia, everyone should be genuinely concerned about whether or not
- medical standards can be maintained
- liberalization affects healthcare in the areas which are needed e.g. rural vs urban
If you chose to skip reading above because of all the seriousness in between, inside and outside of those words in the previous paragraph, I seriously suggest it should re-read again.

It is a very depressing piece of news or rumor. That is the reason why I chose today's date to release it. Hopefully, it will remain a rumor but then again, hope is never the strongest word in English. 'Hope' can bring a candidate to presidency but never to allow the presidency to sit in comfort.

Maintenance of medical standards at our current system has been made more difficult partially because of the avalanche of new medical grads (which I aptly appointed this as medical depression 1.0), partially because the ignorance of certain powerful quarters to acknowledge and rectify it and partially due to the fact that most of us rather sit here and blog about it because if we don't.

With all due respect, I belong to the 3rd group. My Chinese horoscope, at some point, defined me.

If you have ample time for reading more about globalization of Malaysian healthcare and can stand reading through 80 slides of presentation without too much of fatigue, heavy-headed or other symptoms of information-overload, I reckon you should run through the following presentation by Dr. DQ. downloadable here, as well.

Liberalization of health service will bring more bane than boon with our current standards of 'check and balance'. The current and future junior doctors will find themselves drowning in the tsunami of doctors from outstation with medical liberalization while competing among the massive number of the peers.

And the big question will be...
with the end of the world, at least we won't be having Medical Depression 3.0

Sep 7, 2011

best shit about life! (seriously)

got this from the Keyboard Man...

1. Money cannot buy happiness but it's more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.
2. Forgive your enemy but remember the bastard's name.
3. Help someone when they are in trouble and they will remember you when they're in trouble again.
4. Many people are alive only because it's illegal to shoot them.
5. Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk