Sep 28, 2011

my boss's sms

an unidentified person messaged my boss, telling him I was being substandard without further explanation how that person came to that conclusion. it is a good thing that my boss did not jump to conclusion and enquired further.

once a while, i think when you're being too nice, too soft and too blardy polite to people, people get the better of you. for once, i think if they really wished to make such an implicating comment on people, they should at least have the bollocks to write in a formal complaint letter with the full details of the incident to me or my department. If it was my mistake, I am glad to submit myself to an apology. I am human after all. And human, not always, but at times, do make mistake.

But to came up with such a slanderous text message to my boss without really understanding the full nature of the situation, to a certain degree, it does surmount to defamation as it pull down my reputation inappropriately. And to that, I reserved my rights to sue you later. If you think I am just joking blankly in the cyberspace, wait till you get a lawsuit letter from my lawyer friend.

Never underestimate the implication of a text message with a registered phone number.

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