Oct 3, 2011

human touch

today, the clinic ended early, but a few of us was still wondering around because of an auntie, 5 years short of being an octogenerian. she was a strong lady, independent and came to our clinic by herself having being referred by the concerned primary care doctor for the disturbing vaginal discharge.

if it wasn't for the house officer's simple nature of being thorough and his profound human touch, we would have missed a pulsatile mass on abdominal examination. a quick sonography revealed a possible major vessels aneurysm. aneurysm is a dilated area of a vessels, thinned out and if not being carefully gently attended to, it will just burst like the blown-up bubble gum.

reflecting on our mediocre knowledge on such a condition, we decided to refer to our surgical colleagues. the referral and getting the transport to ship this lady over took us almost more than fourty-five minutes despite the working phone lines and the modern tech readily available. that's another enigma for bedtime story for another day.

the time-consuming ordeal did eat into our lunch hours, but we're glad to be part of it.

it is always right and definitely true, in spite of modern improvement to our life, the most powerful and essential is the human touch and the human-centric usage of our technology.

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even if you'd have only few more minutes to spare, the following vid is worth watching as a timely reminder of the most powerful tool in medicine.

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missyc said...

The auntie is indeed blessed to have caring doctors, the ones with human touch Pay it Forward.

I've bumped into one lone VSOP aunty 2x at univ hosp ward & she gets admitted each time she comes for "checkup" coz she travel from outstation, I asked the nurses why & they said the doctors have a soft spot for her due to her illness (bigC) & she's lucky she gets a bed every time & stay as long as she's there.