Jun 4, 2006


desperate for first base?

dating is such a hot word when i was a teenager. basically, i couldn't remember when is my first date. dating in the west usually have to be accompany by long (or sometime short) journey to the 'first base'. for the innocent people reading this, first base is generally is a kiss with the date. I hope I am right about first base, because you see, I am pretty innocent myself. no kidding. if you guys(or gals) have a better definition of d 'first base' feel free to comment.

i perhaps could not really remember my first date for the simple reason that i could not feel the whole scene as a date. To me, it is just basically about friends going out for a nice drink and a comfortable drink. movie wise, i rarely went out in two, because it is too expensive back then as a student. anyway if I really pushed myself to remember my first date, or shall i say, the outing which felt like a first date, it would be a lunch meeting with someone that I had a major crush back when I am really naive. Still I did not do much of great preparation, just be the original self, full of craps and crappy jokes. though I did not reach the first base (not that i was expecting any bases at all), it was an enjoyable time that I vaguely remember. And yes, we remained friends after that.

i hope my friend, Tai Lou KC not read this as I wanted to reveal a very memorable moment during my secondary school day. It was a sunny afternoon. And we all gathered at our school canteen for our lunch as we had to stay back for extra co-curriculum that day. Seated there were KC, me and 2 pretty classmates of mine. OK, just between the guys, only one of them is pretty by the average standard (though no survey had been done). And out of no where, KC said to one of the girls (yes, the prettiest, of course), "YY (her name), do you know that you're the prettiest lady sitting in this table?" I sat across him. He looked at her, I looked at him, that girl look at me, another girl look away and hold a big laughter under control. After that line from KC, it was perfect silence for 10 seconds. Somehow, it felt like time stood still. After that I went back to my food and speedily finish my food. Then, when the moment is right, I tell KC not to do that again. It may be very spontaneously witty at the local pub or bar, but never never in school canteen.

for tips on dating (not the exact real deal, but worth a read)

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