Jun 11, 2006

DrM vs Pak Lah: my view

After the open assault had started, the rippling effect continues to take place. Dr. M's voice in the in-house media sent lots of Malaysian into the battle mode. Once again, the people felt that Dr. M's had stood up for the people. Most of everything that the government had done is really a nonsense to us, and most of the time, we would not even bother to speak them up. Even if we did, it would just be another opinion blown into the ears of some apathetic politicians. We would rather go "let's get on with life, this is Malaysia-lah, what do you expect?"

Perhaps Dr. M had seen what most Malaysian had seen. Under the admin of Pak Lah, nothing much had been done in comparison to the good o' time when Dr. M reigns supreme. Dr. M is really a popular guy around here. I can still remember when I lied (for a good cause) to my late grandma that Mahathir told everyone to quit smoking, and surprisingly it did work. My grandma began to cut down her cigarettes from 2-3 boxes/day to few sticks.

Everyone is just wondering till when will our country continues to rot to oblivion. I understood that perhaps Pak Lah need more time to get everything settle down and gear Malaysia up, but how much more time? We got like 14 more years to Vision 2020, and all we got so far is plenty of speeches about Vision 2020, but none see anyone really walking the talk. It's a short period - 14 years.

If Pak Lah wanted to know what the public think of Vision 2020, we were probably thinking "eh, cakap sahaja lar...". Let's get some damn darn free Malaysians to set up a survey poll, and see how many Malaysian actually believe in this Vision 2020 crap. Even if they do, they will probably think all depends on the government, and we the people will not have to do anything to achieve it.

Is this Dr. M's way of telling Pak Lah "time's up. your probation period is over, I'm going to say some really nasty thing about you, which no one dares to say"?

It had appear so, but it also speculated that Pak Lah had been a pretty naughty mentee, bringing some of his mentor's legacy to a lower light. This may appear like it, but from what Dr.M had commented about the 'other people's influence', Dr. M may have an inkling that Pak Lah is just being plain soft, easily influenced by the other naughty fellow around him. Who are these bloody people? Nonetheless, Dr. M is rightfully being critised bluntly for being too sharp on his personal attack on Pak Lah. Is he really being sharp and inconsiderate, or he's just using 'yet another' stunt previously used by Lee Kuan Yew or Tatcher?

As for the other people who are backing Pak Lah, they are making their stand obvious in our local media as if this is like a little kids brawl, standing behind the big boy of today, going against the big boy of yesteryears. Surely, this is the way to go, as Dr. M indirectly had blasted the government now, too. But all this 'backing PM 100%' stunts is most welcome but if they are really sincere in backing up PM, they should start answering the 4 big issues raised by Dr. M.

1 AP thingy
2 Augusta cheap sale
3 Johor 'Cynic' bridge
4 Proton's Tengku Mahaleel's sack

Dr. M had spoken well as if he's the Chief Opposition Leader, seemingly very enthusiastic in keeping the government counterchecked. However, the opposition parties can only act as the amused spectators in this UMNO drama, when Dr. M had made it clear, crystal clear that he ain't a dumb puppet, to be played by any other parties.

Pak Lah was very steady in all this till now. He kept calm and let Mahathir speaks. Perhaps he knows what is best for the people. Setting off a battle with Dr.M will only end tragically with loses from both sides (especially his side) and perhaps others will take this opportunity to gain from it. He knows that he is afterall, Dr.M's choosen one, whether he admit he had made a mistake or not. Plus, he knows he really need a calm mind to see through this disaster, reconcile with Dr.M and gaining his 'wisdom' to build a legacy for himself. If everything does not play through well, he will go down into history as 'weak' and 'too' soft spoken.

All in all, Dr. M and Pak Lah must be feeling very stressed up right now,perhaps badly in need of an OGAWA massage chair and couple of hours of meditation and prayers to relax. Like that old familiar saying: If you need to start a war, you'd already lost.

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