Jun 8, 2006

DrM vs Pak Lah

the latest news here that rocks everyone in Malaysia, if you give a damn about reading the local news.

From The Star:
“I expect a reasonable degree of gratefulness, but instead I was told that I have indulged in mega projects and finished the country’s money,” he said, adding that he had made many mistakes in his life, such as helping many people only to have them stab him in the back.

Asked if Abdullah had stabbed him in the back, Dr Mahathir replied: “Minor bruises.

He added: “I have a habit of choosing the wrong people, perhaps. But the present Government can still do a good job; the means are there.

“But if they come under the influence of people with other agendas, it cannot be helped.

The big question remains: who are the people with other agendas?

Here's a funny summary over this issue.

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