Mar 11, 2009

safe home

grateful to: my assistant SN for being so helpful this morning. hope her hubby got out of the de’press’ing media attack. read: kosmo.

moving. no one like to move.

there’s always a reason to move.

but the process of moving may be depressing. at times, a major horror. unless of course, you have a few hundreds extra bucks to spare to hire a moving professionals to get all my item from point A to point B.

I remembered how my life got shorten by few years moving from my hostel in 6th college UM back to Penang. Really putting my sis’s Waja up to the test of endurance and strength. And of course, to my dearest MOM for supervising me.

And I moved from Penang to SP for my posting there. Thanks to Lee family for their major help.

And finally, I moved to the house just across the street for a better comfy everyday life.

this is my 3rd blog move. hopefully the last. Although I love to journey around, but i’m not so much of a nomad at heart.

i moved from my friendster’s blog to wretch’s blog under advisement of my dearest. The pushing factor, my friendster’s blog maxed out. The pulling factor: wide variety of web theme to choose and change as you like.

wretch is by far not so bad, but once I got myself into writing more and more cock and bull story about some cock and some bull shaking their balls doing something silly or pathetic, I began to think I should moderate my comment through Blogspot, and start to monitor from where my silent readers were pouring in, through Feedjit.

Secondly, I was hoping I can perhaps rope in some extra cash by supporting Nuffnang. Well, we’re after all in a global economic crisis, right?

All the above are impossible with wretch’s blog.

Thirdly, I am just an ancient o’ loyal guy that doesn’t really change my favorite stuff regularly. If I like that song, I will listen to that 1 song 24/7 for a few months repeatedly (yes, I do annoy some of my roommate back in those uni years - i apologize). If I like that wantan mee, I will order that nice dish every time I dine there (my dearest got pretty irritated sometime by this habit of mine).

Fourth, like just any regular egoistic Chinese male, we prefer to have our name spelled out (preferably in full) in our web address.

Fifth, blogspot is much more popular | versatile | powerful | English than wretch. Yes, I am a half banana man.

Sixth, I really doesn’t need a reason to move, it is just easy as A-B-C, no luggage, no excess baggage and I don’t expect anyone (especially not my boss) to read this, but I hope this domain will be my 3rd home for me to wind and rewind, and to reminisce later on.

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