Nov 25, 2005

Straightening the child

today is a happy day. today is a nice day. today is THE day.

been very disappointed that lots of ward rounds been postponed to next week, meaning it would be real pack… REAL PACKED UP… hardly time to draw breath, perhaps… plus i volunteered to be the group leader… why am i so stupid? why am i so naive? shit shit shit

Currently in orthopaedic surgery posting a.k.a. carpentry posting. Just look at how they attempt to refix back the bone, drilling nails into them, realigning them, relieving any obstruction, draining out any pressuring fluid or pus, modifying bones…. But come to think of it, they are more of a botanist, skillful ones perhaps, gently nurturing back the bones, the cartilage and other soft tissues…

ok… back to the "today is a happy day. today is a nice day. today is THE day." issue - today we had ward round or teaching session with Prof Razif.

This is the most dynamic lecturer that I had met.

Funny, good jokes, poker face.

Teaching technique, marvellous.

Exam-orientated balanced with realistic medicine, definitely.

Cranky, creatively.

In practical exam (long case or short case), he is always being blatantly curious why is it so difficult for the undergraduate to pass…

  • about inspection: "come on lar. it is so easy, the patient is there, just read the patient, that reading any text" "if the sky is blue, just say BLUE"
  • about palpation & manouvre: "stupid exam is a act, so act"
  • about presentation: "always economize your words, why say patient have reduced movement in flexion and extension when you can just say - stiffness." and he keeps reminding about phrases that we can reduce them to words, even words with multiple syllables can be reduced to lesser syllables.
  • about medical student who is damn silent at practical: "why spend 5 years, reading 30books, and now, all your friends engineering and etc earning thousands, and you are still in poverty, and coming to exam - and you keep quiet (both his eyes uproll)"

great to have Prof Razif with UMMC… God bless Dr.Razif. Someone who actually understand that we are still in poverty, unlike the dean*.

P/S it would be fun if i can invite Dr. Razif to Friendster =)

(*forcing us to pay RM30 even though we will not be attending the Centennial Dinner)

* regarding it, here’s Sue’s cynical remarks, titled "lesson":

sy baru je belajar sesuatu yg sgt berharga… untuk
jd seorg dr yg prihatin terhadap pesakit, kite
kenala byk menderma kepada tabung pesakit. oh,
lepas tu tak boleh derma seikhlas hati, kena
derma rm30 tak boleh kurang, lebih takpe.
it’s ok if u don’t have money, u have to derma
anyway. fork out the money in any way u can, as
long as u get the money. it’s ok if u have less than
rm10 in ur purse, it’s ok… derma je. kalau tidak
nanti tak boleh jd dr yg prihatin. no need to go
through endless hours of communication skills,
PPD la, caring for patients la… no need all that to
be a caring dr, u just need lots of money untuk
derma kat pesakit.


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