Feb 3, 2015

My three firsts

For the past 3 days, I had my 3 firsts...

Sat, first time organizing a surprise dinner...
It's for my dearest birthday which also doubles as reunion dinner for her and her machi. Distance made some of us tired. The food was overrated but still the environment was just nice for a nice chat by the bay and the kids love exploring the live sea creatures in captivity.

Sun, first time being Oncall as Specialist.
Luckily, MOs Oncall was all cekap (Sk,Az,Ad), Had a head entrapment for breech delivery in the morning, a shoulder dystocia in the evening and uneventful lap salpingectomy for ectopic at midnight. Rather cool overnight that simple Kenduri was in place at nursing counter. (excuses for getting fat)

Mon, first time running my own Gynae OT.
From the outside, I looked calm and collected, but inside scared like chicken shit. Thanks to Sifu, Senior Specialist DrA, I did my first supervised vag hysterectomy and perineal repair.
Subsequently, I did my own solo total hysterectomy with the help of cekap MO assistant (Gh).

And I was having low grade fever from Friday
after my plateletpheresis on Thurs (to attain platelets for a kid in ICU)
and on regular paracetamol up till today.
Probably some viral fever...

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