May 3, 2009

tambun | revisited

I guess it's been some time since I last went for seafood in Tambun. Tambun is like, think of seafood, think of Tambun.

Of course, whenever I think of Tambun, i think of the Tambun biscuit, which I like so much. But I guessed the best Tambun biscuit is found in the Penang Island from either Fu Lok Shou or Him Heang.

FYI, Fu Lok Shou is near Gama, opposite the old cinema in Chun Mai Huen, the area opposite Trader's Hotel. Found their pandan Tambun biscuits totally awesome.

As for Him Heang, it's too famous not to know bout it.

What about Ghee Hiang? The oldest and Lao Zhi Hao? Pretty well branded, but their tambun Biscuits by far, totally inferior to Him Heang and Fu Lok Shou. It's like UM, i guess - not that I am not proud of it. I just prefer to stick to the fact than keep ourselves entertained with make believe.

Oh ya, this entry supposed to be about Tambun, not Tambun biscuit.

I went there with my family and Aedan (of course), after the tiring trip to Taiping Zoo. It was afternoon, and exposed to blazing sun outside. But within the restaurant, it's just the cool river breeze and you. Not much of massive crowd at that time, and easy to get a good parking spot.

I remembered going there last time at night for my grandma bday's, which was like years ago. The whole area is full of hustle and bustle. Parking darn difficult. If you don't park, you'll have to wait for 3 hours or more. If you park, you'll have persistent worry about the car next to you might scratch yours on the way out, or another car on the way in. The whole restaurant will be packed with people. Your order will come after 1 hour. Some uncles and aunties will start shouting and complaining, yet want to eat there. It's a very meriah environment and after all the noise and the parking worries, the only thing that could take those all away is a good cup (or pint) of beer, which unfortunately I don't take.

This time around, it was a really relaxing experience eating there together with my family.

The only thing I found noteworthy would be the shrimp.

tambun1 by you.
Tame river | soothing breeze...

tambun2 by you.
Lot's of korek korek to do with the hwa lei...

tambun3 by you.
Big juicy succulent shrimp... Am I over reacting?


seahorse27 said...

Nah... you're not over reacting...I can write a lengthy post on seafood and by the time you finish reading, you'll burp...

Anonymous said...

wow.. those shrimp truly big and nice!!!