May 12, 2009

legal 'ah long' and me

delay congrats to: my dearest for passing her CCP first paper. 2 steps away for being a successful legal ah-long officer. =)

Just that other day, when my dearest and me went paktoing in Qbay after meeting up my good o' pals in Old Town, Qbay.

I saw a lot of credit card salesperson from virtually most of the banks in Malaysia.

I thought economy is bad, times are bad, hold on to the bucks, but we got all the banks willing to giving away credits.

How bad can the economy be.

Some sales people will entice with free gift up front. Some sales people will sport the puss-in-boots eyes. Some sales people will bug you with the over-confident sales pitch, as if the credit card he/she's pushing is gonna give you 99% discount for whatever future cash you're spending.

After intensive bugging, I sat down reluctantly and 'helped' the credit card sales people to have their 'sales'.

Salesperson: mister, u work as what hah? (accent)
Me: err.. doctor...
S: where oh?
M: SP.
S: annual salary?
M: every month around 3K, so 1 year around 40K.
S: can I write down as 100K, can get platinum wor.
M: annual 40K, write 100K for wat?
S: 50K?
M: (WTF? fish market bargain ar?) anything.
S: your working address?
M: SP.
S: full address?
M: lencongan timor 08000 SP.
S: your work place contact no?
M: err... (couldn't remember that number)
S: phone number?
M: i don't know, exactly. can call 999, kua.
(i know what contact no. means)
S: hmmn... OK. sign here and here.

signed and left.


Anonymous said...

kindly do not add to prank call.

999 is for emergency only.

pilocarpine said...

lighten up.. =)

Yee said...

duh.. call 999.. wat a GOOD answer