May 4, 2009

public satisfaction on 7th may

reminds me of the Don.

Just this morning, a lady of whom post op for a small surgery was told to come 2 weeks after operation defaulted and came after 4 months. She thought everyone in the Ministry is just dumb asses loading our buttocks in the clinic's chair, happily swindled her way into registering herself and getting a number for the clinic without getting any clinic appointment.

She was perfectly well. Today is practically loaded with pregnant women, and she ain't going to be chipped in between resulting in longer wait for the other pregnant women.

Patient: I nak tengok doktor
Nurse: Nanti I tanya doktor

Nurse came to me

N: Can see today?
Me: Huh? Urgent ar? What? This small operation? 4 months already, she must be jumping.
N: She walk around well.
Me: Many pregnant moms not seen yet, she lives nearby, ask her to come tomorrow.
N: Ok.

Nurse went to patient.

N: come tomorrow.
P: Huh? Where can?
N: why?
P: I didn't go work today. I want MC.
N: You only want MC is it?
P: err.. never mind.. (went off sheepishly)

Nurse came to tell me.

N: She just want to take MC
Me: Ask her to come next year. I ran out of MC this year.

And then, after totally exhausted seeing patient, I read about this...

From the Star,
“Public servants must use public satisfaction as a yardstick in mea­­suring the level of their efficiency and not just look at the qua­­litative and quantitative values attributed to their work,” he said.
What public satisfaction?

Is the public ever satisfied?

The Perakian public is not satisfied.
Not satisfied in a political quadmire.
Not satisfied with hopping toads.
Not satisfied with voting Bukit Gantang leading to nowhere.
Not satisfied for failure of proper representation by the people.
Not satisfied that Wong Chin Huat (my favorite political scientist, as well) arrested.
Not satisfied that something harmless like wearing black also can get into trouble

probably these guys will be wearing white tux on 7th may

I am not in support of 1BlackMalaysia... but I believe wearing black is fashionable and I shiok!!

7th may - just wear black (not that it would make any difference)

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