May 7, 2009

1dark,twisted,violent malaysia

food.. wasted...

Sivakumar dragged out_Pic by Sinchew.jpg
one for all, and all goes for one

070509_Sivakumar dragged out_Pic by Sinar Harian.jpg
what a drag!!

would it be a butterfly, if it couldn't fly,
would it be a bee, if it couldn't sting,
would it be a fish, if it couldn't swim,
would it be a book, if there isn't any words,
would it be a state, if there isn't any law and order,
would it be peace, if there is only theatrical noise,
would it be democracy, if people's voice is being silenced,
would it be a birthday cake, if death already came prior,
would it be easier, if we just live a productive life,
and always remember and be reminded,
that the most peaceful day will come,
when every vote in the next general election,
will make sure the one not worthy of ruling,
will be the butterfly which couldn't fly,
the bee which couldn't sting,
the fish which couldn't swim,
and the following elected regime,
be judged as such, in a similar way,
a country need to move forward, peacefully.
are we ready?

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