May 22, 2009

not necessary the case for Balisan

perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information.

and in the perception war, everyone can play it.

RPK's reminder of najip perception war with withdrawing from Penanti's by-election is simply too crystal clear.

By accusing the PR of creating more unnecessary by-elections and painting themselves more rakyat-friendly by avoiding Penanti's battle perhaps will give them a little bit of brownie points.

But with Manik by-election coming along, PAS challenges Balisan to eat their word and not to contest if it can save people's money.

Balisan now in the limbo. Perception on them is bad, either way.

If they throw in someone in Manik's battle, Balisan is perceived as chicken in Penanti.
If they throw in the white towel in Manik's battle, Balisan is perceived as having conflicting principles in being rakyat-friendly.

Perhaps Balisan never heard of what YB Karpal Singh once said,
In politics, there are no permanent enemies, no permanent friends, but there must be permanent principles.

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