Apr 4, 2013

Winning every arguments...

Real life surgical theatre's friction (shared from an awesome friend):

In OT...

Anaes: What op was done previously for this patient?
Surg: xxx
Anaes: What kind of anaesthesia was given?
Surg: ?? (That's your territory, I tot you should know it or find out before op)
Anaes: I don't care, u go find out. That's your patient.

Personally, I would go ask for the anaest and get back to him/her because
1 I did it for the patient, not for the anaest
2 allow myself to learn more about anaest
3 life's too short to be pissed by something small like this

If the anaest's tone wasn't polite, remember Winston Churchill's quote:

You won't reach your destination if you keep stopping to throw stones or sticks at every dogs that bark along the way.

Sometimes, makes me wonder, when patients thank the surgeons, how many surgeons actually tell the patients to thank the anaest who plays a large role, too.

Nevertheless, it makes people wonder how the 'your patient' mentality can be cultivated even in such an esteemed medical centre.

I am neither pro-anaest nor pro-surgeon, I am just pro-rakyat.. oops.. I mean, pro-patient.

I still remember vividly a conversation between me and Anaest Consultant.

Pilo: Dr L, do you need blood for this case? I think its rather straightforward, GSH should be sufficient
Dr.L: EXCUSSSEEE ME, Dr. Pilo, I don't need the blood. The patient needs it. Not me. (smirk)
Pilo: Oops.. sorry, boss. (Smile)
Winning every arguments do NOT makes you a winner.

Agree to disagree and you'll see a whole world of difference.

P.S. no wonder, about a decade ago, a simple bickering between anaest and surgeon turned easily into a boxing match with the surgeon giving the anaest a slap with a bloody glove...

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