Apr 18, 2011

the silence that's so deafening

it was an interesting on call yesterday.

mainly, most of the time I was shouting in the ward talking to the patients. This was the only time my shouting seemed like the polite thing to do. Don't get me wrong, I have not been relocated to the psychiatric camp or the ENT's hearing disorder division.

It was just that my usual soft and sweet voice (erhmmn) was drowned by the stimulating music that was running in the background, from a religious celebration held since the night prior. No point for guessing what the celebration was for.

A patient's blood pressure shot up and requested for AOR (at own risk) discharge, away from the persistent not-so-familiar melody, but I managed to convince her otherwise, loading her with adequate BP-lowering potions, to keep her happy and jolly.

Another patient went breathless about the similar predicament, complaining in long sentences and short stories about how she was not being able to sleep the whole night (she should be on call) plus requesting for a solution from me.

I pretended to be all cool about it... (without the ciggy, of course)

But deep down inside, I was like... (cyanosed, breathless)
San Yerro

I am sure there were like probably a few more hundreds people who felt the same way.

I asked the relevant people to talk to the celebrating crowd to tone down, because it was just next to the hospital with rooming supposedly ill patients.

The response I got was epic.

"No lar, I don't want to say anything lar, later became some racist issue."

"It's been like that for 7 years, no one had said anything."

I seriously don't understand how toning down the overwhelming volume of music which was practically homicidal to the serenity of the hospital can be a racial issue?

I guess it is really understandable for young prepubertal medical personnel NOT to have enough pubic hairs to stand up and voice out their views.

But, if this is potentially a racial issue, why the elders of the same race (and religion), for 7 years, did not stand up for something contemporary that is right and just?

To state that the police wasn't aware of this celebration was a clear understatement, because the hospy is practically hugging the police quarters and the jail, almost in a spooning position.

Like I said, the silence that's so deafening.

Last I heard, the music came to an abrupt stop.

Ninja Time

The words on the streets was that there were suddenly 4 men gone wild and started to slash some key people with lots of collateral damages in the public who joined the celebration.
A car parked nearby had its windows shattered to pieces due to the chaotic retalliation by the injured people. 1 man was caught, and the police went hunting down another 3.

News piece pending.

And the Red buzzer in Casualty went... "TOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!"

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