Apr 10, 2011

when u stop looking, it will come

i had a nice surprise today.

never once weekend morning ward round at gynae ward by house officers was completed before my initiation of ward round, which is roughly the same time whenever our weekday passover finishes.

most of my colleagues ranted about this.

I formally complaint about it. not once, but twice. The second time, the missing house officer who was supposed to be joining the ward round, came after 9.15am (after being summoned). Her excuse was she was post call, just clerked and informed to MO regarding 3 patients causing her delay to join the others. Sadly, there was more untruths in her words (clearly written in her explanation letter) than the political promises running in any elections. I checked the patient's register - only 1 patient admitted, 1 hour prior to 7am, the informal passover time. Secondly, the MO on call never heard from her, unless there was telepathic messaging sent out by that house officer which did not get through (yes, I do believe supernatural power do exist).

Nothing much happened in months to come, beside a soft-spoken reminder over the general meeting.

Nothing much happened till today. Round was completed even with 50% more patients as compared to previous times.

Must be something new in the equation. Yet to figure out what, except that those who were with me today was doing a great job. bravo.

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