Apr 9, 2011

dream a little dream

i would like to write about something that happened last friday.

it was a nice friday evening that almost all the doctors of the department - the head, the consultants, the medical officers and most of the Sisters sat down around the round table in the conference room. And the unexpected thing just happened - we were all handed a piece of paper. That, my friend, wasn't any ordinary paper. It is our destiny. Wait, pull back a sec. It isn't our destiny, just yet. It was supposed to be a dream.

A dream of a new maternal child hospital. We discussed high and low about the required infrastructures and not to mentioned the demand for comfort, probably to compensate the current well-preserved pre-war working environment. I had totally no idea where the discussion on the paper will lead to - the ministry? the state government? or simply a possible pre-election 'proposal'?

For a millisecond, I thought 'hey, here I am, having a say in something that is probably the next best thing in O&G in Penang.'

Riding Cloud
We were all walking on clouds.

And then, the next milliseconds and beyond I am pretty sure a dream, at any level, will remain as a dream.

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