Apr 25, 2011

deceptive nurses

the malaysian toilets are as always a national heritage, famous for the wrong reasons.

the general public generally uses them as if they are doing a favor for many by keeping the employment rate for janitors up.

The staff's toilet in the ward was 'illegally' being utilized by the public, and not in a good manner, if I may add.

Often, the toilet was found dirty, over used, like an unfortunate call girl after a full session of gang rape, screaming for an immediate clean up by the cleaner.

For the hospy's cleaners to actually be cleaning the operation theater after usage, the typical flow of events would be to press the 'call' button, if no response, to call for them verbally until the slow stroll of the cleaner finally comes along.

Therefore for a toilet with the lowest priority, that cleaning will take probably some time. Some good long time.

In order to prevent public from using the toilet, the ward Sister began to put up the notice 'Untuk Staf Sahaja' (For Staff Only), but the carnage continued without any reservation.

Burn Baby Burn
The ward Sister wasn't that happy.

It isn't rocket science to know that inception is not an easy task, especially not without any anaesthetic agents or going to the third level of dream.

With only a simple notice, they must be out of their mind. There came a point, where someone should just tell them to watch more movies, especially cool blockbuster like 'Inception'.

Then they went into Plan B.

They locked the door. They changed the door tag of 'Tandas' (Toilet) to 'Bilik Utiliti' (Utility Room). Next, they locked the door, and placed the key at the pantry. The key chain to the pantry cleverly written 'Linen' (referring to the Linen Room).

At this point, the art of deception conceptualized, and put into place.

Big bada boom

It works.

Lesson of the day: For dim-witted dirty uncivilized individuals, deception works better than inception.

P.S. This entry is not about how clever or deceptive the nurses are, but rather about how dim-witted and uncivilized someone can be when a proper advice cannot be accepted properly and force others to be deceptive. Well, whatever works...

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