Apr 27, 2011

the truth about fake eggs

Just wanna express how emotionally depressed I was, knowing that my favorite food on earth is being pirated... yes, it's no fairytale

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the vids below will show the process of making fake egg

Sometimes in China you just never know what you will get. The most trusted products can be inspected to find the “Made in China” mark, even eggs…

Drawing on reliable data extracted from Chinese newspapers, magazines and the Internet, this study takes a closer look at the problem of faked eggs in Mainland China. It seeks to inform the scientific and medical communities regarding the problems of consuming these products as well as the short- and long-term epidemic consequences.

The most disgusting faked eggs are the human-made eggs. One will be absolutely sick in the stomach if one consumes this product.

In June 2003, there was a Chinese article about a consumer purchasing a bag of human-made eggs from the food market in Beijing. Although the faked eggs looked practically the same as real ones, the consumer smelled chemicals when cooking the eggs (figure 2). The egg yolk dispersed quickly when it was mixed with the egg white, and the color was pale. No flavor could be tasted after cooking. According to the officials of the National Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the faked eggs were made from chemicals.

eggs2 Chinas 10 Steps to Make a Fake Egg picture

We are sure quite a few people have thought to themselves that this is genius and they are ready to jump right out and start mass producing eggs at home.

We decided to show you the 10 step process to creating your own eggs and we think you will agree that it is just not worth the time for the money, at least if you live outside of China.

eggs fig3 Chinas 10 Steps to Make a Fake Egg picture

So what is the solution to the problem of knowing whether the eggs you are buying are fake or not???

With respect to the problem of faked eggs, the consumer council in China only taught the public to sniff the eggs as a means of differentiating the real eggs from the fake ones based on the characteristic odor of normal chicken eggs.

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