Jun 27, 2005

Life slows down

yet another nice afternoon, where our tutorial at paed were cancelled briefly just now. several things runs through my mind, now that life is slightly off the fast lane - just finished my paper exam on paediatrics this morning.

Firstly, one mamat say to me "why u use friendster to blog, very difficult to remember the blog site lar". Come to think of it. I myself dun know the http of my own site. Besides, it is so hard to adjust the font sizes for my blog. Somehow, they seems to have the mind of their own. Ha ha. But I guess, I’ll stay. Why? Because in this blog, at least the people who are in my circle of friends can get in touch with my progress in the busy world of medicine. Nothing glamourous. Well, let just say, this blog aint perfect, but if the impairment of this blog machine exceeds its benefits, I may scream out of here, for somewhere better.

B00002df4x Secondly, got myself very bored over the last weekend, reading nothing but children, neonates, toddlers, newborns, adolescence, kids that I had sinfully takes a few minutes off to indulged myself in another good movie recommended by the same mamat. It isn’t new, but it is new to me, and it was obliviously a bliss. I like the whole movie from the start to the end, the audio, the video, the characters, the jokes, the romantism, the cinematography, the cynism, the language… am i exaggerating? not really. Together with movie "lock, stock & 2 smoking barrels" which I watched rather long time ago, I think I am hooked on to the british english all the "chop, chop", "sod off", "quid", "bollocks"… oops. Suddenly, medical school had turned out to be a movie fiesta, especially in the final year. And hooked too to the song "She" by Elvis Costello, anyone have its mp3? mind sending one copy for me, please…

Root Thirdly, latest conquest for this coming pure 1 week holiday. The only holiday in my final year without any festives value in it (N.B. got another 2 weeks holiday - Hari Raya, Chinese New Year). Hmmn… wait a minute. Holiday itself is a festival worth celebrating in its own special way. What conquest would that be? To trace my origins, my heritage, my ancestry, my lineage, my root - yes, I would want to draw a family tree as further back as possible. From who I get this idea? Inspired by Prof Thong. What he said is really true - it is important for us to know where we come from.

That’s all from now. Still have short case exam to fear. Not really the short case that terrorized me, it is the examiners - Prof WS Lee…. that’s all for now, I guess

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