Jun 9, 2005


Felt rather blasted today. Woke up this morning rather malaise and feverish. provisional diagnosis: upper respiratory tract infection (sore throat with phlegm but without cough plus voice change). differential: dengue fever (lots of mosquito bites, staying in a frequent fogged area). Anyway, getting better soon, I hope.

Last night, thanks to pang & gang, got a new study table for my beloved room B337. Can study much better than the shaky shoddy old study table. Wanna extend my appreciation here. Thanks, guys!!

ImagesHeight of blast is 10 minutes ago. Had a review class with Prof Chan LL, an excellent and critical lecturer, got blasted to million pieces on my case summary, from history down to everything little sections that follows. Marks is minimal, but luckily i passed. Phew! At least now, I know how to be extremely particular in the write-ups. 2 questions that must be running in my mind next time is:

  1. why the heck do you do or consider this? (regarding any history, examination, management)
  2. are you sure it is right in current practice?

enough said. gotta rest. going back to ward after CPC. follow up is vital. it is going to be long weekend for me. changing ward to Paed 6 - new horizon awaits.

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