Jun 8, 2005

Short of Common Sense

Shorty_guy Stupidity never fails to strike the college administration. again during lunch time, I was given a notice, or rather a letter, telling us that SHORTS are not allowed in the dining hall. It is the rule. It is the law. It is what we idiotic nincompoop moronic lowlife easterner would like to follow the west in doing all sorts of things including subjecting highly educated students of university to some mindless pea-brained uncomfortable regulation.

Firstly we must explore why do we wear shorts?

  • is it because it is cheaper
  • is it because it is more convenient
  • is it because we enjoy torturing others by showing our hairy legs
  • is it because we had bond/share in short producing company
  • is it because we are simply malaysian…

Come on! Malaysia is a hot and humid country. Do you really wants our "you know what" all coop up inside our long black pants the whole day, even in the hot dining hall? Why should we follow the west in setting the regulation (referring to no-short ruling) in our eastern country?

We sometimes look to this problem and we try to dignify the solution by coming up with the vision of narrowing the racial gap between us. But, in actual case, the solution of posing strict no-short ruling is a definite separators. I fully understand that Muslims were supposed to ‘tutup aurat’, but we cannot subject other people of different religion to the similar religious practice. Since the beginning, good integration begins by the policy of "agree to disagree". In the end, we still agree. Agree? (”,) Why tip the scale?

To put into perspective, wouldn’t you be extremely furious when you read about the news about students being kick out of school for wearing tudung? This is how other foreign countries harshly imposing their ruling on the dignify religious practice of Islam. And would you be at the harsh end at this part of the world? Enough said. Sit down and ponder, please…

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