Jun 28, 2005


Just finish Prof Adeeba’s class about surgical site infection or known as SSI. rather disappointed. very disappointed. perhaps she was hungry, hypoglycaemic, what ever. Though, she still earn my respect from the previous CPC when the whole class was sort of rather amused by her guidance through the case. Anyway, the standards expected today was just perhaps to high for her to meet.

Wondering about standards, it brings me to discuss the Crimean State Medical School issue, which is a matter of standards, or perhaps a matter of using ’standards’ to camouflage the issue of ‘racism’. Well, it had already been a week. No point continueing babbling over it. I may be arrested later for it under some small penal Code, or law, or kicked out from college or medical fraternity. Let just say, I can’t comment on the standards there in CSMS, but something in the cybercafe of my college striked me as a matter of standard. I walked into the open doors and quietly sit down to check my daily mail and overheard. Not eavesdropping, mind you. The person who is at PC1, namely perhaps the person in charge is viewing videos clips of the CSMS debate. Clip 1 - Sothinathan speaking up and Clip 2 - someone else shouting "Bloody Racist". It was so loud throughout the room. I thought movies were banned here as written on the board in the PC room, not to mention political movies, and this being a very sensitive one. Funniest thing is after the clips, several of them got very excited and repeated "RACIST!" "RACIST!" while surfing their net and chatting. What I heard: "bila tu?" "1minggu dah" "racist? apa tu?" "ya lar, apa tu racist" "perkauman lar". They are 2nd year medical students. Let just not talk about standards of medical students in UM compared to CSMS.

Later, I found out the most troubling truth. The college’s cybercafe is now BILIK GERAKAN PEMBANTU MAHASISWA and they were the PEMBANTU MAHASISWA for the upcoming batch of juniors into medical school. What gerakan was that? I was wondering what kind of standards the college administration is setting for the upcoming orientation for our new batch of juniors. Are they going to point the juniors into the right or wrong direction?

What about the smoking law in the college? Isn’t it more important than the ‘no-shorts in dining hall’ law?

P.S. I had a clips of them watching that clips.

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