Jul 2, 2005

holidays begins

Yes… COWABUNGA!!! as ninja turtle would have said it. 1 week of pure holiday. Finished off paediatric posting with a short case with Prof Lee with nutritional assessment. Rather difficult as I was given the direct instruction "You wake him up, I fail you!!". Still, the baby cried spontaneously and I had to pacify the baby for few seconds and he calmed down. No so much of a nightmare to me as Prof Lee was a cool examiner, despite the rather indifferent images that my fellow coursemates are trying to paint about him.

travelling plan so far…

1 go thailand with my coursemates - penangites & kedahans

2 go pangkor with my family

Despite rather uncomfortable ride from KL to Penang, I had a fruitful day today. In the morning, after being invited by Sister Koon Wei, I went to the Island Glade Buddhist Society to do Dana to a Bhante. Plan to do it again tomorrow together with the hill climbing expedition with Bhante. Sister Koon Wei going back to Kedah today with her family.

Went back home and assisted by my dear dad, started on making the cubes for my development assessment for my future paediatrics short cases. Sawing, measuring, painting… phew… so tired… got lots of carpentry pointers from my expert dad…

Then, my noisy sis came back home, and sinisterly we discussed about making sushi.. and actually started making sushi today… booked the whole kitchen… cooking orders went wild all over the place "you cut this" " you cook this" "not too much water" "wrap harder" "more mayonnaise" Neighbours may start to think we are going to kill each other shouting so loudly…. But i was fun, though. Even my father who originally doesnt really agree to this sushi making ordeal, started to enjoy the sushi, because he did request one additional thing into the sushi - the tau hu….

That’s all for now… COWABUNGA!!! to all my coursemates…

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