Mar 31, 2012

Aedan at the MoonGate

Perhaps the title does sound a bit out of place and extraordinarily space-like. Nevertheless, it is an earthly-affair.

I was being returned to hiking up to Station Number 5 through the jungle route of Sua Tu Kia (Little Wild Hogs) from the Moongate, together with my colleague and superior.

First time. Breathless. Tachycardic, almost SVT. Sore gastrocnemius.

Second time. Still breathless. Still tachycardic. Took a few pics. Explored other routes in descending. Got lost for half an hour. Reach the bottom before looming dark.

The natural arc (lower one third)

Red yellow shades of leaves.

Monkeys going my way... (Looks like a scene from Planet of Apes)

Moments before being lost. All smiles. 

Decided to introduce the exciting route to my Dearest. Impromptu decision to hike. Aedan broke down in tears. Heartbroken at the decision to leave him behind. Brought him along as unable to persuade him otherwise.
Stretching his legs high up

Turning left to the Sua Tu Kia (Little Wild Hogs) trail
On the right would be Sua Tu Lor (Wild Hogs Road)
Both not-so-halal...

Not able to hold a smile. Tired.

Finally, we reached Station 5. Aedan was still energetic.

And it was pitch black the last half 15minutes of our descend.

Note to self: If Aedan tagging along, should go earlier.

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