Mar 2, 2012

hide & seek

Yesterday was my hospy's Episiotomy workshop...
Regularly held since 2007..
That's like half a decade anniversary!

Dr. S, is the consultant, veteran, chief speaker and the brain behind all.

In one of his talk, he quoted wisely:
You guys during suturing the vaginal tear, like to play a lot of hide and seek.

You'll hide the gauze. You'll hide the tampons. You'll hide the swabs.
And you usually win, and others never managed to seek out them out.

Then after few weeks, the patient will come back and play hide and seek with us.
We'll all be trying to hide while the patient seeks...

That's why in our episiotomy suture set, only big ones are available. Hence, only huge hospital sanitary pads are in it.

And that was also managed to be proved wrong, 2 years back, as someone manage to hide it, too.

it was almost unbelievable.
Lesson of the day:
1. there is never a thing too big for the vagina.
2. count everything before and after suturing for anything.

P.S. that was an awesome usage of hide and seek.

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