Oct 27, 2005

GrEeTiNgS fOr AlL !!!

DeeparayaHAPPY DEEPARAYA to all my friends, coursemates, doctors, acquantainces or patients who’s celebrating Deepavali & Hari Raya Puasa…

To muslimats and muslimins, forgive me "outside" and "inside" (maaf zahir dan batin) and wishes you all great times back in the lap of your parents and siblings…

To my Hindu friends, feel the flame, forever burn in your heart and let the flame lights up the whole world. (caution: be careful of pyromaniacism)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the rest… sleep tight, eat right, play kite…


To a special friend Ming Chiann, who had just flew to Netherlands after landing a good job, I wish her BON VOYAGE and may she start a wonderful life there, as wonderful as her life in Malaysia, if not, better….

Trails of pilocarpine:

Pray hard, no jams this evening, I am going back to Penang with the 6:30pm Konsortium bus. and having a whole week of holiday in Penang. Quality time with my family, definitely!!

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