Oct 27, 2005

To doong or not to doong, that is not the question…

Government supports plan to get non-Muslims to wear tudung

THE Government has okayed a ruling by International Islamic University (IIU) which compels non-Muslim students to wear the tudung, saying the rule was not religious in nature.

"…..must respect one another….. must respect the laws…. to ensure there is no disturbance to the community.

“As the rule was approved by the university senate, it is not religious in nature but a matter of uniforms (pilothoughts: my foot) that must be followed. It does not breach basic human rights,” said MO, who is in charge of national unity (pilothoughts: national unity is really at stakes now) ….

If this was allowed, they said non-Muslims might be made to wear the tudung elsewhere such as to Parliament House.

….issue was raised in Parliament on April 3, 2003 …… stated that non-Muslims were not compelled but “encouraged” to wear the tudung in IIU.

“So why the change now? Is this not disrespectful of a plural society?” Lim asked…..

complete article here.

Tudung Do anyone ever bother to think about ardent Muslims students in other countries? Would they be happy to comply if the university in other countries ask them to take off their tudung as a matter of uniform, or perhaps a matter of security (just in case there were hidden weapons, not funny, i know… i apologize, bygones).

Anyway, I found the idea of "non-Muslims might be made to wear the tudung elsewhere such as to Parliament House" rather amusing. Wouldn’t hurt if the government pick one day (only one day, not everyday definitely) probably 1st of April as National Tudung and Songkok Day and make it a public holiday (as if we had not enough public holidays in Malaysia). Let us all wear the traditional Malay attire. Sounds cool, don’t you agree?

Note for myself today:

  1. Must save enough money to invest in famous shops selling tudungs and songkoks.
  2. Must try to establish an unique franchise shops or stalls selling tudungs and songkoks with multicultural (chinese and indian) designs.
  3. Start designing them.

A conversation before PSY tutorial today:

Shawn Hariri: second time reading ur blog, not bad, but should have said more about Mesjid Kapitan Keling…

Pilo: Hmmn… ok.. Are you as neutral as the Indian MPs about the ‘keling’ matter?
SH: You kidding, damn pissed!! What to do, we’re the minority…

Pilo: no offense, may i ask, "keling" for southern Indians, as for northern Indians, you called….

SH: "kelang"? (ROTCL*)

Pilo: yeah, right… if they got married, their sons and daughters is "keliling"… (ROTCL*,too)

* rolling on the chair laughing. floor is dirty, u know.

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